Lady Gaga and Asia: A Love Story

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Lady Gaga has a bulldog named Asia. Check out photos of the singer and the canine here.

1. Good Morning, Asia!

Good Morning, Asia!
Lady Gaga may still be asleep, but her dog is ready to begin the day in this Instagram photo.

2. Gaga Over Her Dog

Gaga Over Her Dog
It's time for a bath! Lady Gaga dries off here with her dog, Asia.

3. Breakfast for Asia

Breakfast for Asia
Let's chow down! Lady Gaga's dog, Asia, starts her day off in a healthy manner.

4. Asia with Earrings

Asia with Earrings
When you're the dog of Lady Gaga, you're gonna accessorize. Even if you don't want to.

5. Taking After Mama

Taking After Mama
Is this too much? It is, isn't it? You can tell me.

6. Lady Gaga and Dog Selfie

Lady Gaga and Dog Selfie
Lady Gaga takes a selfie here. She's joined by adorable pet Asia.

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