Jenelle Evans: Surprise, We Got Ten New Friggen Dogs!

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Former Teen Mom 2 terror Jenelle Evans has really gone and done it this time.

She and her gross husband, David Eason, went and got themselves new dogs.

Not just two dogs, plural. Or even three or four.

These people got TEN. NEW. DOGS.

If you want to know exactly how this happened, or why this is such a terrible turn of events, then keep reading.

But be warned - this is a real doozy.

1. Ugh

So Jenelle and David don't have the best history when it comes to pets.

2. Sorry

Understatement of the year, right?

3. Bad Memories

Bad Memories
Even before David came into the picture, Jenelle was an irresponsible pet owner, to put it mildly. Remember that awful episode of Teen Mom 2 where she was so mean to Nathan Griffith's dogs that MTV had to throw a statement about animal abuse in the episode?

4. Oh No

Oh No
And then there was the time she tried to play fetch with her dog -- with a lit firework.

5. Horrifying

Now take a look the dog on the right -- looks like its tail may be broken, right?

6. Here We Go

Here We Go
And then, of course, there was the Nugget incident.

7. Despicable

Last spring, David killed Nugget, Jenelle's French bulldog puppy. Some reports claim that he beat the poor dog as well, and more reports allege that the incident was so brutal that David ended up covered in blood, but all we know for sure is that he shot the dog.

8. Hmmm

He claimed that he did it because Nugget had bit Ensley, but he also shared a picture of the "bite" and it was barely a nip -- the skin wasn't even broken. Additionally, he posted a video of Ensley being pretty rough with Nugget, and he never corrected her, so Nugget gave her a little warning nip, which is normal and, you know, something that wouldn't have happened if you taught your kids how to treat animals.

9. Many Consequences

Many Consequences
A lot of things happened after David killed Nugget. Police opened an investigation, and CPS removed all the children from the home.

10. So Long, Teen Mom

So Long, Teen Mom
MTV officially cut ties with Jenelle in the middle of all of this, too.

11. Sad

But besides losing her Teen Mom gig, nothing really stuck -- the charges were dropped, and the kids were returned to their custody after about six weeks of court hearings.

12. Bye, David

Bye, David
But it seemed to have a lasting impact on their marriage, because a few months later, Jenelle left David and moved all the way from North Carolina to Nashville.

13. Of Course

Of Course
But then she got a new puppy in Nashville, so she obviously didn't learn too much from the ordeal, especially because she brought that poor puppy back home to the swamp when she got back with David early this year.


But we're talking strictly about animals here, not the messy timeline of Jenelle and David's marriage, so instead of going on about that part let's instead bring up that time in September that David killed and ate Elvis, the family's pet goat.

15. Disgusting

He also recorded himself eating the goat and shared it on Instagram, including a shot of the goat's head in a trashcan surrounded by beer cans.

16. A Mystery

A Mystery
Let's see, what else ... they've had at least two dogs mysteriously "run away," and many people suspect that the dogs may have been killed but that Jenelle and David are smart enough not to announce that anymore.

17. Goodness

It's just a lot of really, really bad stuff, OK? These people have proven time and time again that they really have no business being in charge of the care of any living thing.

18. WHAT

And that's why it's so alarming that they now have ten new dogs in their care.

19. Dog Number One

Dog Number One
OK, so a couple of weeks ago, Jenelle posted this photo on Facebook, asking if anyone had lost this dog in her area. She noted that the dog was pregnant.

20. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
We didn't hear anything else about it for a bit, but then a few days ago David shared this photo of Ensley with the dog, calling it "her new best friend."

21. Puppy Time

Puppy Time
And this morning, Jenelle announced that the dog had given birth ... to nine puppies.

22. Poor Babies

Poor Babies
She seemed pretty excited about it too -- she captioned the photos "NINE PUPPIES Y'ALL" with a bunch of heart emojis.

23. The Big Question

The Big Question
So what's going to happen to all of these dogs?

24. A Possibility

A Possibility
A lot of times if someone comes across a stray dog and they can't find the dog's owner, they'll take the dog to a shelter. This would especially make sense if the dog was pregnant, because a shelter would know how to care for the puppies, and they'd also spay and neuter them.

25. Unfortunately

But that would be the responsible thing to do, and responsibility really isn't in Jenelle's skill set.

26. Free Puppies

Free Puppies
On her Facebook post, she commented that she was probably going to just give the puppies away to random people, which isn't great -- it was pointed out to her that some people may take the puppies without good intentions.

27. Please No

Please No
But then she shared an article about the puppies on Twitter, and the article included an "official statement" from her that simply read “The puppies are healthy and happy. The mom did a great job!”

28. Some Light Detective Work

Some Light Detective Work
It's interesting because if Jenelle gave a statement to that site, it means they communicated with her, and the article finishes with the line "Jenelle, David, and their family may have ten loyal companions to guard their new property."

29. A Nightmare

A Nightmare
So all things considered, we imagine there's a pretty decent chance of all these dogs staying on the swamp.

30. Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster
Which would mean that Jenelle and David would have at least 12 dogs, plus the cats and all the farm animals.

31. No Idea

No Idea
What could possibly go wrong?!

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