Jenelle Evans Gets Fired By Clothing Company, Goes Nuts on Instagram

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Let this be a lesson to any companies considering endorsement deals with Jenelle Evans.

Not only is she not the kind of person you want representing your brand, when the whole thing inevitably goes south, she'll publicly trash talk you.

This is a lesson that the online clothing retailer PatPat learned the hard way this week.

They decided to give Jenelle some free clothes for her kids in exchange for a shout-out on social media.

Sounds simple enough, but this is Jenelle we're talking about -- which means the whole thing quickly backfired in spectacular fashion.

Take a look:

1. On Her Grind

On Her Grind
Jenelle is laser-focused on making money these days, and it's not hard to see why.

2. Land Troubles

Land Troubles
Jenelle has three kids, two stepchildren, a sinking house, and an unemployed husband.

3. Supplementing Her Income

Supplementing Her Income
Sure, she makes six figures from her role on Teen Mom 2, but in her current position $300,000 a year doesn't actually go that far.

4. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
The easiest way for pseudo-celebs like Jenelle to bring in some extra cash, of course, is by posting sponsored content on social media.

5. Making It Work

Making It Work
There was a time when Jenelle was able to tame her more destructive impulses long enough to shill for waist trainers and weight loss teas, but those days are done.

6. The PatPat Disaster

The PatPat Disaster
PatPat is an online clothing retailer, and the company made the mistake of thinking Jenelle would make a fine spokesperson.

7. Jenelle the Shill

Jenelle the Shill
Jenelle held up her end of the bargain by showing off free clothes she received from the company ... but the situation rapidly deteriorated.

8. Called Out

Called Out
Fans were quick to point out to the company that Jenelle has a history of saying and doing all sorts of awful things.

9. Backlash

To the company's credit, PatPat responded immediately and severed ties with Jenelle.

10. Queen of Shade

Queen of Shade
Unfortunately, they didn't quite know who they were dealing with.

11. On the Attack

On the Attack
Jenelle immediately went on the offensive and began trashing PatPat online.

12. Talking Trash

Talking Trash
Now, the same massive social media following that made Jenelle such an attractive prospect to the fledgling start-up may well prove to be PatPat's downfall.

13. Called It!

Called It!
Many fans predicted that this is exactly what would happen PatPat cut Jenelle loose.

14. The People Rejoice

The People Rejoice
Others are just happy to see that Jenelle's deal is done, and they're happy to reward PatPat for firing her.

15. Shout-Out to PatPat

Shout-Out to PatPat
Jenelle is not a popular figure on social media, and many are happy to see that PatPat came to its senses.

16. Brilliant Strategy?

Brilliant Strategy?
In fact, if they signed with Jenelle knowing they would gain a ton of fans by firing her, then this was a genius bit of marketing.

17. Then Again ...

Then Again ...
As many have pointed out, however, a simple Google search could have revealed to PatPat that Jenelle is not the kind of person they want representing their brand.

18. A Repeated Pattern

A Repeated Pattern
Jenelle and David are no strangers to getting fired, of course.

19. See Ya, Dave!

See Ya, Dave!
Eason was fired by MTV earlier this year after sharing his bigoted views on social media.

20. The Blue Apron Debacle

The Blue Apron Debacle
Other companies have attempted endorsement deals with Jenelle and David, only to watch the whole thing immediately backfire.

21. Do Your Research

Do Your Research
One such company was the meal kit brand Blue Apron, who also committed the egregious error of not looking up Jenelle's past prior to doing business.

22. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
On that occasion, as well, the Easons trashed the company on social media after the deal went awry.

23. Fake News

Fake News
According to David, all of the Twitter and Instagram users who criticize Jenelle are just anonymous bots, and the companies who fired her have been fooled.

24. Yeah, Their Priority Is Making Money

Yeah, Their Priority Is Making Money
"@blueapron All these Fake accounts talking about Jenelle and you really take it seriously? Now we see where your priorities are," Eason wrote after Jenelle got canned.

25. But Most of the Followers ARE Haters

But Most of the Followers ARE Haters
"Simple math- there are more followers than haters…. keep you cheep food and ill keep shopping at The Pig @MyrtleBeachPig @pigglywiggly," he concluded, clearly hoping to score a deal with one of those brands.

26. They Never Learn

They Never Learn
Of course, even if what David said were true, companies could still look at the way he and Jenelle treat their former sponsorship partners and realize that these two just ain't worth it.

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