Jenelle Evans: Animals Are Still Dying and Being Abused On Her Land [Report]

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Jenelle Evans is trying very hard these days.

She's not trying to be a better mom, or to turn her life around so that she'll never again experience something like this summer's child custody crisis.

No, she's trying to give the public the impression that there was nothing wrong to begin with.

You see, Jenelle thinks she's the victim of a character assassination campaign orchestrated by her haters.

Or at least that's what she wants you to think.

Naturally, the incident that she's most keen to bury from her recent past is the one in which David Eason shot and killed her dog.

Unfortunately, it seems there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered about Jenelle's treatment of animals on The Land.

Take a look:

1. Jenelle and Nugget

Jenelle and Nugget
It wasn't all that long ago that Jenelle's 11-pound French bulldog seemed to be the ideal pet.

2. Poor Little Guy

Poor Little Guy
Tiny, docile, and good with kids, Nugget was a regular member of the family -- until David destroyed him with a shotgun during one of his infamous fits of rage.

3. The Worst Person

The Worst Person
David claims the tiny Frenchie was such a threat to his family's safety that he couldn't be allowed to live. For obvious reasons, no one believes that.

4. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
The ensuing CPS investigation led to authorities removing all of Jenelle and David's kids from their home. Evans has since regained custody of two of her three children.

5. Damage Control

Damage Control
Jenelle and David have both been fired by MTV, and they're both doing everything in their power to avoid getting real jobs. That means they have to salvage their reputations so that she can continue getting paid to post sponsored content on Instagram.

6. JE Cosmetics

JE Cosmetics
David and Jenelle also claim to have several business ventures in the works, which would require them to be on good terms with the general public.

7. False Impression

False Impression
And so, the Easons are doing everything they can to portray themselves as responsible family people. This usually means lying, such as when Jenelle falsely claimed over the weekend that David is coaching Kaiser's football team.

8. Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm
But another crucial component to Jenelle and David's attempts to salvage their "careers" is the effort to rebrand themselves as a couple of old-fashioned homesteaders.

9. Homestead Life

You may have seen Jenelle and David's videos in which they offer such advice as what kind of chicken eggs to buy and how to build a coop.

10. Clueless

Some of the videos may have left you wondering if these two have any idea what they're talking about. The answer, of course, is no.

11. Over-Extended

Actual farmers have pointed out to the Easons that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their animal husbandry.

12. Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather
They already have far too many chickens, and the couple recently announced that they're planning to raise peacocks, as well.

13. These Effing People

These Effing People
On top of that, Jenelle and David have adopted two Anatolian shepherds.

14. They Are Not Smart

They Are Not Smart
The Easons say they adopted the dogs to help protect their chickens and pigs -- but the aggressive, difficult to train breed is much more likely to kill the chickens than protect them.

15. Where's Jax?

Where's Jax?
The situation has led many fans to wonder what ever happened to Jax, the dog owned by the Easons who seems to have disappeared around the same time as Nugget.

16. Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario
For obvious reasons, there were fears that David might have executed Jax as well. Fortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case ...

17. Jax Lives!

Jax Lives!
Eagle-eyed redditors have picked up on the fact that Jax was sent to live with friends of Jenelle and David's on a farm in a different part of the state.

18. A Natural Reaction

A Natural Reaction
Apparently, the dog had been getting aggressive with the Easons' chickens and pigs. That'll happen when people who have no idea what they're doing are raising 47 different kinds of animals.

19. Mixed Response

Mixed Response
Obviously, it's great news that Jax is still alive. But his relocation doesn't bode well for the future of the other animals on the land.

20. A Total Mess

A Total Mess
Jenelle and David already have more animals than they can handle, but they're bringing in new ones all the time? Yeah, this should end well.

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