Kim Kardashian on Kourtney Kardashian Birthday Party: Nipple Clamps, Nude Cartwheels and More!

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Kourtney Kardashian turned 38 years old on April 18.

She celebrated the occasion with a trip to Mexico that included her sister, her friends... and a plethora of sex toys?

Yes, according to Kim Kardashian, who documented many details from the wild and crazy adventure on Twitter.

Scroll down for a look at what transpired and join us in wondering: How will the gals trop this party next year?!?

1. Let's Break It All Down

Let's Break It All Down
We don't know what got into Kim (a lot of alcohol?), but she went on a very revealing Tweet storm while the shindig was taking place.

2. EWWW!

At 38 years old, however, way to commit to the party, Kourt!

3. Don't Try Twerking at Home

Don't Try Twerking at Home
Or on vacation, either, apparently.

4. We Hope Steph Won

We Hope Steph Won
It would be embarrassing to lose to someone who had just blacked out.

5. But Did Anyone Miss Her?

But Did Anyone Miss Her?
Sorry, but we have to ask.

6. Drunk Kim is a Litigious Kim

Drunk Kim is a Litigious Kim
Who knew?!?

7. That's What Friends are For

That's What Friends are For
Who else is going to be honest and explain to you the benefit of a solid nipple clamp?

8. Did You Take Any Photos?

Did You Take Any Photos?
Any photos you would like to share?

9. If This is True...

If This is True...
... someone has to get Kim another drink. STAT!

10. Yup, That's an Inflatable Penis

Yup, That's an Inflatable Penis
We're guessing it puts Scott Disick's actual penis to shame.

11. Get That Weak Twerk Outta Here!

Get That Weak Twerk Outta Here!
Kim has very high standards.

12. A Dangerous Twist

A Dangerous Twist
We don't support spiking the drinks of friends at any point in a party.

13. Take THIS, Jen!!

Take THIS, Jen!!
No one gets in the way of Kim and her shakes.

14. As for Kourtney?

As for Kourtney?
She had some sexy toys to share with followers.

15. Sorry, Scott

Sorry, Scott
She clearly no longer has a need for you.

16. Bikini Babes

Bikini Babes
Kim and Kourtney appear to have survived the sex toy-based ordeal, grabbing some sun in some revealing two-piece bathing suits after the party. Hey, can we snag an invite next year?

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