Bachelor in Paradise Finale Tarnished By Texting Scandal ... But Did Jenna Cooper Really Cheat?

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It's the Bachelor in Paradise scandal no one saw coming.

On the Season 5 finale of this ABC reality series, Jordan Kimball got down on one knee and proposed to Jenna Cooper... and she said yes!

Hooray, right?!?

Not so fast.

Around the same exact time this proposal aired, a handful of text messages went viral that Bachelor guru Reality Steve alleges were sent back and forth between Jenna and her actual boyfriend/lover this summer.

It certainly appears as if Cooper was sleeping with someone else while she was being wooed by Jordan on the aforementioned series.

What is actually going on here? And s there any chance Jordan and Jenna still walk down the aisle next year?

Scroll down to get caught up...

1. What a Perfect Looking Couple

What a Perfect Looking Couple
Ah, yes, but looks can deceive. This is the most recent photo Jenna shared of herself and Jordan on Instagram prior to the cheating bombshell getting dropped online.

2. The Proposal

The Proposal
Jordan asked for Jenna's hand to wrap up Season 5 and the two then asked Chris Harrison to officiate their wedding in June of 2019.

3. The Wedding Would Have Been Televised, Too

The Wedding Would Have Been Televised, Too
They announced on the finale that the date would be June 9, 2019 and Cooper said the following about the planned union to People Magazine: "I want our wedding to be extra and fun, just like our personalities. There will be some performances, some outfit changes."

4. But Now?

But Now?
YIKES! It's hard to believe the reality stars make it down the aisle, not when an unnamed person contacted Reality Steve and claimed to have been in a relationship nearly this whole time with Jenna.

5. Why Did This Man Come Forward?

Why Did This Man Come Forward?
"Jenna is a manipulator. She manipulated me. She manipulates the other guys she ‘networks’ with and is apparently manipulating this Jordan guy," he told Reality Steve, explaining that he met Jenna prior to Bachelor in Paradise filming and was still with her two days before the finale aired.

6. More Jenna Bashing:

More Jenna Bashing:
Added this individual of Cooper: "She uses men for money and business help and loves the attention along the way. And she just loves to rub in your face that she’s pretty and everyone wants her and how she can easily move onto the next. I’m tired of the bullshit and am calling her out."

7. So... About Those Graphic Texs. Let's See Em!

So... About Those Graphic Texs. Let's See Em!

8. It Gets More Graphic:

It Gets More Graphic:

9. Jenna Tried to Reach Out After the Guy Got Mad Watching Her on the Show:

Jenna Tried to Reach Out After the Guy Got Mad Watching Her on the Show:

10. Jenna Responds!

Jenna Responds!
"I am aware of the allegations being made against me and they are simply untrue," she tells People Magazine, adding: "I am choosing to focus on my relationship right now. Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time."

11. Is Jordan Buying It?

Is Jordan Buying It?
Nope! "I know my Jenna, and I read those texts and in my heart, I know it’s her,” he actually told People. “She was saying she didn’t do it, but hinting towards the fact that there’s a possibility that it happened. In all reality, I don’t expect her to own it."

12. How Did Jordan Feel When He First Heard About the Cheating?

How Did Jordan Feel When He First Heard About the Cheating?
Again, to People: "[Like] I got taken down. I’m weak in the knees and I feel like I have rocks in my stomach... I would never have expected this. I feel sick about it. "

13. Damn. How Did He Find Out?

Damn. How Did He Find Out?
“On Monday, I saw something someone posted on Twitter — that somebody was going to be roasted the next night. Jenna called me and said she was very anxious about this Twitter post. I talked to her in the middle of the night last night – I said don’t hype yourself up, don’t worry, you have nothing to worry about. I tried to calm her. I went back to bed for a few hours, woke up, had my coffee and she called me again and said she was anxious and felt sick to her stomach.”

14. Then... BAM!

Then... BAM!
"She’s in New York. I told her to keep calm. I thought she was just being nervous for no reason," he explains to People. "Then I was driving back to Central Florida from Miami and I started getting calls from castmates like Chris Randone. I started getting screenshots sent to me. I didn’t know what to think. I sank in my seat."

15. Was the Romance Fake?

Was the Romance Fake?
NO, Jordan absolutely insists: "There is not even a question about that. This was not a TV romance. This was real. And whether you like me or not, I deserve love. I found it, and this is what happened. So for the sake of anyone who’s ever been in love, be understanding."

16. What are Other Bachelor Nation Residents Saying?

What are Other Bachelor Nation Residents Saying?
Bekah Martinez shared a room with Jenna for weeks while filming The Bachelor and wrote this on Reddit: "Everyone I’ve talked to from the BIP cast has said he’s done nothing but gush about Jenna from day 1. The man has been irrefutably infatuated with her from the start. There are a lot of things one can say about Jordan, and I’ve only met him once, but I don’t think he could ever be anything other than ."totally upfront and honest. He’s too transparent. There’s no way he was in on a fake proposal scheme to further Jenna’s career or his own

17. What About Jenna?

What About Jenna?
Continued Martinez, as you can see above: I never got a good read on her during the 4ish weeks I spent living with her. She was always nice, just strange and unpredictable. One moment she’d be having a normal, quiet conversation and the next moment she’d be waving her hands all around and bouncing up and down and laughing and smiling like her face was gonna crack. She always seemed to amp up the energy a TON when the cameras were around, but then again so did I. One thing she said that I can’t forget when we were all drunk in the hot tub one night: “every guy who I’ve blown or slept with said it was the best they’ve ever had.” I thought that was kind of a weird thing to say at the time, and now it just makes me believe the first round of texts even more.

18. Is the Relationship Over?

Is the Relationship Over?
Yes, Jordan has now confirmed as much on Instagram. "To think, to feel, to fall. These emotions interact with experiences and people, when you find a person you think about them, you feel when they feel and sometimes you fall. When you’re in love with even the experiences you’ve had with them it’s something to respect," he wrote on September 12. "Being careless with someone that you give your heart to and reach milestones with isn’t sensible no matter what the terms may be."

19. He Continued:

He Continued:
"I have not had an easy life and having struggles allows me to grab onto tough times and discard them from my path. I deal with unreasonable circumstances reasonably and have come to terms with a decision to remove myself from the relationship, it breaks my heart to think, feel and fall for this. It’s dropped me. Fumbling emotions and being understanding is not easy."

20. And He Concluded:

And He Concluded:
"I’ll be taking time to pursue my inner peace and she will always have me to talk to, if you’ve reached out to me, allow me time. Thank you to those that have." We wish Jordan the best of luck.

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