Farrah Abraham Body-Shamed for Being Too Thin: Is She OK?!

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Remember what Farrah Abraham looked like during her television debut on 16 and Pregnant?

Hint: she looked a whole lot different, and not just because it was filmed nearly a decade ago.

Nope, Farrah has grown to be a big fan of plastic surgery and popping needles into her body for various reasons.

But she's also gotten super, super skinny.

Like, this video is a little shocking ...

1. Oh, Farrah

Oh, Farrah
Farrah gets a lot of attention for the way she looks, right?

2. Wow

That's because she used to look like this ...

3. Dang

... And now she looks like this.

4. SUCH a Transformation

She's gotten a lot of work done over the years, including a nose job and a chin implant, which she later had removed.

5. Right, Right

Right, Right
She's also gotten three boob jobs. You know, like one does.

6. Classic

There's no telling how many times she's gotten lip injections.

7. Butt Stuff

Butt Stuff
Or how many times she's gotten stuff done to her butt.

8. Vaginas, Too!

And we all know that she's a fan of vaginal rejuvenations.

9. Making Changes

Making Changes
There's just no denying that she looks like an entirely different person these days.

10. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
But is she at least healthy?

11. Oh No

Well, she just shared a new video, and thanks to that, a whole lot of people are now worried about her.

12. It's Intense

It's Intense
Because she is SO SKINNY right now!

13. Vacationing

Farrah and Sophia are in Bali now, still vacationing, and Farrah took the opportunity to promote some weight loss product, as is the Teen Mom way.

14. Really?

In her caption, she wrote "Your Girl Can Eat," and that "My Best fix is my coffee travel packs to curb my hunger pains."

15. Oh Honey

But, as you can see, she really does not need any kind of appetite suppressant at all.

16. Real Talk

Real Talk
Like, AT ALL.

17. Everything OK?

Everything OK?
Her arms are just so very, very thin, and a lot of people think she doesn't look healthy.

18. Naturally

And you know those people were not afraid to leave comments on her post.

19. Worried

"Farrah u r too skinny 😩 i'm seriously worried about u r u okay ??" one of her followers wrote.

20. Healthy?

Another person told her "Girl you need to gain some weight, you don’t look healthy."

21. Toothpicks

One comment read "Omg, eat some of that food instead! Your arms look like toothpicks!"

22. Peanut Butter?

Peanut Butter?
Then a follower advised her to "Try eating some peanut butter or something 🤣😂🤣😂 your TOO skinny!!!! There’s nothing attractive about that!!!!"

23. Skinny Enough

Skinny Enough
Yet another person wrote "You don't need to use diet products. Your skinny enough, I mean look at your arms. They look the size of a 5 year old. Go build muscle!"

24. Ouch

And believe it or not, those were some of the nicer comments.

25. Well ...

Well ...
One person told the truth by saying "So instead of eating you use laxative coffee...way to teach our generation that hunger pains need to be suppressed and to avoid eating. Horrific."

26. Scary

"Damn you got soooo skinny," someone else wrote. "That's what all that coke does to ya. WOW!! Please get some help, you look scary."

27. Eating Disorder?!

Several people said that it looks like she has an eating disorder, and others believe she's just "sick."

28. Awww, Come On

Awww, Come On
A few of her followers said that she looks "nasty" in this video, which ... come on.

29. Play Nice

Play Nice
There are plenty of things to criticize Farrah about ... like, SO many things.

30. Nope

Do we really need to be telling her that her arms look nasty?

31. Pull Through, Farrah

Pull Through, Farrah
Let's just wish her the best, no matter what may be going on with her, OK? Because she could probably really, really use it.

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