Kailyn Lowry Feuding with Briana DeJesus Over Javi Marroquin!

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Just when you thought the situation between Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Briana DeJesus couldn't get any messier ...

Real quick though, why would you ever even think that?! Do you even know anything about these people?

Anyway, just when you thought things couldn't get messier, Briana went and stirred the pot again with a very questionable Instagram post.

Here, let's just break it all down ...

1. Let's Start at the Very Beginning ...

Let's Start at the Very Beginning ...
Kailyn and Javi used to love each other once, believe it or not. A lot. They got married, had precious little baby Lincoln, but then things started to go bad because as much as they loved each other, they were never a great fit.

2. RIP, True Love

RIP, True Love
We may never know exactly what happened between them -- at least not until they release that book they're writing together! -- but we do know that Kailyn filed for divorce at the end of 2015, just before he left for his deployment. They tried to work it things out for a long time, but it obviously just didn't happen. When he returned home in the summer of 2016, things were clearly over between them.

3. All the Rumors

All the Rumors
We've heard that she cheated on him, that he cheated on her, that they were both in relationships while still married because they both agreed it was over. We've heard that she divorced him because she told him didn't want more kids and he did. We've heard just all sorts of things, and none of them are good.

4. Yikes

On recent seasons of Teen Mom 2, we've seen Javi break into the home he used to share with Kailyn, and she even resorted to getting an order of protection against him -- something he thought was pretty silly. She eventually dropped the order because it made it too difficult for them to coparent, but obviously things were extremely tense between them.

5. Getting Better!

Getting Better!
At some point this year though, things changed. After she dropped the protection order, they began getting along better. They both acknowledged that things were going good between them, which was so nice to see.

6. Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble
But then enter Briana.

7. Oh, Briana ...

Oh, Briana ...
Briana was originally on Teen Mom 3, but she was brought onto Teen Mom 2 for the most recent season for reasons we still don't understand. But even before she became a TM2 girl, she was friends with Javi. She and her sister, Brittany, shared photos with him from time to time, and even as far back as last year, many people thought that Briana would eventually get with him.

8. The New Power Couple

The New Power Couple
And sometime recently, it finally happened. Javi and Briana are officially a couple now, and it's ... well, it's pretty weird.

9. SO Weird

SO Weird
It's weird because Javi has now been with two different Teen Moms -- another way of looking at it is that he's dating his ex-wife's coworker, which just seems like bad form. It's also gotten to be a bigger issue, because when they filmed the Teen Mom 2 reunion special back in October, Javi and Kailyn were no longer on good terms, most likely because of Briana.

10. The Shade of It All

The Shade of It All
These days, things aren't going well between Kailyn and Briana at all. They used to be on decent terms, but not anymore. Last month, Briana even shared screenshots of text messages between Kailyn and Javi in which Kailyn mocked him for taking Briana on the same kind of dates they used to go on together. Because why be anything else when you can just be petty?

11. Not Bothered

Not Bothered
But even though they don't have Kailyn's blessing, Javi and Briana are still being extremely extra -- and if there's any doubt about that, just check out this photo from Lincoln's birthday party in which Javi got matching shirts for his son, himself, his girlfriend of like three seconds, and her daughter. Because that's appropriate.

12. And for the Latest Act of Pettiness ...

And for the Latest Act of Pettiness ...
Over the weekend, Briana took her issues with Kailyn to the next level by sharing a series of photos of herself all loved up with Javi ... and for the caption, she wrote "#IWon." For real.

13. The NERVE

Well, originally she wrote the "I Won" hashtag, but later she deleted that caption and replaced it with just a heart emoji.

14. Come On, Bri

Come On, Bri
Then she edited the caption once again -- as of now, it reads "Thank you for being such an amazing man to not only myself but to Stella and Nova❀️ #yeaididwin," so it looks like she's doubling down on the winning sentiment. And that's probably because it got a reaction out of Kailyn.

15. Bless This Mess

Bless This Mess
To start, Kailyn tweeted a few of those emojis where the little face is laughing so hard it's crying -- pretty vague, but her followers assumed she was talking about Briana's photos. They made all sorts of jokes at her expense, and Kailyn tweeted again with "Lmaooooo y’all picking up What I’m laying down i see."

16. #Petty

Someone tried to speculate on what Briana thinks she won, writing "She won the lowest paid Teen Mom salary," and Kailyn responded with "Bruh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #petty"

17. Clapback

She then wrote "#iwon more time with my son," which honestly is the best comeback she possibly could have shared.

18. A Favor

A Favor
Perhaps the most telling thing she did though was like this tweet -- it pretty much says it all, right?

19. Javi, Javi, Javi

Javi, Javi, Javi
Instead of keeping quiet and staying above it all, Javi added to the issue by posting one of Briana's photos on his own Instagram, along with the caption "King & Queen."

20. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
And Briana didn't help anything by tweeting (and deleting) "I hope the same energy u have now, you'll have again when I see you." Come to think of it, that comment actually takes things to a whole new ridiculous level.

21. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look
So many people came down on Briana for starting this whole thing with that "I won" nonsense -- one person commented on her Instagram post to tell her "Bitch you ain't won nothing. Acting like he a prize or some sh-t and you really change the caption cause people getting on your ass about it."

22. Solid Advice

Solid Advice
"She needs to have more class and stop being so petty," another person suggested of Briana. "Her fans see this. Like show them how to walk through shade with a smile and some radiance. Not being extra and petty."

23. A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far
One of Briana's followers felt a little too strongly about this whole thing, writing "Can't you find a man of your own? Or they all cheat so you took someone else's ex husband πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ»οΈ You filthy filthy whore go look after the kids you got instead of making a family that ain't lasting you absolute fat loser."

24. It's Not All Bad Though

It's Not All Bad Though
Believe it or not, there were also quite a few people who took the time to support Briana and Javi, calling them adorable and sweet. Several even insisted that they were "made for each other." So that's nice.

25. Until Next Time ...

Until Next Time ...
And that's all for the latest chapter in the great Javi vs. Kailyn vs. Briana feud ... can it even get any better than this? And how are we possibly going to be able to wait to catch all this in the next season of Teen Mom 2? And seriously, how are these people so petty?!

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