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Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda have been pronounced Husband and Wife.

They’ve also been pronounced, in a more informal capacity, as the Biggest Fans of Taco Bell We’ve Ever Heard Of or Read About.

We say this with confidence between Dan and Bianca submitted a 30-second video to the Love and Tacos Contest, explaining why they deserved to be the first couple ever to exchange vows inside of a Taco Bell.

After coming out on top of all other burrito-loving competitors, Dan and Bianca were flown to a Taco Bell in Las Vegas for the ceremony and reception.

“It was appropriately surreal,” Dan tells Mashable, adding:

“We’ve known for a couple of months that we won, but it was still crazy to be greeted with silver platters of quesadillas and gorditas minutes after being introduced for the first time as husband and wife.

“It was such a funny setting for the first meeting of our two families.”

We’d have to imagine!

Scroll around below for the official Snapchat and Instagram photos from this special, spicy event…