Kailyn Lowry Called Out For Racist Remarks; Briana DeJesus, Fans Call on MTV to Fire Star

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Over the course of June 2020, many reality stars have been called out for racially insensitive comments or actions.

From Vanderpump Rules firing half its cast to Taylor Selfridge getting canned by MTV, it's been a wild few weeks.

Some have lost their jobs. Others have been spared by the court of public opinion after issuing heartfelt apologies.

Or at least apologies that passed as heartfelt, and perhaps actions that were long enough or innocent enough ago.

But it's a fine line, to be sure, and the latest to find herself in hot water with her own fan base is Kailyn Lowry.

As has often been the case in recent weeks, Lowry is in trouble for comments she made quite some time ago.

Kail's remarks, like many others across the TV world, have been reevaluated online in light of recent of events. 

Will she save her job by saying the right things - or make the situation worse with her efforts to make it go away?

What did she say and when, and what actually happened compared to some of the rumors online? You be the judge:

1. Busted

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has never been one to mince words, for better or worse. This is part of the reason a lot of fans love her, but she's also raised plenty of eyebrows over the years. And here we are again. She's in some trouble over some insensitive comments she made toward her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, back in 2014.

2. In Deep

In Deep
Kail and Jo had a rough ride during their relationship, but seem to have settled into a nice co-parenting routine in recent years. Now, it may be up to Jo (and to a certain extent, the Teen Mom-watching public who has followed their ups and downs) to decide if Kail deserves forgiveness.

3. Yikes

Kail's longtime rival and Teen Mom 2 co-star, Briana DeJesus, tweeted this clip of a problematic conversation between Kail and Jo from years ago on the MTV franchise.

4. Angry Bri

Angry Bri
"Wtf did I just watch. Smh," Briana tweeted alongside the clip, which is all the more powerful given that it's Kailyn on screen. Briana talks hella s--t sometimes, and is never one to mince words either, but this is what it is - an actual scene from Teen Mom 2.

5. Beloved By Her Bosses?

Beloved By Her Bosses?
When a fan suggested that DeJesus is trying to get Lowry fired, Bri didn't exaclty deny it. Who knows if that's really her intention. But she shot back, "She won’t get fired. Mtv favors her too much."

6. The Aftermath

The Aftermath
Briana obviously has firsthand knowledge of Kail and her relationship with her bosses. DeJesus dated Javi Marroquin, the father of Kailyn's second child, for a brief period, and co-stars with them both on MTV. But regardless, it's hard to imagine Lowry won't experience some kind of fallout for her remarks - especially since fans seem very upset by what she said.

7. The Brink of Cancelation

The Brink of Cancelation
The resurfaced clip elicited shock and disgust from Teen Mom Nation, many members of which are now calling for the mother of three (soon to be four) to be fired from the show that made her famous.

8. Called Out

Called Out
"Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2 is a racist and an abuser and should be fired. Here she is calling her own son a thug Because Jo didn't give him a white boy haircut," one person tweeted. "@MTV @TeenMom When are you going to fire her???"

9. Apt Comparison?

Apt Comparison?
Other Teen Mom 2 fans compared Kail's situation to that of Taylor Selfridge, the mother of Teen Mom OG star Cory Wharton's second child and star of MTV's The Challenge, and who was recently let go by the network for past racist remarks.

10. Call For Consistency

Call For Consistency
"So @MTV announces they fired Taylor Selfridge from Teen Mom OG for being a renowned racist. On the same day MTV fires Charlotte O'Connor from Teen Mom UK: Young And Pregnant for repeatedly making racial slurs. @MTV now needs to fire Kailyn Lowry for her racist comments & views," reads one such tweet.

11. Double Standard?

Double Standard?
Some fans expressed disappointment with what they saw as a double standard at the network, and they wondered if, and why, there's been a desperate effort to brush aside or defend Kail's comments.

12. A Sad Development?

A Sad Development?
"The amount of white people sticking up for Kail on this post is sad," one follower tweeted.

13. Water Under the Bridge?

Water Under the Bridge?
Some of those defenses are rooted in the fact that the clip is nearly six years old, and that perhaps one scene from that long ago does not truly reflect the way Kailyn acts, talks or treats people as a human being.

14. Heading in the Wrong Direction?

Heading in the Wrong Direction?
However, many have argued to the contrary, believing that it's completely indicative of a larger pattern, and that Kail has shown no sign of improvement in the years since. In fact, they say it's emblematic of who she is and who she's always been.

15. Deterioration?

When a fan of Kail's tweeted, "I hope she got it together since then," another Twitter user replied, "Nope. She's gotten worse."

16. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
As is so often the case in situations such as these, the revelation of one problematic comment has prompted fans to unearth several others.

17. Oh, No

Oh, No
Yes, it seems that back in 2015, Kail was on board with the "all lives matter" brigade. We hope she's come to her senses since then.

18. Cringey

Lowry has also been called out for describing herself as "only down with the brown" in a conversation about the men she prefers to date.

19. Encouraged to Do Better

Encouraged to Do Better
Kail has three mixed-race children and a fourth on the way. But some fans believe she's shown evidence of "fetishizing" POCs in a problematic fashion.

20. Baby Daddy Drama

Baby Daddy Drama
Of course, Kail's most fraught relationship is with Chris Lopez, the father of her third child Lux and the fourth one currently on the way.

21. Conflicting Reports

Conflicting Reports
The events of this week have led fans to draw attention to an incident in which Kail allegedly used a racial slur during an argument with Lopez. Lowry swears this never happened.

22. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
"I'm begging you not to report this," she commented when news of the incident appeared on a Teen Mom fan page.

23. The Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End?
To be fair, there's no evidence this happened and until there is, we can't just assume it's true because critics are piling on her online. But despite Lowry's pleas, a petition to have Kail fired for her remarks to Chris have been making the rounds already.

24. Going Through It

Going Through It
Kail has not responded to the allegations, and she appears to have deleted her Twitter in response to the firestorm.

25. Bad News For Kail?

Bad News For Kail?
Some fans are taking this as an indication that she's already been fired by MTV, but that seems like quite a leap. We can tell you it's not good news, though. The best case scenario for Kail is likely an apology tour for some of the problematic remarks in her past.

26. Tough Road Ahead

Tough Road Ahead
Whatever the case, the future now seems very uncertain for the longtime reality star, and frankly, for the franchise in general. With Jenelle Evans, Farrah Abraham and Selfridge already gone for various kinds of problematic behavior, there's not going to be anyone left before too long.

27. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
We'll keep you updated on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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