Jenelle Evans Launches Paranoid Rant: Everybody's STEALING From Me, Dude!

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Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what exactly is going on in Jenelle Evans' life, as the woman lies as naturally as most people draw breath.

But that doesn't mean she's good at lying.

In fact, all her attempts at obfuscation inevitably fall apart once Jenelle gets wrapped up in her emotions (which are apparently quite intense at all times) and takes to social media to vent.

Often, the object of her frustration is none other than her dog-killing husband David Eason.

But is that the case this time, or is yet another one of her business relationships falling apart?

Tough to say - but we know for sure that Jenelle is really pissed off about something, so let's dive right in and dissect her latest tantrum.

1. The Unhappy Couple

The Unhappy Couple
Jenelle Evans is throwing another social media tantrum. But is she pissed off at David, or are her followers just indulging in a bit of wishful thinking?

2. Tough Times

Tough Times
In the months since Jenelle got fired from Teen Mom 2, she and David have done their best to maintain a united front, even going so far as to claim their recent troubles have brought them closer together.

3. Bad at Lying/Life

Bad at Lying/Life
The problem with that is, Jenelle and David are frequently at war with one another, and for reasons that defy explanation, they post the evidence of their battles all over social media.

4. What a Guy

Yes, we have mountains of video evidence of David's abusive behavior, including clips like this that were posted AFTER he killed Jenelle's dog and helped to get her fired.

5. What a Guy, Part 2

And then there's stuff like this, which came out before David's puppy execution, but still points out how frighteningly volatile the Easons' marriage is.

6. Here We Go Again?

Here We Go Again?
With everything that's been going on between these two in recent months, it's no surprise that Jenelle's latest Insta-rant led many fans to the conclusion that she's once again experiencing David Problems.

7. Word of Advice

Word of Advice
As you can see, Jenelle begins the tirade by offering herself a bit of professional advice.

8. Stop STEALING, Dude!

Stop STEALING, Dude!
From there, things go south quickly, as Evans is apparently convinced that someone has been chipping away at her ever-dwindling fortune.

9. Not a Good Dude

Not a Good Dude
In the past year, David killed his wife's dog, got her fired from the only job she ever had, and allegedly broke her collar bone. So it's easy to see why so many jumped to the conclusion that he's the one stealing from her.

10. Queen of Drama

Queen of Drama
But there's SO MUCH going on in Jenelle's life these days that she may have been referring to any number of alleged thieves.

11. Too Many Suspects

Too Many Suspects
In fact, at least two other plausible theories have emerged in the 24 hours since Evans mage her accusation.

12. Suspect 1: Her Dentist

Suspect 1: Her Dentist
For years now, TM2 fans have suspected that Jenelle is missing several of her teeth -- and doing a very poor job of hiding it.

13. SMH

Evans has addressed this rumor several times, but has yet to present any compelling evidence to the contrary,

14. The Whole Tooth

The Whole Tooth
In fact, the more she talks about, the more fans are convinced she's hiding something. And Jenelle certainly isn't helping her case by launching a public rant against her dentist.

15. Dental Damn!

Dental Damn!
Yes, as you can see, Evans underwent some sort of dental procedure and was VERY unhappy with the results. Could she be accusing poor Dr. Kuzma of stealing from her?

16. Suspect 2: Her Business Partners

Suspect 2: Her Business Partners
It's possible, but given the "be your own boss" line, the most likely explanation here is that Jenelle is once again going after the company that was responsible for manufacturing her JE Cosmetics line.

17. Utter Disaster

Utter Disaster
As you've probably heard, Jenelle released her long-gestating (three years in the making!) makeup line last month -- and the launch couldn't have gone much worse.

18. You Can't Make This Stuff Up

You Can't Make This Stuff Up
Evans' line sold just 150 units in the company's first two weeks of operations. Worse, customers complained of receiving eyebrow kits containing hair and other contaminants.

19. Gross

Jenelle lashed out at her manufacturer and promised to relaunch with a new partner. But it could be too late.

20. Broke as a Joke

Broke as a Joke
Insiders claimed from the start that if JE Cosmetics bombed, the failure would likely leave Jenelle bankrupt.

21. It All Comes Together

It All Comes Together
So Jenelle probably needs a refund from her original manufacturers in order to give this thing another try. And that's probably why she's publicly accusing them of stealing from her!

22. Thanks For Playing!

Thanks For Playing!
And join us for the next installment of Jenelle Evans Mystery Theater!

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