Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Enrages the Internet

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In a new Pepsi commercial, Kendall Jenner tries to act woke about the ongoing political and social climate.

Instead, however, the reality star awoke in the wake of this ad to anger and consternation across the Internet.

Did Pepsi really greenlight a spot that features Kendall thinking she can bring about world peace by simply offering some police officers a can of soda?

That turns legitimate global concerns about violence and equality into a simple issue that can be resolved via a sip of Pepsi?


You can see the controversial ad HERE and you can read the stunned social media response to it below...

1. Wait... WHAT?!?

Wait... WHAT?!?
Think of all the people who had to give their approval for this commercial to be made.

2. This Will Solve Everything!

This Will Solve Everything!
Really, isn't that basically what Pepsi is saying?

3. Who Needs Dreams?

Who Needs Dreams?
When you can have a Pepsi instead!

4. The Hashtags Say It All

The Hashtags Say It All
So very much explaining to do.


Simple, yet effective and accurate assessment.

6. Right?!?

This is what we're sayin!

7. JFK Could Still Be Alive Today

JFK Could Still Be Alive Today
If only he had a Pepsi can.

8. You Know It's Bad...

You Know It's Bad...
... when we even agree with Piers Morgan.

9. Yes, But...

Yes, But...
Kendall is big enough now where she could have turned this spot down. She didn't need the attention or the money. Kris Jenner really deserves the blame.

10. HA!

Good one, Stephen Colbert.

11. Too Soon, Andy

Too Soon, Andy
Just... too soon.

12. Generation... NEXT!

Generation... NEXT!
We're gonna need some new young people, aren't we?

13. Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

Is All Publicity Good Publicity?
Pepsi will soon find out.

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