Adam Lind: Did He Sign Over His Parental Rights for Aubree?

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Adam Lind is ... well, he's not a good person, for a whole lot of reasons.

He has several problems, and don't worry, we'll do a quick review on them, but as a result of all of these issues, he recently gave up his rights to his youngest child.

It's sad in many, many ways.

But what about Aubree?

1. Ugh

OK, so Adam is doing so hot these days.

2. Well ...

Well ...
He's always been a jerk ... remember when Chelsea had just given birth to Aubree and he texted her to call her a "fat stretch mark bitch"?

3. So Awful

So Awful
He also wrote "tell me where and when to sign the rights over for that mistake," which is particularly heartbreaking, considering what just happened with his parental rights.

4. Hold Up

Hold Up
But let's not get ahead of ourselves, all right?

5. Bad Boy

Bad Boy
Adam's been getting arrested for years now because he's always had trouble with following the law and being a considerate person.

6. Why Though?

Why Though?
For a while, his arrests were mostly based on his complete inability to follow the rules of the road -- rules like "don't drive drunk" and "don't drive without a license."

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