Jenelle Evans Loses Makeup Company, Dumps Manager

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Another day, another tale of Jenelle Evans' life unraveling at the seams.

Yesterday, we reported on Evans' latest paranoid rant, in which she claimed that a member of her inner circle had been stealing money from her.

Today, the alleged culprit has been identified, and in a surprising -- and deeply satisfying twist -- it's one of Jenelle's most trusted a-hole allies.

And hey, it looks like we have a twofer today, as Jenelle has also lost control of her cosmetics brand!

Check out the gallery below for the latest chaos from everyone's least-favorite reality TV has-been:

1. All Falls Down

All Falls Down
Jenelle Evans is having a very bad day. Not only has she been forced to fire her longtime manager, she's also been kicked to the curb by the company that had been manufacturing her JE Cosmetics eyebrow kit.

2. Bamboozled

Let's start with the bit about the manager, because ... well, it's really amusing.

3. The Rant

The Rant
It all started earlier this week when Jenelle launched a tirade in which she seemed to be blaming someone else for the failure of her business.

4. The Accusation

The Accusation
She went on to accuse this mystery saboteur of stealing money from her.

5. Jenelle In Distress

Jenelle In Distress
And since Jenelle has zero income coming in these days, she really can't afford to have someone pilfering her funds.

6. The Traitor

The Traitor
So who is this modern folk hero who's taking Jenelle down from the inside?

7. Going Off

Going Off
Well, Evans revealed yesterday that it was none other than her formerly-beloved PR manager, Johnny Donovan.

8. Well, That's Just a Shame

Well, That's Just a Shame
Donovan has been Jenelle's right-hand man for years, but it seems their relationship went south in a hurry.

9. The Gruesome Twosome

The Gruesome Twosome
Even outside of his wheelings and dealings on behalf of Jenelle, Donovan has a reputation for sketchy business practices, so Evans' many critics are enjoying what promises to be an epic feud between these former allies.

10. So What Happened?

So What Happened?
It was just last month that Donovan organized the embarrassing launch party for Jenelle's cosmetics line, so the relationship between them must have deteriorated rapidly.

11. The Backlash

The Backlash
Jenelle doesn't have many celebrity friends these says, but she is close with 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson, who was also a client of Donovan's.

12. Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word
Now, it seems Ashley has also cut ties with Donovan, possibly on Jenelle's recommendation.

13. Empire Falls

Empire Falls
By all accounts, Johnny's a world-class douche, and Jenelle is probably better off without him. But this forthcoming war is one she likely can't afford right now, especially with her latest business venture failing in spectacular fashion.

14. She's No Mogul

She's No Mogul
It was bad enough when JE Cosmetics only sold 150 units in its first two weeks of operation. But the reports of damaged and contaminated products were enough to torpedo the entire company.

15. Cutting Ties

Cutting Ties
Jenelle blamed her manufacturer, XJ Beauty, for the faulty products. And not surprisingly, the company was less than thrilled with being publicly denigrated.

16. Rapid Decline

Rapid Decline
“XJ Beauty sent Jenelle a termination letter on September 19,” a source tells Radar Online, indicating that the business cut ties with Evans just one week after her product launch.

17. Hard Times

Hard Times
“It stated that XJ Beauty will no longer be involved or work with JE Cosmetics and Jenelle Evans," the insider continues.

18. An Embarrassment of Riches!

An Embarrassment of Riches!
The source says that XJ manufactured 3,000 eyebrow kits for Jenelle. And apparently, the unsold surplus will soon be arriving at The Land!

19. So Many Brow Kits

So Many Brow Kits
“All of the inventory will be sent to her by October 19,” the insider continued.

20. Queen of Delusion

Queen of Delusion
Hilariously, it seems Evans has not responded to the company's threat to bombard her home with brow kits.

21. That'll Show 'Em!

That'll Show 'Em!
“Jenelle hasn’t signed the letter yet," says the source.

22. Resourceful!

And what does Jenelle plan to do with her thousands of faulty kits? Why give them away to unsuspecting fans, of course!

23. What Could Go Wrong?

What Could Go Wrong?
"Due to the issues with the other company we were working with, we have decided to cut ties," she recently wrote on Instagram. "We are sorry for anyone not happy with their kits. We will be doing meet and greet/giveaways for the kits while coming up with new products.”

24. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Handing out defective makeup seems like it could leave Jenelle vulnerable to all sorts of legal action -- but a few lawsuits never stopped her before!

25. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
We'll continue to monitor the situation, and we'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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