Jenelle Evans: Ditching David Eason For Courtland Rogers?!

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Rumors that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are headed for divorce have been circulating for several weeks now.

The couple insists all is well, but the fact that David recently changed his relationship status on Facebook before deleting his account entirely suggests something is amiss.

Now, new information has emerged regarding exactly what may have caused the Easons' latest squabble.

And it seems Jenelle's most troubled ex may have played a role in the drama...


1. Trouble In Paradise?

Trouble In Paradise?
Earlier this week, some bizarre social media activity sparked a new round of rumors about a rough patch in Jenelle and David's marriage. Jenelle attempted in vain to squash the speculation.

2. "It's Complicated"

"It's Complicated"
Late at night, while Jenelle was sleeping, David changed his relationship status to "It's complicated." He later deleted his Facebook account altogether.

3. Jenelle Explains

Jenelle Explains
Evans assured fans that all is well ... and also invited them to mind their own damn business. "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop assuming sh-t," she wrote.

4. Mrs. Eason Has a Way With Words

Mrs. Eason Has a Way With Words
In one of the most bizarre interviews of her career, Jenelle explained the situation thusly: "If I have sex with my husband, it's my business. If I go skydiving with my husband, it's my business. If I want to sh-t on my husband's hand, it's my business." Well, okay then...

5. The Ex Files

The Ex Files
Fans are speculating that David got upset following a recent TM2 special that focused on Jenelle's past relationships. Rumor has it, Eason was not happy about the glowing terms Jenelle used to describe some of her exes.

6. Jenelle and Courtland

Jenelle and Courtland
Long before she met David, Jenelle was married to Courtland Rogers, a self-destructive addict who eventually wound up behind bars. Courtland was released from prison earlier this year, and some believe he's found his way back into Jenelle's heart...

7. Jenelle on the Brain

Jenelle on the Brain
Courtland tweeted about Jenelle not long after his release from prison. It was later revealed that he's still indirectly involved in her life...

8. Courtland and ... Barbara?!

Courtland and ... Barbara?!
It seems Rogers recently spent some time with Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans. Fans were surprised, as Babs is famous for her vocal disapproval of Jenelle's boyfriends and husbands.

9. Courtland to Jenelle: Back Off!

Courtland to Jenelle: Back Off!
"Don't u dare get people to try and contact me like that," Courtland tweeted this week. Word that he was referring to Jenelle spread across Teen Mom 2 Twitter like wildfire.

10. Enter Lindsey Renee

Enter Lindsey Renee
Courtland's pregnant girlfriend, Lindsey Renee, later confirmed that the tweet was directed at Jenelle. "I told him after MTV left the house that day that knowing some females this little girl would try some sh-t," she tweeted.

11. Lock Her Up!

Lock Her Up!
"I'm surprised David doesn't have her locked up in the closet ... He's not letting that $$$ go," Lindsey continued.

12. Ex Life

Ex Life
Interestingly, Courtland isn't the only ex who's sparked the interest of TM2 obsessives in recent weeks. Two more of Jenelle's past loves are also enjoying resurgences in popularity...

13. Andrew's Back!

Andrew's Back!
Andrew Lewis is the father of Jenelle's first son, Jace. He hasn't appeared on television in nearly a decade, but was heavily featured in the Evans-focused special.

14. Another Chance?

Another Chance?
It seems that after 8 years of having no contact with the boy at all, Andrew has decided he would like to have a relationship with Jace. Not surprisingly, Jenelle is having none of that.

15. The Return of Kieffer?

The Return of Kieffer?
Longtime Teen Mom 2 fans will remember Kieffer Delp as one of Jenelle's least-repugnant exes. She spoke of him Delp in glowing terms on this week's special episode.

16. Kieffer the Keeper?

Kieffer the Keeper?
Many fans speculated that Eason's bold social media moves were the result of his anger over Jenelle gushing about her ex on television.

17. Courtland Controversy

Courtland Controversy
But for all the rumors surrounding Kieffer and Andrew, fans are most interested in what's going on between Jenelle and Courtland.

18. A Bad Influence

A Bad Influence
In his more reckless days, Courtland was a destructive force in Jenelle's life, leading her down the dangerous path of addiction. These days, however, it seems the tables may have turned...

19. The Carolina Hurricane Is Still Raging

The Carolina Hurricane Is Still Raging
Courtland's life seems to have quieted down considerably. However, despite the outward appearance of quiet domesticity, Jenelle's is as tumultuous as ever. And now, it looks as though she might once again be turning to Courtland to help her escape. This time, however, Rogers is having none of it...

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