Kailyn Lowry: I Have a Girlfriend!

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There's been a lot of news surrounding Kailyn Lowry's love life in recent weeks, but most of it has revolved around reports that Javi Marroquin is dating Briana DeJesus.

Just about anyone would be upset to learn their ex-husband is romantically involved with one of their colleagues, and many of those same folks would legitimately lose their minds if the situation played out in front of millions of obsessed.

But Lowry is somehow keeping her cool.

In fact, it seems she recently moved on to a new relationship, and the Kail Collective is loving the latest news about their queen's partner.

Here's what we know about the romance between Kailyn and Dominique Potter:

1. Tough Times in Lowry Land

Tough Times in Lowry Land
To say Kailyn has a lot on her plate these days would be a massive understatement. The mother of three is currently coping with more drama than anyone else in the Teen Mom universe.

2. Taking It in Stride

Taking It in Stride
Kailyn is dealing with news that the father of her second child is dating a former friend while also raising three kids on her own, the youngest of whom is only 3 months old.

3. A One-Woman Empire

A One-Woman Empire
On top of everything, Kail is still coming for Oprah and Martha Stewart in the media mogul department. The girl has just about every kind of project imaginable in the works.

4. But She Still Makes Time For Her

But She Still Makes Time For Her
Take note, single moms: You can't care for anyone if you're not caring for yourself. Kailyn seems to know that, which may be why she still makes time for romance.

5. The Latest on Kail's Love Life

The Latest on Kail's Love Life
Recently, Kailyn was rumored to be dating Dionisio Cephas. But either those reports were bogus, or the relationship has fizzled.

6. Hayter Lover?

Hayter Lover?
These days, Kailyn is romantically involved with a woman, but it's NOT her longtime friend and rumored lover Becky Hayter...

7. Meet Dominique Potter

Meet Dominique Potter
It looks as though Kailyn is currently dating longtime friend Dominique Potter. The rumors began to swirl when Potter referred to Lowry as her girlfriend on Snapchat.

8. Rumor Confirmed!

Rumor Confirmed!
“We were friends for a year, until it just kind of like turned into it [a relationship],” Lowry said about Potter in a recent podcast interview. “It’s not like she was trying to wine and dine me to ask me to be her girlfriend.”

9. The Struggles of Dating As a Single Mom

The Struggles of Dating As a Single Mom
Kailyn admits it isn't always easy balancing a new relationship with the demands of raising three kids on her own.

10. Date Nights: Few and Far Between

Date Nights: Few and Far Between
“We go out to eat, but it’s kind of hard cause I have kids, I have a baby,” Lowry says of her relationship with Potter. “I have never gotten a baby sitter and gone on a date.”

11. Is It Serious?

Is It Serious?
We don't know exactly how serious Kailyn and Dom are, but it seems they're officially in a relationship. Lowry answered with an enthusiastic "Yeah!" when asked if she has a girlfriend.

12. Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing
The relationship probably couldn't come at a better time for Kailyn, who's endured more than most fans realize in recent months ...

13. Cutting Ties With Chris...

Cutting Ties With Chris...
Chris Lopez, the father of Kailyn's third child, seems to have put her through the wringer emotionally.

14. Indecisive Dad

Indecisive Dad
Lopez reportedly had trouble deciding if he wanted to be a part of Kailyn and her son's lives. Many fans have concluded that she's better off without him.

15. Making Her Own Support Network

Making Her Own Support Network
Unlike some of her co-stars, Kailyn isn't lucky enough to come from a close-knit family, so she's built her own support network.

16. Team Kailyn

Team Kailyn
Kailyn has many close female friends, and rumors of romantic involvement with Hayter and others have circulated for years.

17. This Time Is Different...

This Time Is Different...
This time, Kailyn isn't denying the reports. Quite the opposite, in fact.

18. Never Happier?

Never Happier?
Fans are giddy with excitement, with some fans saying they've never seen Kailyn happier. But one question remains...

19. Is Dom Up For the Drama?

Is Dom Up For the Drama?
Through little fault of her own, Kailyn's life is loaded with drama these days. Here's hoping Dominque can embrace the craziness of living such a wild existence in front of millions of devoted viewers.

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