Farrah Abraham Forces Daughter to Take Racy Photos, Disgusts Horrified Instagram Followers

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It goes without saying that Farrah Abraham is not your typical mom.

At 10 years old, her daughter Sophia basically functions in the capacity of a best friend/road manager, and Farrah justifies it with the belief that the girl is getting a better education traveling the world than she would ever receive in a classroom.

Maybe that's true.

Or maybe Farrah is just trying to justify treating her daughter like an employee.

Whatever the case, even supporters of the former Teen Mom OG star feel that she crossed the line this week thanks to an Instagram post that's ignited some major controversy.

Take a look:

1. The Traveling Twosome

The Traveling Twosome
It seems every time you look at her Instagram page, Farrah is in some exotic new location with daughter Sophia in tow.

2. Why? We'll Never Know ...

Why? We'll Never Know ...
Last week, it was the Venice Film Festival, where Farrah and Sophia were invited to several red carpet premieres for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

3. Trouble at the Fest

Trouble at the Fest
Organizers quickly regretted allowing Farrah to attend. First, there was the incident in which she tried to steal the spotlight by flashing a little vadge on the red carpet.

4. Of Course

Of Course
Shortly thereafter, Farrah and Sophia walked into the world premiere of a film more than an hour late.

5. Here We Go

Here We Go
"We were like an hour late ‘cause we’re not used to this. And so we go in there, and this guy kept turning around and kept bothering me," Abraham later said.

6. Farrah? Irresponsible?!

Farrah? Irresponsible?!
"It’s like, why is he still trying to talk to me?" she added. "And then he starts saying I’m not responsible. I should have my daughter out of the movie, blah blah blah."

7. Are We Surprised?

Are We Surprised?
Yes, it sounds like Farrah completely missed the point of a film festival and made things harder on everyone, including her daughter. Clearly, no one could have predicted this.

8. Living the Life

Living the Life
It seems Farrah and Sophia's time in Venice was relatively short-lived. But that doesn't mean they were quick to leave Europe.

9. Farrah In Paris

On Tuesday, Farrah posted this video to her Instagram page. She captioned it, "We were stayin in Paris." (As though the Eiffel Tower in the background weren't enough of a tip-off.)

10. Sigh

It was later revealed that the video was taken by none other than Farrah's constant traveling companion, Sophia.

11. Major Eye-Roll

Major Eye-Roll
"Ow ow! Sophia’s mom has got it got on! Off to the spa! Love you mom," Sophia promptly commented on the video.

12. Bad Acting

Bad Acting
We don't know what's worse, that 10-year-old Sophia has an Instagram account, or that Farrah expects us to believe her 10-year-old casually references Fountains of Wayne songs that are older than she is.

13. IG Sounds Off

IG Sounds Off
Needless to say, it wasn't long before Farrah's followers sounded off on her decision to make her daughter participate in her thirst traps.

14. The Worst

The Worst
"Worst mom ever," one follower succinctly commented.

15. #Parenting

Others objected to Farrah's use of the "#parenting" hashtag. "Like why does she tag parenting, is this parenting? So confused," wrote one such commenter.

16. Leading By Example

Leading By Example
"Farrah stop it! [Oh my god] the way you're teaching Sophia," wrote one concerned follower.

17. You Get the Idea

You Get the Idea
In general, fans were not thrilled by the revelation that Sophia is the one working the camera on some of Farrah's most cleavage-y posts.

18. A Troubling Situation

A Troubling Situation
We may never know the extent to which Sophia is involved in her mother's hard-partying, flesh-baring world, but considering the girl is 10, any involvement is too much.

19. One-Way Roast Battle

Just last week, Farrah went off on Sophia in a "comedy sketch" that led many to the conclusion that she doesn't know where to draw the line between friend and daughter.

20. Let's Be Blunt ...

Let's Be Blunt ...
From the outside, the situation looks dire. Here's hoping this is just another case of Farrah playing up the drama for attention.

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