Khloe Kardashian FINALLY Breaks Silence on Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal! [UPDATED]

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Khloe Kardashian hasn't made too many public statements in the past few weeks, huh?

Probably because she's been busy having a baby and then taking care of that baby. Oh, and also because her boyfriend was revealed to be a big ol' cheater like a day before she went into labor.

It's surely a very emotional time for her right now, what with the hormones and the huge life changes and all, so it's understandable that she hasn't been posting all over social media lately.

But now, at long last, she's finally commenting on the Tristan scandal ...


1. What a Ride

What a Ride
So first off ... bless her heart. Just bless Khloe's poor little heart.

2. Good News?

Good News?
After all she went through in her marriage to Lamar, after wanting so much to have children but never being able to get pregnant or never finding herself in the right situation to have a baby, she found Tristan. They started dating in fall of 2016, and less than a year later, she was pregnant.

3. A Special Time

When the news broke about the pregnancy, so many people were so, so happy for her, remember? It wasn't your average celebrity pregnancy announcement, it was bigger.

4. Bumpin' Time

Bumpin' Time
Time went on, and Khloe confirmed the pregnancy, then she started sharing photos of her cute baby bump, then she started talking about starting a family with Tristan and how excited she was, and it was just so adorable.

5. Awww

Things were good and happy and lovely for a long, long time, right up until around Khloe's due date, even.

6. Ugh

But then Tristan screwed it all up. Hard.

7. Cheater, Cheater

Cheater, Cheater
Right before Khloe went into labor, a tape was released that showed Tristan hooking up with two women at a hookah bar in Washington D.C. back in October, when she was already three months pregnant.

8. Shameful

He was also spotted in a Manhattan hotel with an Instagram model just a few days before Khloe gave birth to their daughter, True.

9. What to Do?

What to Do?
There have been many, many reports about how Khloe is handling the situation. Lots of reports. Just so very many.

10. Forgiveness

Several sources claim that Khloe plans on staying with Tristan. Some say it's because she wants to keep her new little family together, some say it's because she's too happy to be a mother to kick Tristan to the curb right now.

11. ... Or Not

... Or Not
Others say that as soon as Khloe gets the OK from her doctor in Cleveland, she and little True will be moving right back to L.A., leaving Tristan behind.

12. A Little Bit of Both, Perhaps

Still others believe that Khloe is stuck between leaving and staying right now, that Tristan has been banished to a nearby hotel while she stays with True in his home. A new report from E! News supports this middle ground theory.

13. One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time
This report claims that Khloe is "taking it one day at a time with Tristan," and that she is "glad he is helping her out with True, but she has also been spending a lot of alone time reflecting."

14. Hell

"They don't speak much about the situation," the source explains, "and Khloe feels like she is living in her own personal hell. The only thing keeping her happy right now is True and the support from her family."

15. What a Mess

What a Mess
Speaking of her family, this chatty insider adds that "Everyone is ready for her to come home and thinks it will give her more peace. Tristan has desperately been trying to keep Khloe happy and make their relationship work, but she thinks it's too far done."

16. Real Talk

Real Talk
Kim was the first family member to publicly comment on the cheating scandal, but apparently the rest of the family shares her opinion on what a messed up situation this is.

17. Sister Love

Sister Love
But Khloe has always been very close with Kourtney, who has been "more understanding" about things. She's allegedly been giving Khloe advice on co-parenting, and "Khloe listens to Kourtney the most and she confides in her daily."

18. Somebody to Lean On

Somebody to Lean On
E! News shared this story on Instagram where they described it as a tale about how "Khloe is learning to cope by leaning on her sister."

19. Oh Hey Girl

Oh Hey Girl
And Khloe actually commented!!!

20. "Oh damn ..."

"Oh damn ..."
"Oh damn...." she wrote. "I hope I don't crush her by leaning on her! I love my little @kourtneykardash."

21. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
This is interesting for a whole lot of reasons. For one, this is the very first time she's even come close to commenting on Tristan's cheating.

22. Is This a Clue?!

Is This a Clue?!
It's interesting how she chooses to joke about Kourtney instead of denying anything, isn't it? Khloe's always been very big about standing by her man through anything and everything, so you'd think she'd joke about how ridiculous the whole thing was instead of joking about Kourtney ... unless there's actually some truth to the original report.

23. Curious

And don't forget that that report about Khloe being "in her own personal hell" came from E!, the same network that airs Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so when they post anything about the family, there's a very solid chance it's true.

24. What's Happening?!

What's Happening?!
So if this all really is true, is Khloe's comment a way of confirming it? Like instead of denying or ignoring it, to joke about leaning on your sister too hard and squishing her is definitely a telling response.

25. The End?

The End?
Is Khloe hinting that she could really be done with Tristan? Or is that just wishful thinking?

26. Indeed, it Was Wishful Thinking.

Indeed, it Was Wishful Thinking.
Khloe was spotted by her man's side during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in Cleveland, Ohio. Her show of public support said it all. A source told Us Weekly after the game that the two are “fully back together” following the scandal that went viral in mid-April. “No one in her world is supporting Tristan and she’s still in love with him,” the source told this tabloid, adding that Khloe feels as if “the whole world is against Tristan.” Well, yeah. Dude put his piece inside anything that moved for months on end, while Khloe was pregnant no less. SMH.

27. In a Word ... Why??

In a Word ... Why??
Official Kardashian mouthpiece E! reports from multiple sources that "Khloe has given Tristan another chance at their relationship, and is trying to put the pieces back together for the sake of True. Although she is crushed by the scandal, Khloe desperately wants things to work and wants to have a complete family." That logic has never steered anyone wrong, has it?

28. But She Has All the Leverage Now, Right?

But She Has All the Leverage Now, Right?
You would think ... but no. In fact, one source claims Tristan very much has the upper hand in the relationship. “Tristan continues to insist he’s done nothing wrong and [he] blames Khloe’s family for exaggerating his womanizing and trying to ruin his reputation," says the insider. “He’s agreed to stick around for now, but only if the family stops spreading stories, and he gets cut into Khloe’s portion of profits for the show. He wants Khloe to let him see True any time he wants and insists she should fly out to meet him where he is. He can’t just jump on a plane to L.A. when he’s got a game coming up.” That's right, Tristan is the one issuing demands. That's almost too absurd to be ... wait for it ... True.

29. Still With His Side Piece??

Still With His Side Piece??
Reports have surfaced that Tristan Thompson actually met up with one of his mystery women during the Eastern Conference Semifinals against Toronto. Weeks after this scandal broke and True was born. If that's true, that is insane. In. Sane.

30. We Hate to Even Talk About Wendy, But ...

We Hate to Even Talk About Wendy, But ...
When Williams said on her talk show, "this is Khloe trying to save face and get out there... I think this is a Khloe thing, this is a Kardashian move right here and it's really quite pathetic" ... let's just say more than a few people probably nodded their heads. Begrudgingly, to be sure, but nodding just the same.

31. Lamar Wants Her Back!

Lamar Wants Her Back!
According to one recent report, Khloe's ex-husband Lamar Odom has joined the masses in encouraging Khloe to kick Tristan to the curb ... and, hey, ya know, if she feels like giving Lammy a second chance, that might be cool, too. Amazingly, Khloe's family is so fed up with Tristan that they're actually encouraging Odom. "Lamar might have done some crazy things but he loved her. He loved her more than life itself. It’s eating him up watching Khloé being abused and taken advantage of by Tristan," the insider says. "He wants her to dump him so bad." Probably shouldn't hold his breath, but that's sweet.

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