Jenelle Evans Goes OFF on Amber Portwood ... and Cheyenne Floyd!

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Remember this time last week when we all thought that Jenelle was for sure going to lose custody of all of her kids permanently, or at least have to do some major work on herself to get them back?

We were so young then.

Despite everything she's ever said and done, a judge somehow decided that it would still be cool if she was in charge of raising a handful of kids, so now Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa are back down on the swamp with her and David.

And you know what?

It's made her cocky.

Cocky enough that she now thinks she has any room at all to judge anyone.

Bless her heart ...

1. What a Time to Be Alive

What a Time to Be Alive
So Jenelle ... she's just in a really weird place right now, OK?

2. Cool

For the past two months, she and her gross husband, David Eason, had finally been seeing some consequences for their reprehensible actions -- and oh, it was a sight to behold.

3. Justice (Almost)

Justice (Almost)
CPS removed all the children from their care and placed them with temporary guardians after David beat and killed Nugget, the family dog.

4. How Neat

How Neat
Jenelle and David were ordered to go to counseling as part of the deal to regain custody, and David was also required to attend anger management.

5. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Everyone kept saying that it would take months for Jenelle to get the kids back, if she was even able to get them back at all. And as it turns out, everyone lied.

6. So Weird

So Weird
Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, the judge decided to be done with everything, and the children's temporary guardians were ordered to hand the kids back to Jenelle and David by the next morning.

7. If Only

If Only
You'd think that Jenelle would be so humbled by all of this, right? That she'd realize how close she was to losing her kids, and that she'd spend every waking minute with them, loving on them and making them feel safe and secure after what was surely a difficult time for them.

8. Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
But come on, guys, this is Jenelle we're talking about. So of course she's just been being a total douchebag on Twitter.

9. Seriously?

She kicked things off last Friday, after the news broke that Amber Portwood had been arrested for domestic battery. Jenelle, in all seriousness, tweeted "All I have to say is at least I learn from my past mistakes."

10. Madenning

Jenelle, who had regained custody of her children barely 24 hours before (the two she had custody of, anyway -- remember, her mother has full, permanent custody of her oldest child), thought she was in a place to throw some shade like that.

11. Ugh

For real, this girl has over a dozen mug shots, she's never been with a guy who hasn't abused her (according to her own self), and she keeps having kids that she keeps losing custody of. But sure, she's SO MUCH BETTER than Amber.

12. Just Stop

Just Stop
That's not all she had to say about Amber though -- yesterday, she tweeted "I don't get why everyone thinks I'm taking about Amber when I can say A LOT right now and choose not to, even tho she did talk mad sh-t about my husband. Hope she gets her life together and wish her the best."

13. Girl

Except she was definitely talking about her, and she's talking about her again here? And David deserved to have "mad sh-t" talked about him? And Jenelle hoping anyone else gets their life together while she's out there with the guy who murdered her dog, abuses her and allegedly abuses her kids is possibly the saddest, dumbest thing in the history of everything?

14. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
But don't worry -- Amber wasn't the only Teen Mom Jenelle decided to take some jabs at yesterday.


Nope, she also had a full-on Twitter fight with Cheyenne Floyd!

16. Standing Up for Amber

Standing Up for Amber
After Jenelle's initial remark about Amber last week, Cheyenne tweeted "Jenelle should be the last person 'throwing shade'.. hate when people kick a person when their down."

17. No One Asked for This

No One Asked for This
Jenelle didn't respond right away, but then Maci Bookout retweeted Cheyenne's message, and that seemed to get her feeling some more feelings. She tweeted a quote from David that read "Got the alcoholic retweeting the racist who is commenting about the assaulter."

18. Sure

Maci is apparently an alcoholic because she likes beer, see? Cheyenne is a racist because of those old tweets about white people, and Amber is obviously the assaulter.

19. The Nerve

The Nerve
And yeah, maybe Maci drinks a bit more than some people, and sure, Cheyenne's tweets weren't great. And Amber obviously assaults people, no one is questioning that. But does David really have room to call anyone out on substance abuse or bigotry or violence?

20. LOL

And that's why it was so great when Cheyenne responded with "Coming from the real racist, dog killer, abuser and honestly the most unstable individual I’ve witnessed.. GREAT STATEMENT.. get custody of ALL your kids and stay out of court before you talk about me."

21. You Tell Her, Jenelle

You Tell Her, Jenelle
Jenelle hit back with "Cheyanne should be the last one talking when she has no idea what she's talking about. Not even a true OG." Because that's the best insult she could come up with there.

22. Not Having It

Not Having It
Cheyenne then told Jenelle "Don’t come for me unless you can back it up.. stand up for yourself don’t use your dumb ass husband. I AM NOT THE ONE."

23. Oooooh

"Always including yourself in someone else's drama," Jenelle replied. "I'm surprised even Maci would engage in that. You act like I'm scared to talk to you? Don't talk to me. You're just a replacement."

24. Double LOL

Double LOL
To which Cheyenne responded with "And your fired... soooo?"

25. Clear Loser

Clear Loser
After that, Jenelle stopped responding -- hopefully because she realized an argument in which her opponent was armed with the truth and all she had was "You weren't originally on this reality show franchise but you are now and also I have been fired" wasn't great.

26. Sure, Jenelle

Sure, Jenelle
She then deleted all her tweets to Cheyenne and replaced them with "There’s a reason I tweet and delete..." This is a silly thing she does to try to save face -- she acts like there's some secret reason she has for doing something dumb and we're all too stupid to realize it.

27. Oh OK

Several people called her out on it, because she really does do it a lot, and she said the real reason she deleted tweets is because she doesn't "want drama to stay on my timeline for centuries lmao."

28. How Odd

How Odd
"You would think I wouldn’t be the topic of everyone’s conversation since I’m not on #TeenMom anymore, but damn they keep at it," she added.

29. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Then, if you can even believe it, she retweeted someone who told her "Turn the other cheek and walk away! Put your energy towards your family!"

30. So Wild

So Wild
So she's right back to thinking she's some amazing mother who is just so above all the drama, when meanwhile, over here in reality ...

31. So Sad

So Sad
Let's just think good thoughts for these kids, OK?

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