90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Free Larissa, Chantel, and Nicole!!

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We already covered how Larissa Lima felt betrayed by her husband, Colt Johnson, over what he told the police after her arrest.

But Sunday night's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was packed full of drama.

Some fans are increasingly convinced that Chantel is being conned or scammed or something by Pedro.

At the same time, Nicole and Elizabeth are both having issues with their respective families.

Poor Azan may have the most awkward meeting with his future father-in-law that a person could imagine.

And Ashley has found the perfect way to exact emotional revenge upon Jay for his Tinder cheating scandal.

1. Larissa and Colt

Larissa and Colt
We did a pretty thorough rundown of Larissa's drama (and linked to that above), but her domestic violence arrest (all three of them, actually) is a pretty big deal.

2. Viewers wanted to see how the trial went down

Viewers wanted to see how the trial went down
As it turned out, the charges were dismissed, so there was less courtroom drama and more Larissa feeling that Coltee had betrayed her by, she says, lying to the police and claiming that she had attacked him.

3. Can she even trust him?

Can she even trust him?
Larissa admitted that she is not sure if she can ever truly forgive Colt for telling the police that she "lunged at" and "scratched" him.

4. What was really interesting was the development with Debbie

What was really interesting was the development with Debbie
Remember, Debbie cried after she met Larissa for the first time. These two have not gotten along. But after the trial, they both intended to be nicer to the other.

5. Seeing her play housewife was ild

Seeing her play housewife was ild
Larissa washed the dishes in a leather skirt, which is both goofy and Extremely Reality Television.

6. Colt wasn't actually there for the court drama

Colt wasn't actually there for the court drama
But he did come home with roses to celebrate the news. So Larissa finally got her flowers -- but they were just bought from some random grocery store on his way home from work because he knew that there would be cameras there. What a prince!

7. Nicole and Azan

Nicole and Azan
It was May's birthday! So, Nicole was celebrating with her whole family (except for Azan, who is STILL overseas), which of course meant that she got grilled about her relationship

8. Nicole's mom sums it up

Nicole's mom sums it up
Robbalee, a name that I always forget is real, expresses that this whole situation has just been a "cycle of nothing." You know how The Family Chantel is a spinoff just for Chantel and Pedro, taken from what Pedro calls her folks? Well, if Nicole and Azan ever get a spinoff, we hope that it will be called Cycle of Nothing.

9. Nicole is hyped about her diet

Nicole is hyped about her diet
The whole idea is that she's going to lose weight and impress Azan when they meet up in Grenada. She even invited her father to go with her if he's really so intent on meeting Azan face-to-face before the wedding. Literally imagine accompanying your adult child on a trip that they take just to spend time with their fiance. (Do not do this, it will be awkward for everyone)

10. But fans think that Nicole is being scammed

But fans think that Nicole is being scammed
So Azan was denied a visa to the US AND to South Korea? What, fans wonder, is he keeping secret from viewers and possibly from Nicole that's keeping him from traveling to other countries?

11. Some suspect bigotry ...

Some suspect bigotry ...
A brown dude from Africa named Hassan (his real name) is going to face some very unfair roadblocks. But Nicole says that it's some sort of convoluted red tape issue, and explained on social media that he wasn't outright denied, just not approved ... which is effectively the same thing. Ugh.

12. Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro
Pedro's decision to skip out on Thanksgiving was probably for the best, given that Chantel's mom had bought a taser specifically to use on him if he got into another fight at her home. But ... there's been real fallout from that.

13. First of all, they went on a double-date

First of all, they went on a double-date
Chantel is a generally good person, but she has a bad habit (that makes her an entertaining reality star) where she just ... tells people everything. She did that with her family before the big fight last year, and she did it again on this double-date.

14. Pedro was mad

Pedro was mad
After Chantel told this #couplegoals couple all about Pedro's fight with her folks, he said "I need my time to f--k off." What he means is that he wanted to step away and spend some time alone.

