Jenelle Evans Delays Makeup Release Date AGAIN: Is Her Business Officially Done?!

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Jenelle Evans is having a tough time lately.

And we're not talking about the continued concerns about her ability to raise her children.

Or the fact that she's now launched an ill-advised smear campaign against Olivia Leedham, the mother of David Eason's son.

No, the latest Evans mini-scandal has to do with the release of her long-gestating makeup line.

Jenelle has been teasing the release of JE Cosmetics for years, and she had an online launch date set for September 1.

That date came and went with no launch -- and now, fans want answers.

Take a look:

1. Cosmetics Queen

Cosmetics Queen
After years of waiting, Jenelle recently announced that she was FINALLY set to release her makeup line.

2. Makeup Mogul

Makeup Mogul
The line has reportedly been Jenelle's main focus in the months since she got fired from Teen Mom 2, and insiders say she hoped it would lead her down the path to total financial independence.

3. Serious Commitment

Serious Commitment
Apparently, the fear of financial ruin is the only motivator Jenelle needed. She was so serious about getting this thing off the ground that she went to D.C. to meet with investors DURING her custody battle.

4. Many Hurdles

Many Hurdles
Of course, there are setbacks and unexpected challenges with any small business launch, but in Jenelle's case, it seems like that's all she's encountered.

5. The Hard Sell

The Hard Sell
These days, Jenelle's reputation is so bad she can't even find companies willing to pay her to post sponsored content on her Instagram.

6. Can She Be Trusted?

Can She Be Trusted?
She says she's found investors to partner with her on her current project, but who are they? And more importantly, where's the product?

7. Come and Gone

Come and Gone
September 1 was supposed to be the day that Evans' makeup became available online. Obviously, that didn't happen.

8. Bad Sign

Bad Sign
But what's even more troubling than the lack of product is the fact that Jenelle has offered zero explanation. In fact, she hasn't mentioned the missed date at all!

9. More Trouble

More Trouble
Of course, the big event -- the actual, in-store launch party -- is scheduled for September 12. Or perhaps we should say it WAS scheduled for September 12.

10. Another Bad Sign

Another Bad Sign
The venue that was set to host the party has canceled after learning of the many scandals and abuse allegations surrounding Jenelle and David.

11. More Lies

More Lies
Jenelle took to Instagram to claim that it was her idea to change venues and make the event private ... but she only said that after the venue announced the cancelation.

12. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
All of these setbacks couldn't have come at a worse time for Jenelle and David.

13. Another Defeat

Another Defeat
The couple recently launched a smear campaign against David's former girlfriend Olivia Leedham in hopes of regaining custody of his son, Kaden.

14. Miscalculation

Not only were there efforts unsuccessful, they dredged up a slew of old abuse allegations against David.

15. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
All of this comes at a time when the Evans' popularity was already at an all-time low due to the revelation that Eason had shot and killed the family dog, Nugget.

16. Can't Make This Stuff Up

Can't Make This Stuff Up
Hilariously, an animal rights group bought up the rights to the website that Jenelle was using to sell her makeup after Evans failed to keep up the payments necessary to secure the URL.

17. We Kid You Not

We Kid You Not
If you go to Jenelle's personal website and click on the link to buy cosmetics, you're STILL directed to a site that raises money for rescue pets.

18. It Would Be Funny If It Weren't So Sad

It Would Be Funny If It Weren't So Sad
Yes, Evans' life is in such a state of disarray that she hasn't gotten around to deleting the link. And it's been months!

19. Don't Hold Your Breath

Don't Hold Your Breath
If that's any indication, we'd say it'll be a long time before Jenelle manages to get a product in stores. Kylie Jenner she's not.

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