Bristol Palin: DONE With Teen Mom OG? Demanding Her Own Show?! [Exclusive]

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It's only been two months since Bristol Palin joined the cast of Teen Mom: OG, but it seems the daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is already looking to move on from the show.

We suppose it shouldn't come as a huge shock that Bristol doesn't feel much in the way of loyalty toward her employers, given that her mother just up and quit being in charge of a whole ginormous state in the middle of a term.

It seems the apple really didn't fall far from the tree in this case, and like her famous mom, Bristol believes she's destined for TV mega-stardom.

Of course, it's anyone's guess as to why she thinks that, as thus far audiences have been as indifferent toward Bristol as they are toward Sarah.

The Palins seem to have a distorted view of just how fascinating the rest of the world finds them, and in Bristol's case, that egomania is resulting in some intense conflicts with her Teen Mom bosses and co-stars ...

1. Back In Action

Back In Action
After spending some time away from the spotlight, Bristol is returning to public life in a huge way -- with a starring role on one of TV's most popular reality shows.

2. Big Shoes to Fill

Big Shoes to Fill
When the time came to replace Farrah Abraham, TMOG producers reportedly felt pressured to do something big.

3. Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed
The original girls (the OGs, if you will) were unknowns when the show started, but now they're full-blown stars with millions of social media followers. Unless the new additions to the case existed on a similar plane of popularity, they would likely be viewed as disappointments.

4. All-Star Casting

All-Star Casting
So it was that Morgan J. Freeman and company focused on two established talents -- The Challenge star Cheyenne Floyd, and Bristol Palin, who was once the most famous teen mom in the country.

5. Big Bucks Bristol

Big Bucks Bristol
Production insiders say Bristol is already being paid more than any of her co-stars, and it looks as thought the investment is not paying off for producers.

6. A Little Late

A Little Late
What the top brass at MTV failed to consider is that Bristol's fame peaked ten years ago, a time when much of the current TMOG audience was in elementary school, and thus, generally indifferent toward matters of national politics.

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