15. Like, a LOT of time alone

Like, a LOT of time alone
He's headed back to the Dominican Republic for an entire month, leaving Chantel (his wife!!) behind. A one-month vacation from your spouse is normally called a separation, folks.

16. But you know who's all for it?

But you know who's all for it?
Nicole. Not Nicole Nafziger, their castmate, but Pedro's sister Nicole, whose behavior helped directly escalate things until Pedro got into a fight with the family Chantel. She says that she doesn't want to see Chantel because she thinks that she doesn't support Pedro's family. Wow.

17. Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei and Elizabeth
At this time, Elizabeth was still pregnant and she met with her dad

18. Daddy Potthast was disappointed

Daddy Potthast was disappointed
(Side note: let's never call him that again) Elizabeth's dad is letting them live in a house that he owns, in part because the economy is a nightmare for people hoping to own homes, but in part because Andrei doesn't have gainful employment

19. He feels that she made a mistake

He feels that she made a mistake
Ideally, he'd have liked to have seen Andrei get a full-time job before Elizabeth becomes pregnant. This is part him wanting his SIL to be a good provider, and part him worrying about having to pay to support his grandchild if the parents cannot. 90 Day Fiance does not make you rich, folks.

20. And he had another bone to pick

And he had another bone to pick
If somebody's letting you stay under their roof, there are reasonable and unreasonable expectations. Wanting people to keep the lawn trimmed within reason is not unreasonable. Mr. Potthast wants standard upkeep for the house.

21. To be fair ...

To be fair ...
Yes, he seems a little controlling. But Andrei was pissed when Elizabeth reported all of that back to him.

22. But apparently it worked out

But apparently it worked out
"I will do trucking," Andrei promised. "I will take care of this, and we will work it." We get it -- trucking doesn't sound like fun to us, either. But when you choose to become a parent, you can't keep shopping for your dream job.

23. Paola and Russ

Paola and Russ
So, Paola is having her baby shower with Russ' family, which unfortunately means that she has to spend time in Oklahoma.

24. She's nervous

She's nervous
Pao goes with her only friend on Oklahoma to get her nails done so that she can look her best for the party, about which she's nervous

25. Pao's anxiety is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Pao's anxiety is a self-fulfilling prophecy
Paola shows up over an hour late to her own party, which is ... a little bonkers. She seems surprised that so many people showed up on time (honestly, did the producers fix it so that she got the wrong time, or what?). The dudes head out and she opens her presents.

26. Everyone leaves "early"

Everyone leaves "early"
Pao admits that she's "sad and disappointed" that everyone left early. Girl, we love you, but Russ' mom worked hard and that party and you strolled in so late. If that's not your doing, say so, but nobody but you is worried about your nails at a baby shower.

27. And there's more bad news

And there's more bad news
Russ is very excited about a job opportunity he has in Oklahoma, but is still working up a way to tell Paola, who would like to live in Miami or another city for a host of very valid reasons.

28. Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay
Ashley is still working through her bitter feelings about Jay cheating on her by downloading Tinder and using it to find another young woman with whom to video chat. (Honey, you've got a big storm comin')

29. Now, Ashley's up for some payback

Now, Ashley's up for some payback
No, she's not just finding random dudes to bone, though she would have no trouble. But she does go out to dinner with her ex, Mikey.

30. She tells him everything

She tells him everything
She talks all about Jay's cheating scandal (just the one from last year, when this was filmed) and they seem really flirty. Real talk: this dinner happened for The Drama because cameras were there.

31. Ashley has a type

Ashley has a type
Mikey tells the camera that he's worried about her marriage to Jay, and asserts: "She’s only made one good choice in a relationship and that was me." Anyone saying that is almost certainly also a relationship mistake.

32. If she wanted to hurt Jay, it worked

If she wanted to hurt Jay, it worked
He was clearly irritated that Ashley wasn't returning his texts, and when Ashley rubbed his face in the fact that she'd had such a nice night out with her ex, he ended up angrily yelling "shut up!" and storming away.

33. This is toxic, folks

This is toxic, folks
We're so glad that they're no longer together, because neither of them were happy. Not in this footage, anyway.

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