Katheryn Golden: MTV Turned Ryan Edwards Into a Junkie!

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These days, Ryan Edwards is in jail on heroin possession charges.

Prior to that, the father of two was struggling to adapt to a life of quiet domesticity with new wife Mackenzie Standifer.

Needless to say, the guy has a lot going on at the ripe old age of 30.

So it's almost hard to imagine that Ryan could have squeezed in a whole relationship in between his time with Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer, but believe it or not, he did exactly that.

And now, Edwards' ex, Katheryn Golden, is opening up to The Ashley's Reality Roundup about her time with the troubled reality star.

Take a look:

1. Island Girl

Island Girl
These days, Katheryn is one of the stars of USA Network's sexually-charged reality show, Temptation Island.

2. Divergent Paths

Divergent Paths
Ryan, of course, is a resident of Hamilton County Correctional Facility.

3. Looking Back

Looking Back
But while their lives may have led them in very different directions, Katheryn says she has mostly fond memories of her time with Ryan.

4. A Changed Man

A Changed Man
Katheryn tells The Ashley that in many ways, Ryan couldn't be more different than the boy she knew growing up.

5. A Complete 180

A Complete 180
“We lived in the same city," she tells the site. "I had the biggest crush on him in high school. He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen! He was very quiet and reserved, which is kind of interesting that he’s [now] on such a huge platform on reality shows.

6. Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract
"I’m way more outgoing and say what’s on my mind. He’s very shy, timid and reserved," Golden says.

7. Until They Don't

Until They Don't
“I was too loud for him; I was way too much for him,” she adds.

8. Strange Times

Strange Times
Katheryn wound up dating Ryan shortly after his split with Maci Bookout -- a situation that led to some serious awkwardness, but also to a chance at TV stardom.

9. It Only Takes One!

It Only Takes One!
"I remember he had met Maci,” Golden recalls. “She was a freshman when we were seniors. He had gone out with her one time and they had sex and he got her pregnant the first time.

10. Stardom Yet to Come

Stardom Yet to Come
"They broke up…when we got back to Chattanooga, 16 and Pregnant hadn’t even come out yet," Katheryn says. "I didn’t even know if it was a real thing or not!”

11. Moving On ... Quickly

Moving On ... Quickly
Shortly thereafter, Ryan began hooking up with Katheryn.

12. He Knows What He Wants

He Knows What He Wants
“For some reason, he just liked me out of nowhere. I don’t know why,” she says

13. Early Retirement

Early Retirement
Katheryn says Ryan was so upset with his portrayal on 16 & Pregnant that he vowed to never do another episode of reality TV.

14. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
“He was like, “I’ll never ever do another episode of that. They made me look so bad,’" Golden recalls. "I was like, ‘I don’t think you should,’”

15. Reluctant Stardom

Reluctant Stardom
Katheryn says Ryan eventually agreed after being "offered more [money]," but he informed producers that he and Golden were a package deal.

16. Casting For Conflict

Casting For Conflict
“He was like, ‘Yeah, but I have a girlfriend now.’ And [the producers] were like, ‘Oh my gosh, even better!’” Golden says.

17. The Other Woman

The Other Woman
Golden says producers did their best to make it look as though she was locking horns with Maci -- and fans ate it up.

18. Playing the Enemy

Playing the Enemy
"I think at first it was really hard, especially because of all of her fans," Katheryn remembers. "She had millions and millions of fans, so I was the new girlfriend that no one liked!”

19. Times Change

Times Change
Katheryn says she and Maci eventually developed a friendship, but that hasn't been the case with Ryan's new wife.

20. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
Of course, part of the problem is that Ryan continues to contact Katheryn despite being married.

21. Cat's Out of the Bag

Cat's Out of the Bag
"Up until he got married, Ryan would call me two or three times a week, or text me, and I wouldn’t answer. I have no clue [if Mackenzie knows],” Golden tells The Ashley

22. Not the Man She Knew

Not the Man She Knew
As for Ryan's addiction and legal issues, Katheryn says she's absolutely floored.

23. Devastation

“It was not only shocking but it was devastating,” she said. “I was shocked the first time I found out [he had a heroin problem]. I had heard he’d been hanging out with a few guys in Chattanooga who weren’t good news. I was shocked that he had succumbed to this type of lifestyle.”

24. Change Happens Fast

Change Happens Fast
“When Ryan and I dated, Ryan would freak out if I had, like, more than two or three beers,” she remembers. “He was as straight-laced as them came. The worst he ever did was dip [a smokeless tobacco product].

25. Fame to Blame?

Fame to Blame?
Katheryn believes Ryan's celebrity status played a role in his downfall, saying, "I know for a fact being on ‘Teen Mom’ and the recognition [from the show], and the pure hate that he got, had to have played a factor in the way he turned out,” she said. “We would be at restaurants and there would be guys come up to us and just want to fight him just because he was Ryan Edwards."

26. No Saint

No Saint
Golden doesn't pretend Ryan is perfect, adding, “I mean, yeah, he’s an a**hole. That part is true. He’s an a**hole in real life. But he’s a nice a**hole!” she said. “If he doesn’t know you, he won’t care to know you or care what you say or think. But if he does know you, he can be the sweetest, most kind, most generous guy, really thoughtful. But you never see that.”

27. Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers
“I think he’s a really good person deep down and I really hope that he can get the help and get on the right track [to being] the Ryan that I knew," Golden says. Many, of course, are hoping for the same outcome.

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