Lawson Bates: Jinger (and Jana) Duggar's Rumored BF Revealed!

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Word on the street was that Jinger Duggar and Lawson Bates are courting ... and now, years later, that Jana and Lawson are courting.

If you're not familiar with Duggar family terminology, that means they're not quite engaged, but they're way more serious than dating.

(But not physically, mind you. The young adults are limited to hand-holding and side-hugs, per the Duggar rules of courtship.)

If you're not familiar with Lawson - he's a 24-year-old aspiring country singer and reality star who has an awful lot in common with Jana.

They both have 18 siblings; they've both starred on reality shows (Lawson currently appears on Bringing Up Bates on the Up network).

They both come from deeply religious backgrounds.

You might say it's a match made in heaven.

Of course, if the rumors turn out to be bogus once again, something tells us Lawson won't have much trouble finding a different duet partner.

1. Lawson Bates Selfie

Lawson Bates Selfie
Lawson's family is much more laid back than the Duggars when it comes to social media. The 22-year-old was allowed to have his own Instagram account even before he began courting.

2. Lawson Bates Pic

Lawson Bates Pic
This is Lawson Bates. He has been rumored to be courting a number of Duggars in recent years. That's some feat.

3. Lawson Bates: Another Selfie

Lawson Bates: Another Selfie
Lawson enjoys taking selfies. We're sure Jinger Duggar and his other female admirers enjoy them, too.

4. Lawson's Niece

Lawson's Niece
As with Jinger, family comes first for Lawson. Here he is posing with his niece.

5. Lawson Bates: Pirate Day

Lawson Bates: Pirate Day
Lawson exercises his right to bare arms. Like the Duggar clan, the Bates family recently dressed up for "Pirate Day."

6. Lawson Bates: "The End Down Here"

Bates is an aspiring country singer. Naturally, all of his songs are spiritual in nature.

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