Husband Pulls Shaved Head Prank on Wife, Elicits Epic Reaction

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Remember that time a wife pranked her husband into thinking she had brought a coyote home?

And the husband went totally bonkers in response?

The following story tells a similarly awesome tale.

It features Bobby Wesson and his wife Rayena, the latter of whom was working her shift as a nurse when she received a text from her husband asking if the couple could re-schedule an upcoming family photo shoot.

For what reason? Read on to find out!

1. Sometimes Rayena leaves me alone with the baby...

Sometimes Rayena leaves me alone with the baby...
That's what Bobby named this story on Facebook. And this is how the story started, with a seemingly simply text message.

2. Remember That Proposal?

Remember That Proposal?
I'm the guy who made it, honey!

3. Things Are Getting Hairy

Things Are Getting Hairy
And that's rarely a good thing.

4. He... Ummm... He Got The Trimmers

He... Ummm... He Got The Trimmers
But it's okay. I can totally fix this.

5. Photostop Forever!

Photostop Forever!
"Photoshop is kind of my thing but it’s really tough to make head shaved look legit,” Wesson told Scary Mommy of his prank. "I tried to get some friends to do it and when they didn’t look good enough. I paid couple of people on Fiverr to give it a shot. No one could get it right so I just started watching tutorials and reading blogs and after a couple of weeks I finally had something I thought would be convincing." (NOTE: He paid people money to help with this!)

6. This Has Taken a Turn

This Has Taken a Turn
He won't come out, dear. What do I do?!?

7. A-HA!

I've got the solution!

8. The Final Products

The Final Products
Perfect, right? Right? Hello? Honey?!?


Bobby survived his prank because he updated his Facebook story with the comment the next day with this photo and this caption: "Weeeeell dang haha good morning everyone I lived through the night."

10. His Wife, The Hero

His Wife, The Hero
Before slamming Bobby too hard, remember this Facebook post from last year? Bobby wrote a lengty caption for this phto of his wife after she fell asleep on the couch with her son after a hard night's work. It entitles him to pranks for life, woulnd't you say?

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