Kailyn Lowry: Torn Between Dom Potter & Dionisio Cephas?

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Teen Mom 2 producers should probably start filming Kailyn Lowry 24/7, a la The Truman Show, because there's enough drama in this girl's life to sustain an entire network.

The latest has to do with Kailyn's love life.

Just a few weeks back, it was rumored that Kailyn was dating Dionisio Cephas.

Now, she's reportedly in a relationship with Dominique Potter.

So what's really going on?

Well, it's not always easy to say for certain, but here's a rundown on what we know about Kail's love life these days:


1. A Bad Breakup

A Bad Breakup
Kailyn recently endured a messy breakup with Chris Lopez. The two have a child together, but in dusting herself off and moving on from Lopez, Kailyn demonstrated the strength and resolve that's endeared her to so many fans.

2. Family First

Family First
In the wake of that breakup, Kailyn made it clear that her focus was on her kids and her career. But it seems that while she had her nose to the grindstone love found her ... twice.

3. Who Could Resist That Name?

Who Could Resist That Name?
Dionisio Cephas is a neighbor of Kailyn's, whom she was briefly romantically involved with. By all appearances, the relationship didn't last very long, but that doesn't mean Dionisio is going away quietly...

4. Baby #4 On the Way?

Baby #4 On the Way?
Dionisio recently retweeted an OK! magazine article claiming that Kail is pregnant with his child.

5. Kail Is Having None of That

Kail Is Having None of That
Lowry denied the report, saying she "doesn't know why" Cephas would repeat such a fraudulent claim.

6. But That Doesn't Mean They're Through

But That Doesn't Mean They're Through
A source tells Hollywood Life that Kail and Dionisio's relationship is complicated--and she hasn't ruled out a future together...

7. A "Great Relationship"

A "Great Relationship"
"She still has some feelings for Dionisio [Cephas] as well and their relationship has always been great," an insider close to Kailyn tells the outlet.

8. A Complex Situation

A Complex Situation
Enter Dominique Potter, a longtime friend whom Kailyn recently started dating. Judging from Lowry's comments, the romance got serious quickly.

9. Friends First

Friends First
“We were friends for a year and so it kind of just turned into [a romantic relationship],” Kailyn said of Potter during a recent episode of her podcast.

10. It Just Happened

It Just Happened
“So, it’s not like she was trying to wine and dine me to ask me to be her girlfriend, you know what I mean? It more or less just happened," Kailyn added.

11. Meet the Kids

Meet the Kids
Potter has met Kailyn's children, but one insider says fans shouldn't make too much of that development.

12. An Easy Decision

An Easy Decision
"I’m not putting too much stock in her introducing her children to Dominique [Potter] because it’s much easier to introduce them to a woman versus a guy who she may not be with long-term," says the source.

13. Marry Potter?

Marry Potter?
There was a time when fans were spreading the rumor that Kail and Dom would get married. Now, it seems those reports were more than a little premature...

14. Love Triangle in Effect?

Love Triangle in Effect?
So is Kail caught in the middle of a love triangle? It certainly looks as though two people would be VERY happy to enter a relationship with her.

15. Or Not...

Or Not...
However, it seems Kailyn is currently happy to remain single. She's definitely not dating Cephas, and she recently made a surprising comment about her relationship with Dom.

16. In Limbo

In Limbo
“My ‘relationship’ is in limbo right now…I don’t even know what to call it,” she told Hollywood Life.

17. Kail Quandary

Kail Quandary
Kailyn is typically very forthcoming with her adoring public, so we tend to believe her when she says she's not in a serious relationship with ANYONE at the moment.

18. Enough On Her Plate

Enough On Her Plate
The decision to remain single for the time being was probably made easier by the fact that Kailyn has a whole lot on her plate these days. In addition to being a sngle mother of three, Lowry has launched a number of new business ventures in recent months. And anyone who watched Teen Mom 2 knows at least this one think about Kail...

19. Her Kids Are Priority Number One

Her Kids Are Priority Number One
Kailyn will always put her sons above herself. If that means keeping away from the dating scene for the foreseeable future so that she has more time for them, then we're sure she's happy to do it.

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