Kate Middleton Baby Name: What's the New Prince's Royal Moniker?

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As you've likely heard by now, Kate Middleton welcomed her third child this morning.

The newest member of the royal family already made his big media debut, but initially, in keeping with tradition, Kate and Will kept mum with regard to his royal moniker.

(UPDATE, 4/27/18: The royal baby name was just revealed ... follow the link or read until the end of this post to learn it!)

But that's not stopping the UK's most problematic gamblers from betting their paychecks on the little lads name!

Most of the wagering took place before today's delivery, but don't worry - it's not too late for you to get in on the ridiculous action!

Check out our full gambling guide in the gallery below:

1. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
The royal baby has entered the building, y'all. Here's one of the first pics of Will, Kate, and their newest arrival outside the hospital where the little prince entered the world this morning.

2. When Will the Announcement Take Place?

When Will the Announcement Take Place?
The bad news is, Will and Kate probably won't announce the baby's name until later this week. The good news is, that gives you, the degenerate gambler, plenty of time to place a bet on the royal moniker!

3. The Royal Precedent

With both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the royals waited a day or two befor announcing the name. Why, you ask? We have no idea! That's not for peasants like us to understand!

4. No Jaden, Caden, or Braden

As with their first two tykes, it's a safe bet that Will and Kate will go the traditional route. And so, a handful of royal-sounding frontrunners have emerged as the the gamblers' favorites.

5. No Jack City

It was briefly rumored that Will and Kate would go with the name "Jack" after one of Will's favorite soccer players. That name quickly fell out of contention when royal-watchers determined it was much too modern.

6. Arthur: 2/1

Arthur: 2/1
A name fit for a king! Arthur is the current front-runner with 2/1 odds. But if you're looking to really cash in, you might want to put your pounds down on a moniker with longer odds.

7. James: 4/1

James: 4/1
Perhaps you think the Royals aren't feeling particularly creative this time around. Obviously, some of your fellow gamblers are of that mindset, and that's why James is currently at 4/1 odds.

8. Stranger Names

Stranger Names
If you really want to stretch your pounds, you might do well to wager on a less likely name. For example...

9. Albert: 6/1

Albert: 6/1
The pros: Anyone who's familiar with royal history, knows Albert is a favorite name of the Windsor clan. The cons: It's the 21st Century, and "Prince Albert" has a distinctively 20th Century (or even 19th!) ring to it.

10. Philip: 8/1

Philip: 8/1
Speaking of keeping it all in the family, perhaps Will and Kate will want to name the tyke after his grandfather, Prince Philip. Anyone who's watched The Crown knows what a badass the Duke of Edinburgh was back in his day.

11. Thomas: 16/1

Thomas: 16/1
From first to ... well, almost worst. There was a time when Thomas was leading the pack. Now, it's fallen to 16/1 odds.

12. Frederick: 25/1

Frederick: 25/1
Hey, if you're gonna do something as ridiculous as betting on a baby's name, you might as well go big, right? Frederick doesn't sound like such an out-there name to us, but apparently, the royal oddsmakers have determined it doesn't stand much of a chance.

13. Just For Reference

Okay, so at this point, we know the baby is a boy, but maybe you think it'll help your chances to know what sort of girl names were leading the pack when the gender was still a mystery. Hey, every little bit of info helps, right?

14. Mary: 9/1

Mary: 9/1
Again, tradition is the name of the game when you're talking royal baby names. Shout-out to the Queen of Scots!

15. Alice: 8/1

Alice: 8/1
Alice is traditional, sure, but it doesn't have much of a history in the royal family. But perhaps that's why oddsmakers liked it: Will and Kate are all about bridging gaps between past and present, royals and subjects.

16. Victoria: 16/1

Victoria: 16/1
You could do a lot worse than naming your kid after one of your family's longest reigning monarchs. Speaking of that sort of thing, is there any chance this new lad will ever sit on the throne?

17. Short Answer: Not Really

A LOT of misfortune would have to be befall the royals in order for the newest addition to one day serve as king. He's currently fifth in line for the throne.

18. Sorry, Harry

Sorry, Harry
He's currently behind Prince Charles, Prince William, older brother Prince George, and older sister Princess Charlotte. Prince Harry is now sixth in line to the throne. In other words...

19. Don't BET on This Kid Being King

Don't BET on This Kid Being King
Play it safe and stick to the name wagers. Maybe Will and Kate won't be the only one to receive a nice little gift from the heavens today!

20. Meet ... Lous Arthur!!

Meet ... Lous Arthur!!
Such a cute couple. Such a cute baby. Such a cute photo of William, Kate and little Louis Arthur ... yes, that's the young fellow's name! Guess they stumped us with that one, yet not really. Those are both traditional names, right in line with what we'd expect. Yet also a bit of a surprise!

21. Louis Arthur

Louis Arthur
Here he is, folks! Here is your very first look at Louis Arthur, the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Sorry to all those who put money on this and lost.

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