Jennifer Garner Has Epiphany at the Oscars, Becomes the Ultimate Meme

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The 90th annual Academy Awards was not chock full of many surprises.

The expected actresses, actors, directors and movies all took home the major trophies, prompting social media users to get a bit desperate in terms of what they had to comment on.

Enter Jennifer Garner.

At one point in the ceremony, the actress was clapping...onlyto stop suddenly and appear to come to some kind of realization.

About what? That's the question!

And Twitter is here to offer a few answers...


1. The Act That Started It All

The Act That Started It All
What did Jennifer Garner just realize? This is what social media decided to ponder after the actress stopped clapping at the Oscars and made THIS face.

2. Take It Away, Twitterverse!

Take It Away, Twitterverse!
We start with ESPN employee Jemele Hill, who had a thought on this topic.

3. Inclusion What Now?!?

Inclusion What Now?!?
I do like anything that involves "inclusion," but I may need some more information here.

4. Maybe Ben Can Turn It Off?

Maybe Ben Can Turn It Off?
But he's probably drunk right now. Darn it!

5. I Don't Know What She's Thinking

I Don't Know What She's Thinking
But I know I can totally relate to her anyway.


Which means we'll never fully understand it, of course.

7. Man, I Thought We Had Something Here

Man, I Thought We Had Something Here
Shows what I know.

8. Oh... Boy

Oh... Boy
I am in for a long night, aren't I?

9. I Really Married Ben Affleck?!?

I Really Married Ben Affleck?!?
It took over 10 years, but the truth clearly hit Jennifer very hard at last.

10. I'm a Meme?

I'm a Meme?
For doing this? Right now? Gulp. That's a lot of pressure!

11. Didn't We All Know This Already?

Didn't We All Know This Already?
Granted, she has to often see the latest version of the Caped Crusader and pretend otherwise. That has to be tough.

12. A-HA!

This has to be it. And this is about to get totally awesome!

13. We've Known This Forever

We've Known This Forever
But we're glad Jennifer has finally figured it out. On to better things!

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