Jenelle Evans: David Eason Tells Her to Die in Horrific Leaked Video, Berates Her in Vile Texts

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After Jenelle and David officially lost temporary custody of all their children yesterday, you may have thought that they'd officially reached rock bottom.

As Jenelle infamously said way back in the day, "nothing else worse can happen," right?


Because now that all the kids are out of the house, a mysterious Twitter account is sharing videos of David and Jenelle fighting, and text messages they've allegedly sent each other.

And it's becoming clear that somehow, some way, things can definitely get worse ...

1. The Easons

The Easons
OK, so everything that's been going on with Jenelle and David lately has been an absolute disaster, right? And SO MUCH has been going on.

2. Poor Nugget

Poor Nugget
We'll run through the highlights real quick so we can set the stage for this latest update, but, as we all know, this whole thing started because David beat and killed Jenelle's tiny little French bulldog, Nugget.

3. Well ...

Well ...
Really, this whole thing started because David is a violent, aggressive monster who enjoys terrorizing and hurting people and animals that are smaller than him, but we'll just start with Nugget, all right?

4. So Upsetting

So Upsetting
So David brutally killed Nugget while Jenelle and the kids were home, and it caused a major uproar -- one big enough for the sheriff's department to start investigating.

5. Enter CPS

Enter CPS
Whatever they found during that investigation was enough to get CPS involved, and all the children were quickly removed from the home.

6. New Arrangements

New Arrangements
Kaiser went to Nathan, Maryssa went to her maternal grandmother, and Ensley ended up with Barbara, who of course already has permanent custody of Jace.

7. Causing an Uproar

Causing an Uproar
Jenelle and David immediately went to court to get the kids back, and the ended up going to four separate court dates over two weeks.

8. The Outcome?

The Outcome?
In the end, the judge decided to officially grant temporary custody of the children to their current guardians, and Jenelle and David went home alone.

9. Where's the Lie?

Where's the Lie?
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the site that broke the big news, “The judge deemed Jenelle and David not credible," and “he also told Jenelle that she did not do her job as a mother to protect her kids."

10. Um ...

Um ...
Apparently Jenelle was “devastated and shocked" at the judge's decision because "she was very confident that the judge would give them back the kids," which just goes to show that Teen Mom fans have been paying more attention to her life than she has -- seriously, how delusional can she be?

11. Oh No

Oh No
Another source claimed that “The judge heard testimony that David and Jenelle were constantly screaming and arguing, and the children were terrified."

12. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Additionally, “CPS described the state of the home as horrific. It was filthy, and there were holes in all of the walls."

13. Here We Go

Here We Go
Now, thanks to a mysterious Twitter user, it seems like at least one part of that has been confirmed.

14. Terrifying

The person behind this Twitter account is leaking videos and texts from the Eason home, and from these, we can see that the screaming and arguing ... well, it's certainly there.

15. Yikes

Here's one video - in it, you can clearly see David telling whoever's filming the video, most likely Jenelle, "You can die right now for all I give a f-ck." [WARNING: This is highly disturbing]

16. Wow

"You're a f-cking piece of sh-t," he continued. "You're the biggest f-cking piece of sh-t I know."

17. Double Wow

Double Wow
In another video, definitely filmed by Jenelle, we see her outside their home at night, yelling "Don't come back!" at his car.

18. Poor Maryssa

Poor Maryssa
"I'm calling Maryssa's grandmother!" she screams -- most people think this means that she's threatening to kick Maryssa out, which is just horrible.

19. Wait, There's More!

Wait, There's More!
In addition to the videos, the Twitter account has also shared some texts between Jenelle and David. Obviously texts are easy to fake, but considering this person has the videos as well, it's not too much of a stretch to think these screen shots are real.

20. Dang It, David

Dang It, David
In the first screenshot, which is from back in October, before Jenelle's sinus surgery, we see her tell him "You can leave. I've already got the kids prepared for tomorrow and have their lunches packed. I have someone taking me to my surgery tomorrow so don't worry about coming home. Bye."

21. This Guy ...

This Guy ...
David, being the mature adult man that he is, replied by calling her a bitch ten times in a row before Jenelle threatens to post a screenshot of that to his Facebook.

22. So Much Fighting

So Much Fighting
He calls her a bitch a few more times, then tells her to go ahead and post the screenshot because "I'll post sone [sic] great sh-t to your wall lmao. Go ahead and see what happens next."


She tells him "Cool. Let's do it," and his response is actually "Yea .. do me."

24. WHY?!

Can you IMAGINE?!

25. Fair

Jenelle explains that no, she will not "do" him, "Not after how many names you call me, it's highly unattractive. Then turn around and try to call me beautiful after? Lol."

26. Again with This?

Again with This?
David hits back with "Butch bitch go f-ck your girlfriend" -- it seems like he's really hung up on that old story about how she allegedly hooked up with her longtime friend, Tori.

27. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
"Don't help me clean before my surgery then come home when the kids go to bed? F-CK YOU," she tells him.

28. So Dumb

So Dumb
"I don't care," he says, and she says "idgaf what u say... u have hurt my feelings beyond all belief. Bye."

29. Ugh, David

Ugh, David
And that seems to have really set him off.

30. Classic Dave

Classic Dave
"You are such a bitch I just don't care," he says. "Sorry .... wish I did. Go f-ck your girlfriend. Gay bitch."

31. Gross

The screenshot within the screenshot is a text that David sent her, a fake story about her leaving the kids alone at home that he threatened to send to Theresa, a reporter from Radar Online. He also threatened to post the fake texts on social media.

32. What a Ride

What a Ride
So this is all just very, very bad, right?

33. Man

Even if the texts are fake -- and we really don't think they are, because can you even think of a more Jenelle thing to say than "u have hurt my feelings beyond all belief"? -- the videos are definitely real, and they're horrific.

34. Just Disturbing

Just Disturbing
You can hear at least one kid in the background the video, and that means at least one kid heard David say that he doesn't even care if Jenelle died because she's a "f-cking piece of sh-t."

35. One Mystery Solved

One Mystery Solved
Remember on last season of Teen Mom 2, when Jace told Barbara that Jenelle and David were "pieces of sh-t"? Wonder where he heard that?

36. So, So Wrong

So, So Wrong
We already knew that the Easons had a seriously dysfunction relationship at best, but adding in these new pieces of evidence? No wonder the kids were taken.

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