Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert: Officially Back Together! (Is This a Terrible Idea?)

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Folks, it's a moment that's been in the making for at least the past year.

Strange as it sounds, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have been hooking up pretty much non-stop since their divorce, and Leah has been open about her eagerness to give the relationship another shot.

But for a long time, it wasn't clear if Jeremy shared her optimism.

That all changed this week when fans got to see Jeremy ask Leah out on a date - right in front of Teen Mom 2 cameras.

She said yes, obviously, because it's the moment she's been yearning for. But from there, things got a little complicated.

What went on and where does that leave the former (future?) spouses going forward on the next phase of life's journey?

Take a look:

1. A Long Road Back

A Long Road Back
Well, they certainly didn't rush into anything! Quite the contrary, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert took their time getting back to a point where they could potentially be called a couple.

2. A Brief Union

A Brief Union
Leah and Jeremy's marriage was brief, as Teen Mom 2 fans know, and their split was a contentious one, as fans also know. Thankfully, they've been able to make amicable co-parenting their top priority in the years since.

3. A Glacial Pace

A Glacial Pace
Eventually, that pleasant co-parenting relationship gave way to true friendship, and from there, well, the romance rumors began. Sure enough, it wasn't long before Leah and Jeremy were hooking up.

4. Start Spreading the News

Start Spreading the News
While in New York City for last year's Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Jeremy and Leah - who share a daughter, Adalynn Faith - spent a LOT of time together.

5. Working Up a Sweat in the Morning

Working Up a Sweat in the Morning
In fact, they went out drinking, and Leah didn't make it back to her hotel room until 7 am. She told her sister that she and Jeremy got up early and went to the gym together, but c'mon ... does she think we don't run a celebrity gossip site over here?

6. That Teen Mom Life Tho

That Teen Mom Life Tho
A few months after that trip, Leah took yet another lavish vacation, this time traveling to Hawaii with her kids and her MTV co-star slash BFF, Kailyn Lowry.

7. First Timer

First Timer
Now, their followers on the socials are keenly aware that Leah and Kail take a lot of these trips. This one, however, was supposed to be different ... in that Jeremy was invited to come along.

8. On the Job

On the Job
Unfortunately, as one of very few Teen Mom baby daddies with a real job, Jeremy sometimes has work obligations. He was unable to make it to Hawaii due to the fact that he was laying pipe back home. (Sorry for the dirty-sounding word choice there, but it's true, dude is a pipeline engineer and makes good money to boot.)

9. Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize
We're sure that in an ideal world, Jeremy would have liked to join the family on some tropical islands. But fortunately, it seems he has a plan for how to make it up to Leah.

10. The Big Moment

Yes, after years of will-they-or-won't-they speculation, obvious flirting and even hook-ups, Jeremy has finally asked Leah out on a date.

11. Under One Roof

Under One Roof
It all started when Leah dropped by Jeremy's (surprisingly swank) house with their daughter Addie. (We told you he makes good money.)

12. Then Star of the Show

Then Star of the Show
Side note: You hate to play favorites when it comes to the kids in this franchise, but of all the Teen Mom offspring, is there anyone more comfortable on camera than Addie?

13. The Natural

The Natural
She's even hamming it up with the crew. It's like she's been doing this her whole life! Oh, wait ... she has.

14. Getting the Scoop

Getting the Scoop
Adorable little Addie does some eavesdropping on Leah and Jeremy's conversation, and it seems she likes what she hears.

15. That Makes Two

That Makes Two
Leah is clearly a fan of what Jeremy has to say, as well.

16. A Missed Date

A Missed Date
It seems Calvert was supposed to take Messer out on a date while the two of them were in Hawaii, but since he didn't make the trip, he wants to take her out that night.

17. Music to Every Mom's Ears

Music to Every Mom's Ears
He's even lined up a babysitter, so it sounds like this thing is really a go. One never knows how hard it's going to be to get a sitter, so it's a big deal that he got that lined up ahead of time!

18. Symbolic Importance

Symbolic Importance
Now, a dinner date between two people who already have a child together may not seem like a big deal, but in this case, it amounts to a huge step.

19. Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step
Jeremy and Leah have been dancing around the possibility of getting back together for years, but now it seems Calvert is finally open to giving it a shot.

20. The Spy

The Spy
And of course, Addie was the first one to find out about the big news.

21. A Welcome Interference

A Welcome Interference
As much as they might pretend to be exasperated by her eavesdropping, Leah and Jeremy were clearly excited to share their big moment with their daughter.

22. False Alarm

False Alarm
Sadly, there was yet another holdup as life got in the way once again. This time it was family, not work: Leah and Jeremy weren't able to make their reunion official that night, as an emergency involving Calvert's grandfather forced him to cancel at the last minute.

23. Bummer

Symbolic as the date may have been, and legitimate as his reason for bailing was, we're sure Leah's disappointment was acute.

24. More Where That Came From

More Where That Came From
But don't worry - that scene was shot several months ago. We're sure Leah and Jeremy have sealed the deal many times since, if you know what we mean. (We mean dinner dates, presumably followed by slapping bodies.)

25. Close Exes

Close Exes
Besides, it's not like these two need to be officially dating in order to ... enjoy each other's company. They've proven that and then some.

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