Kim Kardashian: Remember When I Was Paris Hilton's Sidekick?

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Do we ever!

It's common knowledge that Kim Kardashian used to show up on event lists as "Paris Hilton's guest."  Heck, even she'll post a good throwback photo co-starring Paris Hilton, acknowledging monokinis and wraparound sunglasses.  

Yours truly came across a few old photos of Kardashian and her family (Kris Jenner, Kourtney and Khloe specifically) partying with the reality star and Hilton at Tao in October 2006.


I threw a throwback photo of Kyle Richards and Faye Resnick in for good measure.  They're all basically the same person, amiright?

1. That's My Sister Kourtney

That's My Sister Kourtney
She's super-mellow.

2. 2006: Kim's "Coming Out" Year

2006: Kim's "Coming Out" Year
You couldn't swing a paparazzi camera without finding Kim Kardashian at an event, Paris Hilton's constant Plus-One.

3. Fame Is So Weird!

Fame Is So Weird!
And by weird, I mean "awesome!"

4. NFL Party = Shooting Fish In a Barrel

NFL Party = Shooting Fish In a Barrel
I met a guy named Reggie.

5. 'Entourage' Season 6 Premiere

'Entourage' Season 6 Premiere
Entourage was the very embodiment of 2006: The dawn of a shitty era for humanity, but an epic one for the likes of Hilton, Lohan and other douche bags they ran with.

6. I'm The Famous Aunt

I'm The Famous Aunt
I was a child star. Did you know I was in 'Halloween?' Check IMDB. CHECKITNOW!

7. I'm Here For The Free Champagne

I'm Here For The Free Champagne
Look, my dress matches the color of champagne. Can I take home 7 or 8 bottles?

8. #Sidekicks4Ever

Remember them? All the cool kids had a sidekick.

9. Step & Repeat & Repeat & Repeat

Step & Repeat & Repeat & Repeat
I wonder if they got a good look at my ass yet.

10. Happy Birthday 2 Me...And Nick Cannon

Happy Birthday 2 Me...And Nick Cannon
Aren't my curves fantastic?

11. Someone Invited Faye Resnick

Someone Invited Faye Resnick
She's the one lighting up a butt next to Kris Jenner.

12. Oh, Hi Faye

Oh, Hi Faye
Great to see you...

13. Lemme See if I like Alcohol

Lemme See if I like Alcohol
Nope. I do not.

14. Someone Invited The Momager

Someone Invited The Momager
Kris: "Khloe. Khloe! Do not tell anyone about that project with Ryan Seacrest." Khloe: "Mom, suck a d---!"

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