Jenelle Evans: Did David Eason Knock Her Teeth Out?

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If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now you've probably heard that Jenelle Evans was hospitalized earlier this month after allegedly being assaulted by her husband, David Eason.

Jenelle's 911 call contained a chilling account of the events of that fateful night, but shortly after it went public, Jenelle entered damage control mode and began defending David.

Fans remain convinced that Eason is the perpetrator, however, and now, many believe that his assault may have been even more severe than initially thought.

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1. The Troubled Couple

The Troubled Couple
It often seems as though Jenelle and David's relationship has been one long rough patch, but these days, the couple is facing their biggest scandal to date.

2. The Mystery Deepens

The Mystery Deepens
Jenelle was hospitalized twice in a single week recently -- once for sinus surgery, and another time after calling 911 and telling the operator she had been attacked by David.

3. The Call

As you can hear in this recording of the 911 call, a tearful Jenelle says that Eason pinned her to the ground so hard she feared he had broken her collarbone.

4. Drunk and Dramatic

Drunk and Dramatic
Shortly after the call went public, however, Jenelle released a statement in which she claimed that David was innocent and dismissed the whole ordeal as a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

5. Jenelle's Version

Jenelle's Version
Jenelle even went so far as to claim that she and David both fell into one another, and because they were both drunk, they both thought they were being assaulted.

6. Confessional

On Thursday, Jenelle released a video in which she explained that she's never been assaulted by David. On social media, many fans posted the same observation about Jenelle's appearance.

7. Is She Missing Teeth?

Is She Missing Teeth?
Viewers are convinced that Jenelle is missing teeth on both sides of her lower jaw.

8. Fans Took Notice

Fans Took Notice
Fans were quick to take notice of the apparent change in Jenelle's dental situation.

9. Still Missing

Still Missing
Others pointed out that this was no mere trick of the camera, as Jenelle appears to be missing teeth in all of her recent photos.

10. The Investigation

The Investigation
Naturally, this has led to widespread speculation about how long the teeth have been missing and what happened to them.

11. Dental Records

Dental Records
The earliest photo in which Jenelle appears to be missing teeth was only taken about a week ago.

12. A New Development

A New Development
Subsequent inquiries seemed to confirm that Jenelle had lost those teeth very recently.

13. Very New

Very New
In fact, we know she still had them in the spring of 2018.

14. David to Blame?

David to Blame?
Naturally, this has led to speculation that Jenelle's teeth were knocked out when she was assaulted by her husband.

15. An Informal Poll

An Informal Poll
As you can see from this Twitter poll, the possibility that David is to blame for Jenelle's latest medical woes is on the mind of many fans.

16. What Really Happened?

What Really Happened?
Obviously, there's no clear indication that David had anything to do with the removal of Jenelle's teeth.

17. That Said ...

That Said ...
However, it stands to reason that fans would make that connection, what with the news of Jenelle's extraction coming so soon after the alleged assault.

18. A Rapid Turnaround

A Rapid Turnaround
These days, Jenelle and David appear to have patched things up and it seems they're both working on rebuilding his public image.

19. A United Front

A United Front
So in all likelihood, it'll probably be quite some time before either of them is willing to speak out on exactly what happened that fateful night.

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