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After it’s one week hiatus, 90 Day Fiance Season 8 is back with Episode 10.

No Brandon and Julia this week, but it’s clear from the previews of next week that getting to share a bedroom didn’t end their storyline’s drama.

Stephanie and Ryan are having their ups and downs in Belize, but fans are wondering what in the world led to Stephanie yelling at Ryan and telling him to “f–k off and die.”

Andrew ends his one-man vacation and returns home … but he’s determined to try again.

Natalie asks Mike to go to couples counseling, but it’s another woman who helps him change his mind.

Tarik is crushed that Hazel’s first months in America have been mostly in pandemic lockdown. Meanwhile, Hazel misses her son.

Yara and Jovi’s dad don’t make great impressions on each other, and Jovi’s mom has a nasty surprise in store for an already overwhelmed Yara.