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It was weeks after Ashley Martson announced her (latest, final?) split with cheating husband Jay Smith that she admitted the truth:

Yes, in fact, Jay had cheated again.

She apologized for lying to fans.

Now, the infamous 90 Day Fiance cast member is opening up about how she’s feeling nearly two months into this new divorce.

She confirms that she has filed for divorce again*, sharing how she has been coping with her seemingly unending marital saga.

Ashley also shares her thoughts on getting “even” with Jay. It’s unclear if her plan will work, or frankly whether it’s advisable.

She has also answered a fan’s question, totally slamming TLC for what many in the industry describe as shockingly low pay.

Take a look at what she has to say;

* UPDATE: Ashley and Jay’s divorce is final as of March 2021. Not that we anticipate that being the last we’ll hear of them …