90 Day Fiance Recap: Stephanie Davison Tells Ryan Carr to F--k Off and Die!

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After it's one week hiatus, 90 Day Fiance Season 8 is back with Episode 10.

No Brandon and Julia this week, but it's clear from the previews of next week that getting to share a bedroom didn't end their storyline's drama.

Stephanie and Ryan are having their ups and downs in Belize, but fans are wondering what in the world led to Stephanie yelling at Ryan and telling him to "f--k off and die."

Andrew ends his one-man vacation and returns home ... but he's determined to try again.

Natalie asks Mike to go to couples counseling, but it's another woman who helps him change his mind.

Tarik is crushed that Hazel's first months in America have been mostly in pandemic lockdown. Meanwhile, Hazel misses her son.

Yara and Jovi's dad don't make great impressions on each other, and Jovi's mom has a nasty surprise in store for an already overwhelmed Yara.

1. Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr

Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr
Stephanie and Ryan, having gotten past the hurdle of her confession about having boffed his cousin Harris, are in a better place as the episode begins. She is coaching him on hula hooping, and he is genuinely complimentary of her skills.

2. The vibes are good

The vibes are good
Though they have more to unpack -- and haven't yet hooked up during this visit -- they're enjoying each other's company and laughing.

3. The K-1 visa process is looking more and more likely

The K-1 visa process is looking more and more likely
Stephanie and Ryan talk about showing him around Michigan the way that he has shown her around Belize. Ryan only knows that Michigan is "cold" and has good restaurants and bars.

4. But ...

But ...
Stephanie and Ryan have had issues, some including his mother, who is happy to receive financial help from Stephanie (especially during the pandemic). Stephanie feels that Ryan and his mother have both been disrespectful ... and there was an incident where she threatened, in a moment of anger, to ask for her money back.

5. Ryan reflects on that

Ryan reflects on that
He admires Stephanie's generous spirit towards him and his family ... but his issue is with the unspoken price tag.

6. Ryan is right, here

Ryan is right, here
Financial abuse is when one partner lords their affluence over the other to control their actions or silence complaints under the threat of changing things. One threat that Stephanie didn't mean made while she and Ryan aren't even living together isn't the same thing, but it's a red flag.

7. They have a good time

They have a good time
But Stephanie tells the camera that she has some lingering fidelity concerns ... and suspects that Ryan has hooked up during their months apart.

8. Her friend's words from the tarot reading haunt her

Her friend's words from the tarot reading haunt her
Stephanie confronts Ryan over her friend's divination session where she predicted that if Ryan were to come to the US, he would eventually leave Stephanie to be with a younger woman.

9. "Devil's work"

"Devil's work"
Ryan has some entertaining thoughts about divination (we'd never presume to tell anyone what to believe in terms of whether or not a psychic's prediction is true or false, but it's worth noting that very few psychics revere Satan). He then explained that, basically, he doesn't like defending himself against mystical accusations of things that haven't happened yet, and he feels like Stephanie talking about him to her friend has probably influenced her friend's readings.

10. After dinner, though, they were affectionate

After dinner, though, they were affectionate
They were walking together and kissing and seemed to be in a good place with each other.


We do not know what happened, but cameras show up as Ryan is leaving while Stephanie yells after him. “Are you afraid of the truth, Ryan?” she yells. “Why would you do that to me? ... Ryan, oh my God are you kidding me!”

12. "F--k off and die, Ryan!"

"F--k off and die, Ryan!"
It is unclear what happened, but we're sure that Stephanie will tell us all next week ... as previews show her calling Harris.

13. Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa
No Amira this week, as Andrew packs up his things and leaves his awkward solo vacation to return to the US.

14. Back in California, he updates his mom

Back in California, he updates his mom
Andrew's mother isn't so sure that a Serbia meetup is a good idea, an opinion that she shares with Amira and, frankly, most viewers. Andrew is determined, however.

15. Awkard

Andrew goes home and finds the gifts that he had set up for Amira's arrival, including a pricey gift card and a stuffed animal from their time together in Vegas.

16. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva
Out at dinner together, Natalie worries that they are halfway through the K-1 visa's time period and are in an awkward place as a couple.

