Kailyn Lowry vs. Briana DeJesus: INSANE Fight Audio Released!

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We've known for quite some time that Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus nearly came to blows on two separate occasions during the taping of the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

One of the altercations took place behind closed doors, and for months, we've been forced to rely on Kail and Briana's accounts of what went down in DeJesus' dressing room.

Now, however, the truth is out, thanks to some shocking audio obtained by the show's producers.

Things start off with Kailyn confronting Briana about comments the latter made on social media, and the situation quickly escalates from there.

It's not long before the argument gets heated to the point of near violence, forcing some security guards to really earn their paychecks.

Jump into the gallery below to see what we mean ...

1. Let's Talk

Let's Talk
Two innocent words that ignite one hell of a conflict. Kailyn proposed a civil chat, and Briana pretended to be on board for exactly that ... though she must have known what was really in store.

2. A Sudden Change In Tone

A Sudden Change In Tone
Kail immediately made the reason for her visit clear: She was pissed about comments Bri had been making on social media.

3. Not Happy

Not Happy
“Why don’t you tell me why you felt so comfortable commenting what you commented on Instagram?" Kail asked her rival. "This isn’t about Javi [Marroquin], this isn’t about the show.

4. Off-Limits

Kail then elaborated, revealing that she was referring to remarks Bri made about Kail's kids and baby daddy: "I want to know why you felt so comfortable to say some sh-t about my kids and Chris [Lopez]?” she asked.

5. Chill, Kail

Chill, Kail
Briana repeatedly told Kailyn to "relax," which, of course, usually has the opposite effect on people who are already worked up. But we're guessing she probably knew that at the time.

6. Who's Less Insane?

Who's Less Insane?
We had hoped that audio of the fight would help us to decide who's really in the right, but in some ways, the situation is more complicated than ever. Listen to the clip now and decide for yourself who comes out on top ...

7. Title Fight

As you can see (or hear), the co-stars didn't hold back on each other. Kail acts as though she has the moral high ground ... but does she?

8. Kail's Claims

Kail's Claims
"You don't want me talking about your kids; you don't want me talking about your mom ..." Kailyn says, apparently implying that she abides by certain rules for the sake of decency.

9. Hyposcrisy Now

Hyposcrisy Now
"But you do it anyway," Briana counters, suggesting that Kail is a hypocrite for attempting to call her out.

10. Interesting Argument

Interesting Argument
"I'm not gonna relax," Kail says at one point. "I'm gonna beat your ass."

11. Cash Me Inside

Cash Me Inside
That's when the disembodied voice of Bri really loses it: "I'm gonna say what I want to say, I'm gonna do what I want to do, and that's that," she yells.

12. Squashing the Beef?

Squashing the Beef?
"If you don't f--king like then that's it," Briana says, in what may have been an attempt to bring the conversation to a close.

13. That Escalated Quickly

That Escalated Quickly
"Why are you acting like that?" says DeJesus, who's shouting at this point. "What the f-ck is your problem?'

14. Oh...She's Doing Sh-t

Oh...She's Doing Sh-t
"You're not gonna do sh-t," Briana then repeats several times. As far as we can tell, it was at this point that Kail began to make it clear through her body language that she was looking for a physical altercation.

15. Security!

Apparently, Kail began to make good on her threat, as Briana began to shout, "B-tch, stay the f-ck away!"

16. Cliffhanger

At that point, the clip cuts out, and obviously, fans will have to watch the upcoming reunion special to find out exactly how things played out from there. Fortunately, we already have a rough idea of what happened ...

17. Kail Spills the Tea

Kail Spills the Tea
Taking to her podcast after the altercation, Kail addressed the rumors of an altercation between her and Briana.

18. The Real Story

The Real Story
"I will clarify that I did not get beat up. Briana and I did not hit each other,” Kail said on her Coffee Convos podcast.

19. Round Two

Round Two
DeJesus says Kail did look as though she wanted to fight, but notes that all that posturing may have been a bluff as "three security guards" were in the room at the time. And apparently, those same guards intervened when Bri tried to attack Kail on stage moments later. We're in for one hell of a reunion, folks!

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