Adam Lind: Did He Sign Over His Parental Rights for Aubree? [UPDATED]

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Adam Lind is ... well, he's not a good person.

For a whole lot of reasons, he's just not.

The longtime Teen Mom 2 bad boy has a slew problems, and don't worry, we'll do a quick review on them in due time.

But as a result of all of these issues, he recently hit a new low (even for him) when he gave up his rights to his child.

It's sad in many, many ways. To say the least.

But what about Aubree? Let's break it down:

1. Ugh

OK, so Adam is not doing so hot these days.

2. Well ...

Well ...
He's always been a jerk ... remember when Chelsea had just given birth to Aubree and he texted her to call her a "fat stretch mark bitch"?

3. So Awful

So Awful
He also wrote "tell me where and when to sign the rights over for that mistake," which is particularly heartbreaking, considering what just happened with his parental rights.

4. Hold Up

Hold Up
But let's not get ahead of ourselves, all right?

5. Bad Boy

Bad Boy
Adam's been getting arrested for years now because he's always had trouble with following the law and being a considerate person.

6. Why Though?

Why Though?
For a while, his arrests were mostly based on his complete inability to follow the rules of the road -- rules like "don't drive drunk" and "don't drive without a license."

7. A Downward Spiral

A Downward Spiral
But at some point, he started doing meth. And that's when things really got bad.

8. Thanks, Drug Tests!

Thanks, Drug Tests!
We're not sure exactly when his meth use began, but last April, he failed a court-ordered drug test just before a scheduled visit with his younger daughter, Paislee.

9. Come On, Adam

Come On, Adam
The test found a "substantial" amount of meth in his system, which is really something since apparently that particular drug doesn't stick around too long in the body.

10. Get Him, Taylor

Get Him, Taylor
After that, Paislee's mother, Taylor Halbur, made it her mission to make sure that their daughter was safe from Adam's mess.

11. Just Plain Scary

Just Plain Scary
In court documents in Paislee's custody case, Taylor claimed that Adam was "a dangerous person" with "serious anger issues," and that when they were dating, he actually killed two of her puppies.

12. A Genuine Monster

A Genuine Monster
She also alleged that she'd seen multiple needles in his house, and that he once knocked her to the ground when she was holding Paislee.

13. Poor Girls

Poor Girls
Taylor made it so that Adam could only see Paislee at a visitation center, and a bit after that, Chelsea did the same thing for Aubree.

14. No Surprise There

No Surprise There
And just in case there was any confusion, he refused to pay any child support for either of his daughters throughout all this. Well, and in general.

15. No Girlfriends for Adam

No Girlfriends for Adam
Then, last November, he was arrested for domestic assault -- the first time.

16. Worse and Worse

Worse and Worse
His girlfriend at the time, Stasia Huber, explained that while high, he'd broken her arm. She got a protection order against it, he violated it, went back to jail ...

17. Classic

He also threatened to kill himself to make her feel bad for him, which is a typical move for abusive jerks.

18. Good Move, Chelsea

Good Move, Chelsea
After that, Chelsea received sole custody of Aubree, and she also changed her last name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer, so that she could have at least partially the same last name as the rest of the family.

19. And Then ...

And Then ...
Things have been pretty quiet with Adam for several months, until last week.

20. Yay for Paislee!

Yay for Paislee!
That's when we learned that he had signed over his parental rights for Paislee.

21. Just Like That

Just Like That
While they were in front of the judge, Adam confirmed that he understood that he'd have no rights whatsoever to Paislee, and that the decision to give up his rights was permanent.

22. Bittersweet

After he legally gave up his rights as Paislee's father, Taylor's husband adopted the little girl -- so there's a happy ending there at least.

23. But Wait

But Wait
So what about Aubree?

24. So ...

So ...
Just like with everything else, nothing Paislee did in court with Adam affected Chelsea's custody agreement with him.

25. Get On It!

Get On It!
If Chelsea wants Adam to sign away his rights for Aubree, then she'll have to take him to court, just like Taylor did.

26. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
But, as a source explains to Radar Online, the two situations are pretty different.

27. Complicated

“It’s a little more complicated with Aubree,” the source says. “She’s older and has a consistent visitation/relationship with his parents.”

28. Unfortunate

“I’m sure he’d jump at the chance, but it’s going to have to be him to make the first move," the source adds.

29. Good?

As for Paislee's relationship with Adam's parents, the insider explains that “There was an agreement made with his parents so they are not completely cut out of Paislee’s life. But the visits are really limited and supervised.”

30. The Happiest of Endings

The Happiest of Endings
If Adam were to sign over his parental rights, it's clear that Chelsea's husband, Cole DeBoer, would happily adopt Aubree.

31. Young King Cole

Young King Cole
Cole is widely considered to be the best dad in the Teen Mom franchise, and he's openly discussed the possibility of adopting Aubree in recent episodes.

32. Close As Can Be

Close As Can Be
"I’d do it right now if [Aubree] wants to," DeBoer said. "I’d never make her do anything,”

33. A Touching Storyline

A Touching Storyline
Fans have loved watching the relationship between Cole and Aubree develop over the years.

34. Out of His Hands

Out of His Hands
Sadly, there's no action that Cole could take that would allow him to adopt Aubree without Adam's permission.

35. What a Mess

What a Mess
If it's true that Adam will have to be the one to bring the issue of signing over his rights to Aubree to court, then it feels pretty safe to say that it will never happen.

36. Hope Against Hope

Hope Against Hope
But for Aubree's sake, here's hoping she gets a happy ending, just like her little sister!

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