Jenelle Evans Shares Video of Night Out with David Eason, STILL Swears She's Single

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Jenelle Evans left David Eason last October, and according to her, she's still totally single, living her best totally single life in Nashville.

But according to some photos we've seen, some reports from sources close to her, and pretty much everything else, that's a lie.

We've heard many times now that Jenelle and David are 100% back together, but that she's struggling to find a way to come clean about it since she knows everyone will hate it.

And that's how we have this new video in which Jenelle is clearly hanging out with David and even wearing her wedding ring while still insisting she's alone.

It's pretty bizarre, to say the least.

1. The New Jenelle?

The New Jenelle?
Jenelle has been trying to craft a new image, one where she's some super strong single mom in Nashville, taking care of her kids and getting her career back on track.

2. However ...

However ...
The problem is, she's the only one who seems to be buying into it.

3. Devastating

At this point, everyone knows she's back with David, right? That's been established.


There's just way too much proof, no matter what she says.

5. Hmmm

Like back in January, she dropped her restraining order against David. She said it was so that Ensley could spend time with him, but it really seems like there's been more than just co-parenting going on.

6. Gross

There have been quite a few times that David has seemed to stay at Jenelle's apartment in Nashville -- we've seen photos of him in there, and some sources have confirmed it. Why have sleepovers if all you're doing is co-parenting?

7. Suspicious

Then earlier this month, we saw a photo of her in a bathroom that looked very, very similar to the bathroom back home on the swamp in North Carolina. Why would she be back there, do you think?

8. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
And that new website of hers? If you scroll to the bottom, you can see the location is set as Wilmington, North Carolina -- that's right, swamp country.

9. More Evidence

More Evidence
She's been wearing her engagement ring again, too -- here's a screenshot from a video she uploaded to Cameo last month where it's clearly visible.

10. Sure, Jenelle

Sure, Jenelle
In her last video, the Q&A, she tried to say that she was wearing the ring in that video because she'd found it in her car and put it on so she'd remember to take it inside and put it away properly, but she forgot to do that and took selfies and stuff instead.

11. Wow

Girl must have an awful memory because she's still wearing it, but more on that in just a minute.

12. Bad Choices

Bad Choices
Let's see, what else .. Jenelle and David were spotted having dinner together at a restaurant in Tennessee last Friday, and Ensley was nowhere in sight. Seems more like a date and less "getting along together for our kid," right?

13. Going for It

Going for It
It especially seemed that way the next night, when they were photographed together at a bar.

14. Here We Go

And that's what we're going to be talking about today -- because Jenelle was dumb enough to make a whole ding dang video about it.

15. So Subtle

So Subtle
David isn't directly featured in it, but the video is all about going to a speakeasy -- that's the bar she went to David with on Saturday.

16. Ridiculous

In the beginning, she's going through some possible topics for videos, and you can clearly see her look off-camera to someone who makes some sort of snorting noise -- it's pretty obvious it's David.

17. Of Course

Of Course
Another obvious thing? Her engagement ring (plus the wedding ring this time) that she's wearing throughout the video. She still forgetting to take that thing off?!

18. A Night on the Town

A Night on the Town
So she and David get drunk, get an Uber and head out -- like, there's one shot where you can see David's reflection at the bar, there's no doubt he's the one filming this.

19. Unfortunate

It's pretty boring -- you just see her asking someone how to find the bar (which she keeps referring to as a "hidden speakeasy," bless her heart), having a drink and looking around the bar, then walking outside for a bit and complaining that all the restaurants nearby want her to wait too long to eat.

20. Quality Work

Quality Work
And instead of doing a drunk update back at her apartment like she'd planned on doing, the video cuts to the next morning -- she admits that makes the whole video a little pointless, but what are you gonna do, you know?

21. Not Hiding It

Not Hiding It
The ring is still on, by the way, so she's definitely just wearing it all the time again.

22. Getting Down to Business

Getting Down to Business
But because she waited until the next morning to finish the video, she had time to see that the photo of her with David had already started making the rounds, so she had an opportunity to address it.

23. Pretty Sure We Already Know

Pretty Sure We Already Know
"You guys are dying to know who slept in my bed last night, right?" she asks, before turning the camera to the side and saying "This pillow."

24. "Rumors," LOL

"Rumors," LOL
"Let's squash the rumors about me and David," she says. "Yeah, we went and caught dinner last night. Yes, you guys got some pictures of it and sold it all over to the internet, but I came home alone and I'm sleeping in my bed alone. Make all the assumptions you want."

25. Oh OK

But just a little bit later, she contradicted herself on Twitter about the last part, the part about assumptions -- there, she wrote "Unless you are one of the people in my small circle, then you wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on in my life. Don’t assume you know who I’m talking to or not talking to. Don’t assume the worse for me because you read some fake articles."

26. What is HAPPENING?

And she contradicted pretty much everything by posting a video of a baby goat last night. We're sure there are baby goats in Nashville, but in her video, she was bottle-feeding the goat because its mother rejected it. Sounds like she's back on the homestead, huh?

27. What's Next?

What's Next?
Is she in the process of moving back to The Land with David? Is she going back and forth so she can see Jace and David can see Ensley? We're really not sure but we do know one thing -- this is an absolute mess any way you look at it.

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