Kailyn Lowry Drops Javi Marroquin Cheating BOMBSHELL!

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To say the relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin is somewhat tumultuous would be like saying Jenelle Evans has a bit of a short fuse.

Kail and Javi have made admirable efforts to maintain a peaceful co-parenting relationship since separating last year, but their rocky past keeps resurfacing in unexpected ways.

Just this week, Kailyn accused Javi of cheating on her with 4 different women while they were married.

Tellingly, Javi has yet to deny the claim.

So we guess the question of who's really to blame for Kailyn and Javi's divorce has finally been answered. Or has it?

Join on us on a post-mortem inquiry into what led Ms. Lowry and Mr. Marroquin to call it quits:

1. Kailyn's Big Reveal

Kailyn's Big Reveal
Kailyn dropped this bombshell tweet on Tuesday in response to some bizarre criticism from a TM2 viewer. It seems she and Javi were headed for Splitsville long before his deployment with the US Air Force.

2. Cuttin' Up in Qatar

Cuttin' Up in Qatar
There was a time when fans believed Kailyn and Javi's relationship began to fall apart during his time in Qatar. Now we know better...

3. Happier Times

Happier Times
It's hard to imagine now, but it wasn't that long ago that Kailyn and Javi were widely regarded as the most stable couple in the Teen Mom franchise.

4. Kailyn Finally Defends Herself

Kailyn Finally Defends Herself
Fans have wrongly accused Kailyn of being the first to cheat, but we now know that wasn't the case. In the past, however, she's mostly kept her accusations about Javi to herself.

5. Why Now?

Why Now?
So why is she finally laying out her case publicly? Well, it may have something to do with recent developments in her relationship with Javi.

6. Kail and Javi In Boot Camp

Kail and Javi In Boot Camp
The former couple recently filmed a season of Marriage Boot Camp. While the experience may have brought them closer together at times, it ultimately seems to have driven them further apart.

7. Relationship Advice From Kail

Relationship Advice From Kail
The experience wasn't entirely negative, however. Kail even learned some useful rules for more effective arguing. But in the end, it doesn't appear that her co-parenting relationship with Javi is any stronger then it was before MBC.

8. Memoir of a Failed Marriage

Memoir of a Failed Marriage
Kailyn has released two bestselling memoirs, so it's no surprise that Javi would be eager to become an author himself. However, it seems Lowry found his literary debut to be riddled with inaccuracies, which led to a novel approach...

9. Dueling Authors

Dueling Authors
Kailyn and Javi eventually decided that they would each release a book telling their side of the story. It's a great idea for moving a lot of copies, but it seems it didn't help these two repair their relationship.

10. The Briana Factor

The Briana Factor
Another reason that Kailyn may have finally decided to call Javi out is his relationship with Briana DeJesus.

11. New Girl

New Girl
Briana, of course, is the newest addition to the Teen Mom 2 family, having just joined the cast this past season. And it seems Javi welcomed her with open arms.

12. Javiana

Depending on who you believe, Briana and Javi are either really close friends, or they're dating.

13. Javi: We're a Couple!

Javi: We're a Couple!
“We are dating,” Marroquin recently told People magazine. “We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush.”

14. Briana: No We're Not!

Briana: No We're Not!
Shortly thereafter, DeJesus refuted Marroquin's claims. "Nothing is going on," she told E! News.

15. A Change of Heart?

A Change of Heart?
Despite Bri's recent denial that she and Javi are in a relationship, it seems there is some romantic connection between these two. Javi recently tweeted about traveling to spend time with Briana, telling fans that he would get to "see bae this weekend."

16. Kail Is Not Happy

Kail Is Not Happy
Kailyn is reportedly less than pleased about the relationship. Not only that, sources say she believes Javi and Bri are only dating to spite her.

17. The Old Kailyn Can't Come to the Phone

The Old Kailyn Can't Come to the Phone
All of this took place during what was already a difficult time for Kailyn. On this week's TM2 reunion show, she revealed that she was cheated on by Chris Lopez, father of her third child, Lux.

18. Going Nuclear

Going Nuclear
So it's not surprising that Kailyn is finally going off on Javi and publicly revealing the many ways he did her wrong. And there are plenty...

19. Proof From Overseas

Proof From Overseas
Kailyn says she even has photographic evidence that Javi was unfaithful to her during his time in Qatar. Tellingly, Marroquin has yet to refute that claim.

20. Peace In Our Time

Peace In Our Time
As entertaining as all of this drama has been, most fans are rooting for a peaceful resolution for Kail and Javi. After all, the top priority for both is their shared desire to form an amicable co-parenting relationship for the sake of their young son, Lincoln. We wish them all the best in that endeavor.

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