11 Dogs Who Look Like a Boss in Their Christmas Sweaters

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AWWW! Look how adorable these dogs are in their Christmas sweaters. They are so very adorable!

1. Merry Cute Christmas!

Merry Cute Christmas!
This is the best Christmas gift you'll receive this year. You're welcome!

2. Festive and Proud

Festive and Proud
You keep holding your head up high, you deserve it!

3. So Darn Cute

So Darn Cute
Really, what else is there to say?

4. I'm Ready to Play!

I'm Ready to Play!
And to party! Let's do this!

5. Are You Laughing at Me?

Are You Laughing at Me?
Or are you laughing WITH me?

6. A Canine with Candy Canes

A Canine with Candy Canes
He looks so very delicious, doesn't he?

7. Ho, Ho, Ho...ly Cuteness!

Ho, Ho, Ho...ly Cuteness!
It doesn't really get any cuter than me, does it?

8. I'm So Embarrassed

I'm So Embarrassed
Let's just get this over with, okay? Hurry up and snap the photo.

9. Does This Distract From My Hair at Least?

Does This Distract From My Hair at Least?
I sure hope so.

10. Dressed as an Elf

Dressed as an Elf
We know this isn't technically a sweater, but come on. He's an elf!

11. Cute and Comfy

Cute and Comfy
I'm ready for my close-up now!

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