Jenelle Evans: Caught Selling Defective Makeup, Lying About Medical Condition?!

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Jenelle Evans never ceases to amaze us. 

And to be perfectly clear, we do not mean that as a compliment.

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 way back in April, but she continues to stir up drama by seeking out new and interesting ways to hit rock bottom.

Her latest embarrassments have to do with two issues that have ranked among her favorite topics of discussion for several years.

We're talking, of course, about Jenelle's cosmetics line, and her probably-fictitious health problems.

The former was very much on Ms. Evans' mind this weekend, while the latter she seems to have once again forgotten about entirely!

Check out the latest insanity involving the inimitable Carolina Hurricane:

1. Back On Her BS

Back On Her BS
Given how angry she seems to get every time she interacts with the public, you would think that Jenelle would just step away from the spotlight and live a quiet life now that her reality TV days are behind her.

2. Just One Problem ...

Just One Problem ...
But that might require her to get a real job. So instead, Evans is doing everything in her power to remain at the center of attention.

3. The Hustler

The Hustler
Evans has never held a full-time job and her husband, David Eason, has been unemployed since February of 2018. But she currently has two revenue streams keeping her family afloat.

4. Clickhole

Evans gets paid to post clickbait articles with misleading headlines about her co-stars, but that money will dry up as her social media following continues to dwindle.

5. Cos-Play

And that's where JE Cosmetics comes in. Even Jenelle probably realizes that sharing links won't pay the bills forever, which is probably why she decided -- after getting fired, of course -- to focus on the makeup line that she'd been promising fans for almost 3 years.

6. One Disaster After Another

One Disaster After Another
Predictably, the rushed roll-out for Jenelle's business has not gone smoothly. In fact, it's been an absolute mess.

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