Jenelle Evans Calls 911: Barbara Evans Is Beating My Son!

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For years now, Jenelle and Barbara Evans have been fighting for custody of Jenelle's oldest son, Jace.

Barbara remains the boy's primary legal guardian, but that may soon change following the events of last month.

According to Radar Online, Jenelle called 911 and informed authorities that Barbara was assaulting Jace.

Not surprisingly, neither Evans woman is speaking publicly on the matter, but a newly-released police report reveals that poor Jace's circumstances might be far worse than previously thought.


1. A Shocking Report

A Shocking Report
According to a Novemver 30 police report and 911 recording, a frantic Jenelle leveled some truly shocking charges against her controversial mother.

2. "Actually Hitting"

"Actually Hitting"
“My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him and he’s huffing and puffing and he can’t breathe,” Jenelle told Boiling Springs Lake Police.

3. Jace Made the Call

Jace Made the Call
According to Jenelle, the abuse took place at Barbara's house. She says Jace called her cell phone to inform her of what was happening.

4. Emergency at Barbara's

Emergency at Barbara's
“The emergency is actually at my mom’s house," Jenelle told police. "My son actually called me. He lives with my mom.”

5. Violent Babs?

Violent Babs?
“He said ‘Meme hit me, Meme hit me.’ We call grandmother Meme," Jenelle told authorities. It seems Barbara didn't help her case by continuing to shout at Jace while he was on the phone with his mother.

6. Barbara Exposed

Barbara Exposed
Jenelle informed the 911 operator that she was still on the phone with Jace, and could hear the abuse continuing...

7. Get Out

Get Out
“She’s also saying stuff like ‘Get out of the house, leave the house. You need to leave and never come back,’” Jenelle said in the recording obtained by Radar.

8. Crafty Jenelle

Crafty Jenelle
“She doesn’t even know that I’m still on the phone,” Jenelle told the operator. "“I’m using my step-daughter’s phone and my husband has my phone on record."

9. Barbara Busted?

Barbara Busted?
"She is literally saying all of this and she has no idea I’m hearing any of it,” Jenelle elaborated.

10. No Arrests

No Arrests
Despite Jenelle's accusations, no arrests were made. According to the police report, the "Case Status” was “Closed/Cleared” and revealed the “Case Disposition” was “Unfounded.”

11. Is Jenelle Lying?

Is Jenelle Lying?
At least one detail about Jenelle's account is being called into question. She says Jace called her to tell her about the abuse, but a source close to the situation says that's not the case.

12. Varying Accounts

Varying Accounts
“Jace called Jenelle on Thursday night and he was screaming and crying," the insider says. "After they got off the phone, Jenelle realized that it wasn’t disconnected and she could hear his conversation with Barbara. Jenelle recorded that conversation and gave it to the police.”

13. Another Report

Another Report
According to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department's report, Jenelle maintained that it was Jace who called her. “Eight-year-old son Jace Evans just called [and told Jenelle] that mother Barbara Evans is currently assaulting child. Caller can hear female yelling at son and is recording same,” the report noted.

14. Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist
Last week, Jenelle sent out cease-and-desist letters to several of her co-stars, including Barbara. Interestingly, the letters accused Barbara of spreading lies about Jenelle.

15. Who's Really Lying?

Who's Really Lying?
“It comes to our attention that false statements of accusations of drug abuse and child abuse disparaging Mr. and Mrs. Eason’s characters have been made by you," wrote Jenelle's attorneys.

16. And Who's Telling the Truth?

And Who's Telling the Truth?
As with past conflicts between Jenelle and Barbara, it seems that no party is entirely in the right here. And in all likelihood, neither side is being 100 percent honest.

17. Is Jace Safe?

Is Jace Safe?
The main issue, of course, is the safety of Jace, who's sadly endured a good deal of trauma in his young life.

18. A Police Matter

A Police Matter
Police paid a visit to Barbara and determined there was no need for a follow-up investigation. But sadly, it seems the war between Jenelle and Babs will only rage on ...

19. The Jace Race

The Jace Race
Sadly, it seems Jace is stuck in the middle of an ever-worsening conflict between two grown women. Regardless of who he ends up with, the psychological impact of these years is likely to last a lifetime.

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