Jenelle Evans: Caught Selling Defective Makeup, Lying About Medical Condition?!

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Jenelle Evans never ceases to amaze us. 

And to be perfectly clear, we do not mean that as a compliment.

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 way back in April, but she continues to stir up drama by seeking out new and interesting ways to hit rock bottom.

Her latest embarrassments have to do with two issues that have ranked among her favorite topics of discussion for several years.

We're talking, of course, about Jenelle's cosmetics line, and her probably-fictitious health problems.

The former was very much on Ms. Evans' mind this weekend, while the latter she seems to have once again forgotten about entirely!

Check out the latest insanity involving the inimitable Carolina Hurricane:

1. Back On Her BS

Back On Her BS
Given how angry she seems to get every time she interacts with the public, you would think that Jenelle would just step away from the spotlight and live a quiet life now that her reality TV days are behind her.

2. Just One Problem ...

Just One Problem ...
But that might require her to get a real job. So instead, Evans is doing everything in her power to remain at the center of attention.

3. The Hustler

The Hustler
Evans has never held a full-time job and her husband, David Eason, has been unemployed since February of 2018. But she currently has two revenue streams keeping her family afloat.

4. Clickhole

Evans gets paid to post clickbait articles with misleading headlines about her co-stars, but that money will dry up as her social media following continues to dwindle.

5. Cos-Play

And that's where JE Cosmetics comes in. Even Jenelle probably realizes that sharing links won't pay the bills forever, which is probably why she decided -- after getting fired, of course -- to focus on the makeup line that she'd been promising fans for almost 3 years.

6. One Disaster After Another

One Disaster After Another
Predictably, the rushed roll-out for Jenelle's business has not gone smoothly. In fact, it's been an absolute mess.

7. It Begins

It Begins
First, there was the launch party, which was thrown together at the last minute and held at a private residence when the original venue canceled after finding out that Jenelle and David are awful.

8. A Classy Occasion

A Classy Occasion
The party was attended by about 20 people, and Farrah freakin' Abraham was the celebrity guest. As far as we can tell, Evans just went ahead and crashed there for the night after the party broke up.

9. Phase Two

Phase Two
But hey, just because the launch party was a hilarious trainwreck, that doesn't mean the business itself will go down in flames, right? Not necessarily, but in the case of JE Cosmetics, that's exactly what's happening.

10. Both Funny and Sad

Both Funny and Sad
As we reported earlier, Jenelle sold just 150 eyebrow kits in her company's first two weeks. That might not be so bad, were it not for the fact that the eyebrow kit is the only product JE Cosmetics sells, and they have several thousand available for purchase.

11. That's a Lot of Kits

That's a Lot of Kits
The company offers fans the option of buying 2,822 eyebrow kits, so fans think there are at least that many of them sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

12. Insult to Injury

Insult to Injury
Making matters worse is the fact that Jenelle's former co-star Chelsea Houska launched an eyewear line over the weekend, and the most expensive styles sold out almost immediately!

13. Big Trouble on the Little Land

Big Trouble on the Little Land
Already, insiders familiar with Jenelle's financial situation have speculated that she'll go bankrupt if JE Cosmetics fails. And that's not even the worst part of her current situation ...

14. Here Come the Lawsuits

Here Come the Lawsuits
A popular Instagram makeup reviewer has reported finding hair and bits of debris in Jenelle's products -- and it seems she's not alone.

15. Damage Control

Damage Control
To her credit, Jenelle has reportedly halted sales until the problem is sorted out.

16. Is She For Real?

Is She For Real?
Though she hasn't apologized and is not offering refunds, Evans says she's working on a "new formula." And in the meantime, she'll be giving out her old defective crap for free.

17. Wait ... What?!

Wait ... What?!
As many fans have pointed out, giving away a defective product seems like an absolutely terrible idea.

18. She Never Learns

She Never Learns
It's a mystery why Jenelle ever thought otherwise, but hopefully, her legal team will prevent this giveaway from happening.

19. Nashville Bound

Nashville Bound
In the meantime, the Easons are vacationing in Nashville -- and the trip has raised a number of interesting questions.

20. Who's Footing the Bill?

Who's Footing the Bill?
First and foremost, how are they affording this? Should the Easons' really be taking trips when they're both unemployed?

21. Health Concerns

Health Concerns
On top of that -- how did they get there? After all, Jenelle says she has health issues which prevent her from flying.

22. What's the Deal?

What's the Deal?
Driving to Nashville from Jenelle and David's home would take upwards of 10 hours, which is quite a haul for a weekend excursion.

23. Manhattan Transfer

Manhattan Transfer
Of course, Jenelle flew to NYC earlier this month, and she didn't suffer any of the esophageal spasms that prevented her from flying in the past.

24. Say It Ain't So!

Say It Ain't So!
Could it be that Jenelle is ... absolutely full of sh-t, just like she's been her entire life?!

25. Never Change

Never Change
Yes, we try to focus on people's strengths here at THG, and to her credit, Jenelle is one of the most brazen BS artists we've ever seen. It'll be interesting to see her spin her yarns under oath when all those cosmetics lawsuits start to roll in!

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