Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert: It's OVER! Already!! Again!!! [UPDATED]

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If at first you don't succeed, try and then try again?

That's how the classic adage goes, right?

Yes, and it's also the philosophy Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert appeared to be following over the last few episodes of Teen Mom 2.

Were the exes ever officially back together, as certain episodes suggested and reports indicated?

We can't say for certain.

But we do have a status update on Messer and Calvert following the latest episode of the MTV franchise. Scroll down for more...

1. Did They or Didn't They?

Did They or Didn't They?
On last week's installment of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy and Leah had planned to go out on a date in order to see if romantic feelings remained. But then Calvert canceled on his ex.

2. Uh-Oh. What Happened?

Uh-Oh. What Happened?
Jeremy's grandfather went to the hospital, so Calvert did have a rather solid excuse.

3. WTH, Leah?!?

WTH, Leah?!?
Fans were pissed that Leah had even thought about rekindling this doomed romance, with at least one writing on Instagram: "You are seriously soooooo god damn thirsty for this date with Jeremy it’s pathetic. If he wanted to be with you he would. He likes hooking up and that’s clearly it. Stop giving it up and letting him string you along."

4. Another Chimed in As Follows:

Another Chimed in As Follows:
"If y’all really wanted to be together you’d have gotten together by now. Both of you just like hanging and shacking up."

5. A Quick History Lesson:

A Quick History Lesson:
The couple got married in 2012 and welcomed their daughter, Addie, the following year. Jeremy’s job then took him away from home very often... and the two ended up divorcing in 2015.

6. Cut to the 2019 Teen Mom 2 Finale...

Cut to the 2019 Teen Mom 2 Finale...
... and Leah went to divorce court with her sister, prompting some very bad memories of her past with Jeremy.

7. Putting It All Out There

Putting It All Out There
At one point on the finale, Leah said strongly into the phone: “I think we really need to end things. How do you really feel, Jeremy?”

8. Over Before It Really Got Re-Started

Over Before It Really Got Re-Started
In the end, Leah just couldn't do it. She couldn't risk another relationship with Jeremy due to the possibility -- strong possibility? -- that it might not work out.

9. Did Jeremy Agree?

Did Jeremy Agree?
He did. He talked about their daughter and making sure the two didn't put her through yet another break-up, which is a major consideration of course.

10. Any Hard Feelings Between the Stars?

Any Hard Feelings Between the Stars?
There doesn't appear to be, no. Both agreed on the finale that they are better off as friends.

11. Is It Truly Over, Though?

Is It Truly Over, Though?
One can never be certain when it comes to Leah and Jeremy. There's clearly a very strong connection here, as many fans remember how cozy they seemed together at the 2018 Teen Mom reunion in New York City.

12. And They'll Always Be Parents Together

And They'll Always Be Parents Together
Sharing their daughter ensures that Jeremy and Leah will remain in each other's lives, pretty much forever.

13. Can Leah Really Stay Away?

Can Leah Really Stay Away?
That will be the main question to monitor going forward. Remember how evident Leah has made it that she needs Jeremy's throbbing unit? It's hard to forget. Do you think these two should get back together?

14. Hard Times

Hard Times
Leah might have mixed feelings about her latest breakup with Jeremy, but her fans certainly don't!

15. Run, Girl!

Run, Girl!
Yes, Leah's Instagram followers have been offering plenty of feedback on social media, and it seems they're VERY happy she's decided not to pursue a relationship with Jeremy.

16. Words to Live By

Words to Live By
"Keep in mind that Jeremy left you when you needed him the most.... this quote I feel goes well with the question at hand! Should you get back together... 'If an individual cant handles you at your worst, then they don’t deserve you at your best,'" wrote one fan.

17. Make Him Work For It!

Make Him Work For It!
"Jeremy needs to show some sort of effort danggg. Don't waste your time," another follower commented.

18. We're Not Sure We Follow This Logic

We're Not Sure We Follow This Logic
Another fan suggested that Leah shouldn't get back together with Jeremy specifically because that's what her youngest daughter wants.

19. Come Again?

Come Again?
"Don't get back together with Jeremy because your other girls are feeling jealous that you like Jeremy and not their dad," wrote the Instagram user. "Maybe later in the future but my opinion is that right now isn't a good time. Your girl's feelings are priority..."

20. Calling It Quits

Calling It Quits
Like we said, that factor probably didn't enter her decision, especially since the twins' father is happily married, but in any event, the fan got her wish. Leah and Jeremy are no longer together, and for now at least, that's probably for the best.

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