Macaulay Culkin SLAMS Oscars in Epic Twitter Tirade

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Macaulay Culkin was apparently home alone on Sunday night.

And bored.

As a result, the actor decided to live-Tweet the Oscars, tossing out one unfunny joke and reference after another.

It was an impressive display of terrible jokes, each perhaps more cringeworthy than the one before... yet all adding up to a Twitter rampage that really should not be missed.

Scroll down for a summation of the actor's very profound and very lame thoughts on the broadcast...

1. Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!
Without even watching the show? This Culkin guy is good.

2. Shade... Thrown!

Shade... Thrown!
At Dustin Diamond, though, so does it really count as shade when everyone agrees?

3. Easy Targets

Easy Targets
We didn't hear this anywhere else. We think Culkin may have made it up.

4. What Was First?

What Was First?
The world is dying to know.

5. Ramen Time!

Ramen Time!
In a tuxedo? Sure, why not?!?

6. Okay, This One is Pretty Funny

Okay, This One is Pretty Funny
But we somehow doubt there will be an Emoji Movie sequel.

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