Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith Doesn't Care About Our Son!

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It sure has been an eventful summer for Jenelle Evans, huh?

Between all the weird gun stuff, her battle with MTV over her contract, and several custody issues, it's a miracle she's found the time to enjoy the season (in her pool that still doesn't have a fence)!

Oh, and speaking of those custody issues ... you know how Nathan Griffith, the father of her second child, Kaiser, recently filed for full custody?

Yeah, Jenelle has a few things to say about that.


1. So Much Rage

So Much Rage
Jenelle has been fighting with SO MANY PEOPLE lately, right? And yeah, she's never exactly been a cool, calm, and collected person, but it's just been too much these past few months.

2. All This Over David?

All This Over David?
She's been raging about how MTV fired David Eason and how they refuse to film him, because apparently she can't do her job without him by her side, literally, at all times.

3. Uhhh ...

Uhhh ...
You know how a lot of people go to work without their spouses? And sometimes they even go on business trips alone, or if they do bring their significant others, they just pay for all their expenses out of their own pockets? Yeah, that kind of life simply isn't for our Jenelle.

4. What a Tragedy

What a Tragedy
MTV fired David over his nasty homophobic tweets, and as we saw on the season finale of Teen Mom 2, they refuse to film when he's present. Jenelle has thrown many fits about this, but MTV isn't budging.

5. Contracts Though

Contracts Though
But the thing is that Jenelle is still under contract, so she can throw as many fits as she wants, but she's still obligated to film the show.


What's this got to do with Nathan? Not much, honestly, but it's been a big part of Jenelle's life lately, and we really have to set the stage for the latest custody battle, you know.

7. Too Aggressive

Too Aggressive
Another big thing for her these past couple of weeks? All the fallout from that time she got mad at some guy driving near her on the highway and decided to follow him back to his house and pull a gun on him.

8. Poor Jace

Her oldest son, Jace, was right beside her in the front seat, and he really did seem to be terrified by her behavior. While Jenelle was talking to police, he called his grandmother -- Jenelle's mom, Barbara -- to tell her everything.

9. Pathetic

And just when you thought she couldn't get any lower, when Barbara asked her if she'd pulled a gun on the guy, she denied it, and she even asked Jace why he lied about that. Because that's a healthy way to parent.

10. Lots and Lots of Outrage

Lots and Lots of Outrage
The road rage footage has gotten a whole, whole lot of attention. Several media outlets that never cover Teen Mom nonsense covered the story, and Teen Mom fans were quick to point out that it was one of the most disturbing things to ever be featured on the show.

11. More Consequences?

More Consequences?
Although she was never arrested for what happened, there's been a bit of speculation that with all the backlash, MTV would finally fire her for acting like a maniac.

12. Overwhelming

As of now, she still hasn't been fired, but you know what? Nathan seems to be doing his best to get her fired ... as a mother.

13. He's Trying It!

He's Trying It!
Yep, a couple of weeks ago, Nathan finally stepped up and filed for custody of Kaiser -- full custody, with visitation for Jenelle.

14. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
In the documents, Nathan requested that Kaiser be kept away from David altogether, which makes sense, since Nathan's claimed many times that David is abusive to the poor little boy.

15. Officially ...

Officially ...
Nathan actually stated that David is “violent person who is a danger to" Kaiser, so he's really not holding back here.

16. Also Fair

Also Fair
Nathan also claims that both Jenelle and David “have drug dependency and substance abuse issues," and uses the fact that Ensley was born with drugs in her system to support that claim.

17. Rehab

He also stated that Jenelle "has been to rehab two to three times but upon information and belief has never completed the prescribed treatment."

18. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Nathan is just filing for custody now because, according to the documents, he finally has a "suitable home" for Kaiser, and it would be in Kaiser's best interest to live there.

19. Making It Easy

Making It Easy
It's also a good time to make a move because of that shocking Teen Mom 2 footage of Jenelle's insane road rage. Last month, Nathan said in an interview that it "shows an unstable environment and a very hectic situation instead of being calm ... escalating where it could be potentially more hazardous."

20. Well, Yeah

Well, Yeah
"It shows that that the child might be in danger of being in a hostile situation like that and not making sound judgment to keep the children safe," he added.

21. Good Point

Good Point
Nathan also said "I am afraid that if she carries a loaded weapon inside a vehicle and she keeps it that accessible without a lock on it, it's very dangerous to be around children. Especially if they don't know to always treat your gun like it's always loaded."

22. Good Luck (Or Whatever)

Nathan's big day in court is scheduled for this Tuesday, and to be honest, it probably isn't going to go great. He has a lot of problems of his own, including but certainly not limited to several DUIs and a few charges of domestic violence. He may not have the greatest shot at getting full custody.

23. Well, Jenelle ...

And according to some new tweets from Jenelle, he doesn't deserve it anyway.

24. Rude

"If you’re so 'concerned' about your son why haven’t you call him to see how he’s been lately?" she wrote on Friday. "Oh yeah, you don’t care. Silly me, I forgot."

25. Sassy!

"Oh wait, you’ve never called him," she continued, answering her own question again. "That would be giving you credit you don’t deserve."

26. SO Annoying

SO Annoying
"It’s annoying when you try to live your life and you’ve got these pests talking to the media," she finished. Well, she added a "get a life" hashtag, but then she was done.

27. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
It's pretty telling that all she's saying about this whole situation is "ha ha, you never call your son," right?

28. What's Going On?

What's Going On?
Why does she never directly deny claims like these? Like, we probably wouldn't believe her anyway, but this is especially weak.

29. Come On Now

Come On Now
Maybe she could have just not even said anything about it, that could have been an option too. Like she wasn't even worried about it.

30. On the Other Hand ...

On the Other Hand ...
But to be fair, not saying anything is never really an option for this girl.


So will Nathan manage to win the latest round of the custody battle? Will Jenelle win, as she always does? Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!

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