Kailyn Lowry-Briana DeJesus Feud EXPLODES: Remember Your Sex Tape with Shock? Go Get Beat Up By Chris Again!

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Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are not friends.

In fact, they are the opposite of friends.

But after the great Javi Marroquin drama from a couple of years ago, the co-stars pretty much just ignored each other.

Until now, that is! Until now.

Something happened between these two ladies, and now it looks like a major beef is about to boil over at the reunion.

So what's going on?! What has brought these warring Teen Mom 2 cast members to the brink of aggression again?

Let's break it down! 

1. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
16 & Pregnant veterans and current Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kailyn and Briana never really had a friendship. But as we all remember, they became mortal enemies in 2017 when Briana started dating Kailyn's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

2. The Reason?

The Reason?
Kailyn insisted she wasn't jealous of their relationship, she just had a problem with the way they went about it - being shady AF basically. They did try to hide the romance a bit at the beginning, and Kailyn didn't appreciate it.

3. Not Having It

Not Having It
All of this happened right around the time of the taping of that season's Teen Mom 2 reunion for MTV, and the ladies had a bit of an argument. Nothing physical - just words (that time).

4. Getting Worse

Getting Worse
Over the next few months, they started disliking each other more and more, so much that even when Javi and Briana broke up, rather than letting bygones be bygones, they actually kept things going.

5. Javi, Javi, Javi ...

Javi, Javi, Javi ...
It didn't help that there was a short period of time when Javi was hooking up with both of them, plus his current girlfriend, Lauren Comeau. It's not clear how much overlap there was, but it was certainly suspicious - more than close enough to get a lot of girls angry at him and one another.

6. So Many Feelings

So Many Feelings
Things were so tense that at the next reunion, filmed in May of 2018, things DID get physical.

7. Fight?

At one point when the girls were backstage, Kailyn invited Briana into a room and offered to fight her, but Briana refused.

8. Yep, Fight!

Yep, Fight!
And later, when all the girls were back on stage together, Briana availed herself of the opportunity to lunge at Kail. This didn't escalate far at all because there were so many people between them, as well as a bunch of security guards, but Kail did get her hair yanked by Briana's sister, Brittany, and Bri did fall down and show her undies to the audience.

9. No More Drama?

No More Drama?
After that, things between the pair were relatively quiet for a bit - they have exchanged a few jabs at each other through the media, but nothing like what had been happening.

10. Reigniting the Flames

Reigniting the Flames
But now things are getting REAL personal.

11. Yep, This Picture

Yep, This Picture
So over the weekend, maybe you saw this (and can never unsee this, if so): Kail shared a maternity photo featuring a horse, like one does. Oh, and yeah, she's buck ass naked except for a pair of boots.

12. Here We Go

Here We Go
Not surprisingly, people online were Having Opinions about this picture. Someone that Briana DeJesus follows on Twitter shared the photo there and captioned it "No mam."

13. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Obviously, Briana can't be held responsible for what every account she follows has to say ... but she can control her own reactions, and sure enough, she decided to react with a few choice emojis.

14. Not at All

Not at All
Suffice it to say, Kailyn did not appreciate that.

15. Yikes, Indeed

Yikes, Indeed
"Posting this photo didn’t go as planned," Lowry replied to Briana, even adding a "yikes" hashtag. "But remember the time shock posted the video y’all having sex?" Wait ... what?

16. Ouch

It was a pretty low blow. For those that didn't know, some guy named Shoc did indeed tweet some very intimate videos of him and Briana about five years ago. She had him arrested and everything, it was a pretty big deal.

17. Whoa

Briana responded to that, and she didn't hold back. She wrote "Girl shut the f--k up! Lol go continue getting beat up by Chris." She added a peace sign emoji and a "lol" for good measure.

18. More Details

More Details
The backstory on that, of course, is that Chris Lopez - the father of Kailyn's son Lux and the baby she's carrying inside her now - arrested twice last October for something he did to Kail, and she got an order of protection against him.

19. Reasoning

As for the naked horse pic, Briana defended her remark on Instagram by saying "I thought the photo was cute. The horse made the picture. I was laughing at my friends who made a comment. Revenge porn is nothing to talk about but since we bringing it up, guess I can being stuff up tooo."

20. Excuses?

And when someone told her "Women and men die from abuse everyday. No one dies from a sex tape Briana," DeJesus replied with "That was the most depressing times I ever had in my whole entire life. U don’t know if I was suicidal or not so shut the f-ck up also."

21. Fair?

Kail, meanwhile, seemed to shrug it off. Instead of replying to Briana, the mother of three tweeted: "Trolls don’t even know they’re getting hits of dopamine when they attack other people online. They feel powerful when they make someone else feel pain."

22. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
Unfortunately, a friend of hers wasn't quite so chill about things. Bone (the short redhead friend that's appeared in Kailyn's segment in previous seasons) tweeted: "The only one getting their ass beat is you. See you at the next reunion."

23. Not Good

Not Good
So ... yeah, that's not great.

24. Noooo

And instead of looking past that, Briana tweeted "U guys are friends again? That’s cool for protecting her! But you know we won’t cross paths not after what happened at the last reunion lol we won’t be on the same floor, let alone building - not even on the same day! Enjoy the rest of ur day bone."

25. Again with This?!

Again with This?!
Some troublemaker pointed out that Briana and Bone could always arrange a fight at another time and location, and Briana said "I always stay at the dream in midtown so."

26. What a Ride

What a Ride
And that's everything that's happened so far.

27. The Breakdown

The Breakdown
And look, to be clear, everyone was wrong here. Briana never should have made any sort of comment about Kailyn's photo given their history, and it's silly that she's trying to say she was just talking to her friend when everyone knows what she was doing.

28. Not Very Nice

Not Very Nice
But that doesn't change the fact that Kailyn definitely went too far by bringing up that footage of Briana that was filmed and released without her knowledge or consent.

29. So Many Low Blows

So Many Low Blows
And, of course, it was inappropriate for Briana to make light of domestic violence like she did. Kailyn and Chris have had a tumultuous relationship, but there are kids involved, and it's probably not her place to comment on - let alone make a joke about Lowry getting assaulted.

30. Facts

Bottom line, it's all awful, and you know what's not going to make it better? Two grown adults making plans to meet up and fight in a few months over this nonsense.

31. The Dream

The Dream
Can't everyone just do better than this? Would that honestly be so difficult?

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