Jen Harley: I Never Hit Ronnie Magro! I Can Prove He's Lying!

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Earlier this week, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro alleged that Jen Harley had attacked him yet again.

If you've been watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, then we probably don't need to tell you that this was not an isolated incident.

In fact, it looks as though Jen has gotten violent with Ron on multiple occasions.

But Jen says that while that may what Ronnie wants us to think, it's simply not the case.

She says he's been lying all the time, and now she's offering up what she says is proof of that claim:

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Fans, friends, and family members have been encouraging Ron to part ways with Jen for months now -- and it looks as though he's finally taken that advice.

2. One Long Rough Patch

One Long Rough Patch
It's tempting to point to a time when things began to deteriorate for Ronnie and Jen, but to be honest, things have been so bad between these two for so long that it's hard to imagine this relationship was ever healthy.

3. Ron-page

Ron recently accused Jen of assaulting him and leaving him with a black eye. He even posted photographic evidence of his injuries on Instagram.

4. Harsh Words

Harsh Words
“Sorry for lying to my friends and family, sometimes u love people so much your willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect,” he captioned the pic.

5. Jen's Two Cents

Jen's Two Cents
Harley recently took to social media to dismiss Ron as an abject liar. And she claims to have proof that Magro is being dishonest with Shore fans.

6. It's Over

It's Over
“No I will never speak to him again,” Harley replied to a fan who asked about her relationship with Ron late last night. “I’ve kept my mouth shut for to (sic) long.”

7. Telling All?

Telling All?
From there, Jen shared a series of test messages in an Instagram Story that she informally titled “the truth about the Black eye lol."

8. Damning Evidence?

Damning Evidence?
Jen went on to post several texts from Ronnie that she claims serve as evidence that he's misleading the public about their relationship.

9. An Offer to "Fix It"

An Offer to "Fix It"
"I fkin love u and ur s—thing on me. I’ll fix it baby,” a message allegedly from Ortiz-Magro reads.

10. Double-Sided

“U want me to post something say that I reacted out of anger and that it was a double sided incendet (sic) and we are working at making things better so we are never black in that situation again," the message continues.

11. Nahhhh

“Lmfao. Nahhhh so it look like your so scared of me you had too," Harley replied.

12. Text Confession?

Text Confession?
"No bc it's the truth," reads the reply text that Jen claims is from Ronnie. “It was double sided and tag post made it look like it wasn’t."

13. The Car Incident

The Car Incident
Of course, that's not the first time that Jen has been accused of getting violent with Ron. She was previously arrested after allegedly dragging Magro with her car,

14. It Wasn't Me

It Wasn't Me
Jen explained that incident away as well, telling a follower, “Girl he jumped on the car like a psycho when I drove away I didn’t touch him how could I possibly do that to him he did it to himself.”

15. Two Can Play at That Game

Two Can Play at That Game
Never one to shy away from a conflict, Ron leveled some accusations at Jen, as well.

16. Ronnie Drama

Ronnie Drama
Ron took to Instagram to claim that Jen recently left her 12-year-old son from a previous relationship home alone all night so that she could go out drinking.

17. Bad Mom?

Bad Mom?
Magro says the incident left him deeply concerned about Jen's ability to raise their infant daughter, Ariana.

18. Accusations Abound

Accusations Abound
Ronnie went on to accuse Jen of attempting to extort him "Isn’t it illegal to extort someone in America?!?? #BetterGoGetMe20k #BetterIDragYouByACarAgain #GoGetMe20kBeforeGiveU2BlackEyesNextTime,” he wrote on this screenshot.

19. Tons of Lies

Tons of Lies
All this week, Ron has been cautioning fans to be wary, as Jen is lying about him with abandon.

20. Who to Believe?

Who to Believe?
At this point, it's unclear who's telling the truth, but we think everyone would agree that it's for the best that these two have called it quits.

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