Jenelle Evans Claims She Was THIS Close to Leaving David Eason

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Jenelle Evans lost her kids for several weeks this spring/summer after authorities determined she and husband David Eason were raising them in an unsafe environment.

But one thing the former Teen Mom star never lost, somehow, was her faith in Eason.

Yes, he probably beat her up in October of 2018.

Yes, he killed their family dog, triggering this latest child custody case.

And, yes, he's a close-minded and violent bigot with a serious temper problem and, by all accounts, not an empahetic bone in his body.

Given all of these facts and factors, did Evans ever truly consider a divorce?

The reality star answered this question, and many more, in a brand new Instagram Q&A...

1. Holy Hell, Why Is She Talking?!?

Holy Hell, Why Is She Talking?!?
Jenelle does not know when to shut up. That much has been certain for a very long time now. One might think she'd be content to quietly spend time at home now with her kids, but...

2. ... One Would Be Mistaken

... One Would Be Mistaken
Jenelle Evans reunites with her two youngest children.

3. Wait, She Did Get Her Kids Back?

Wait, She Did Get Her Kids Back?
Yes. A North Carolina judge decreed on July 3 that she and Eason could once again be the primary caregivers for two-year old Ensley, four-year old Kaiser and 11-year old Maryssa, David's daughter from a previous relationship.

4. Congrats? We Guess?

Congrats? We Guess?
"I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!" Jenelle told E! New in response. "Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I'm a good parent."

5. America Will Need A LOT of Convincing

America Will Need A LOT of Convincing
But, look, we do want what is best for these kids. Still, it's hard to believe Jenelle is committed to their well-being when she refuses to leave Eason.

6. This Brings Us to the Instagram Stories Q&A

This Brings Us to the Instagram Stories Q&A
Many people had many questions for Evans regarding this situation, the most prominent being: WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH THIS LAME AND SHORT-TEMPERED LOSER OF A HUSBAND?

7. Be Honest, Jenelle

Be Honest, Jenelle
Was it a hard decision to stay with David after the dog incident, one user asked Evans.

8. Her Reply?

Her Reply?
"Honestly yes, we were on bad terms for almost a week. Didn't talk much," Jenelle wrote in response. "He knows how upset it made me."

9. Wait, Wait, Wait...

Wait, Wait, Wait...
... we have so many questions about this response. First, they were on "bad terms" for "almost a week?" So, not even a full seven days? Like, a whole four or five days maybe?

10. At Least Jenelle Was Honest, We Suppose

At Least Jenelle Was Honest, We Suppose
She didn't even try to hide the fact that she barely cared about Eason murdering Nugget. Her casual response makes it sound like her husband forgot their anniversary -- not that he bloodied and battered her dog with his bare hands and then shot it with his gun in the woods.

11. Whatever Doesn't Kill You, Right?

Whatever Doesn't Kill You, Right?
"Now that we are getting over this incident our relationship has got a lot stronger," she added. "David has completed anger management as well."

12. We'll Believe It When We See It

We'll Believe It When We See It
Remember, it's not as if the dog killing was some isolated incident. Evans is on official record as saying Eason broke her collarbone this past October in a drunken rage.

13. Never Forget

Never Forget
Jenelle may have changed her story (because she's tragically a weak and insecure abuse victim), but she did call 911 at the time and she did say the following: “My name is Jenelle Eason-Evans…and my husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground…and there’s blood.”

14. Classic David Eason

Classic David Eason
"He is in the house and he’s been drinking and I think that he got violent because he’s been drinking," Jenelle said in this same call.

15. She Didn't Leave Him Then

She Didn't Leave Him Then
So, no, we weren't surprised she didn't leave him after he killed the family dog. We're only surprised she's even pretending as if it was a possibility.

16. Moving On...

Moving On...
With Ensley and Kaiser back home, fans were also wondering about the status of nine-year old Jace, who has been under the care of Jenelle's mother for awhile now.

17. Will This Ever Change?

Will This Ever Change?
"Does Jace get to live with y'all too?" someone asked Evans on July 8.

18. Yes, Evans Alleges

Yes, Evans Alleges
In her Instagram Story Q&A, Evans said that she's "super grateful and happy" to have her children back, adding that Jace will "live with us full time soon" but "not now."

19. Could This Be True

Could This Be True
Not if Barbara Evans has anything to say about it... which she does.

20. Barbara Goes Off

Barbara Goes Off
“It was an injustice to the children,” Evans fumed to Radar Online after a judge sent them back to Jenelle and David's house, adding: “We are all sick to our stomachs.

21. And What About David

And What About David
"He just is the same person he normally is. He’s not going to change. He is an evil f-cking person," she also told this website.

22. Is Child Protective Services Really Done with You?

Is Child Protective Services Really Done with You?
Or are there still legal obstacles in the way of full custody, another user asked?

23. They're All Mine!

They're All Mine!
"Court is completely done with. The CPS case is dismissed. Everything they had as evidence was basically all hearsay," Evans replied to this one.

24. What About Nathan?

What About Nathan?
Nathan Griffith go to spend a lot of time withh is son, Kaiser, during this custody battle. He's heartbroken that the four-year old must now go back to The Land.

25. Should the Exes Share Custody?

Should the Exes Share Custody?
A curious user actually asked this question, as if Jenelle would possibly answer in the affirmative.

26. Jenelle and David on a Date

Jenelle and David on a Date
"Keep it that way. There's a lot of details behind why there is supervised visits with Nathan," Evans shot back, once again hurling her second baby daddy under a bus.

27. So There You Have It!

So There You Have It!
It's like nothing ever changed or happened for Jenelle. She has her children back. She's delusional enough to think Jace will soon follow and she feels closer than ever to Eason. This all should end well.

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