17. Natalie has an idea

Natalie has an idea
She suggests couples counseling as a way to work on their communication issues with one another and to mend their relationship and get things on track.

18. Mike is opposed

Mike is opposed
He just doesn't want to, to hear him tell it, and it is clear that he is uncomfortable with the idea. What Mike says is simply that he thinks that they have larger issues than a therapist could fix, and explains to the camera that he'd like for him and Natalie to talk about this themselves. (A weird excuse to avoid a useful vehicle to hold a conversation)

19. Natalie thinks that a counselor could bridge the gap

Natalie thinks that a counselor could bridge the gap
The two of them have very, very different communication styles and a trained therapist could help with that.

20. But Mike refuses

But Mike refuses
Natalie is feeling glum in the kitchen ... and also chastising Mike for dicing vegetables in a way that she doesn't like.

21. "I hate butter"

"I hate butter"
Mike is having another week of getting to eat however he likes, so Natalie is making weird judgmental comments. I won't be harsh about her disliking butter (I strongly dislike chocolate, so I get what it's like to dislike a popular food) but she keeps wanting to make it Mike's problem instead of just her own. The issue? Natalie clearly had some sort of disordered eating.

22. Mike wants to have a good night

Mike wants to have a good night
Mike suggests that they just have a wild night and unwind a little. Natalie wants to be even more wound, if possible. She's not feeling fun or affectionate because of these untreated issues that they're having.

23. Mike goes in for a haircut

Mike goes in for a haircut
His hairstylist (who has a GREAT haircut herself) gives him some very good advice -- nudging him to go along with Natalie's request for couples counseling.

24. Natalie is overjoyed

Natalie is overjoyed
"YES TO THERAPY" is such a good line, especially with her level of enthusiasm.

25. Natalie talks about this period of transition

Natalie talks about this period of transition
She is getting accustomed to American culture, to living in the middle of the woods instead of in a city, and to Mike's routine.

26. They've also dealt with respect issues

They've also dealt with respect issues
Natalie has at times been extremely disrespectful towards Mike, but it's clear that she regrets that on some level ... but is clearly hurt that Mike hasn't returned the ring or made a move to plan the wedding. And Mike, meanwhile, is clearly hurt that she returned the ring in the first place and about her insults.

27. Mike asks the big question

Mike asks the big question
With their couples counselor watching intently, Mike asks Natalie if they're still in love with each other like they once were.

28. Her stomach hits the floor

Her stomach hits the floor
Natalie is stunned and wounded by the question. Where do they even go from here?

29. Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan
Tarik and Hazel are halfway into the K-1 visa's 90 days but have spent so much of that time in lockdown. It's hardly the dream that Tarik had in mind for her first three months in America. He does show her the mower, a good way to keep indoor filming to a minimum during the pandemic.

30. Hazel misses her son

Hazel misses her son
Though he's in good hands and she regularly checks in on him, she misses her little boy. She is bonding with Ari, Tarik's daughter, but that makes her heart ache for her son even more. The plan is of course to bring him over, but she can't do that yet ... and the pandemic makes it a scary situation.

31. She checks in on Harry

She checks in on Harry
She asks if her son is feeling better -- and he is. She then speaks to her son. We know that this must be extremely hard for her, but she also knows that she's paving the way for her son to have a better future.

32. Tarik participates in the call

Tarik participates in the call
Nothing major happens for these two in this episode, but it's nice and heartwarming to see quality time of both kids.

33. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Yara is not really eager tor an engagement dinner at Jovi's parents' house, but she's doing it becuase it's important to them.

34. Her enthusiasm is ... understated

Her enthusiasm is ... understated
Yara tells Jovi that she's excited to meet his father for the first time. Monty works a job similar to Jovi's, so he is away for weeks at a time.

35. They meet

They meet
Monty wants to make his own assessment of Yara, and it's clear that Gwen has mixed feelings about her son's future wife.

36. Oh, and Gwen is lying

Oh, and Gwen is lying
Yara is under the impression that the engagement dinner will be a small affair -- you know, like a dinner. Gwen is planning a party with dozens and dozens of guests. This is actually a mean trick to pull on someone, and Yara would have every right to just turn around and leave, but Gwen laughs about it like it's an amusing prank.

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