Javi Marroquin: I'm Getting in on Farrah Abraham's Big Fight! [Exclusive]

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Farrah Abraham will make her boxing debut in just over two weeks ...

Who's excited?

We know that Farrah has been training hard for this for a long time now, and that she'll be going up against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander from the first season of Flavor of Love.

And now we know another very interesting bit of information about the fight.

So what does Javi Marroquin have to do with it?!

1. We See You, Javi!

We See You, Javi!
This is Javi -- we all know Javi!

2. Awww

He made his Teen Mom 2 debut pretty much right when he made his debut in Kailyn Lowry's life, and he's been around ever since.

3. No Big Deal

No Big Deal
In fact, after his intense breakup with Kailyn and his subsequent relationship with another cast member, Briana DeJesus, he's actually one of the most prominent dads on the show.

4. Busy Busy

Busy Busy
And yeah, he's got a lot going on right now.

5. Baaaaaaaaby!

He and Kailyn share a son, and he's about to have another with girlfriend Lauren Comeau.

6. Thanks!

But, wouldn't you know it, he's still finding time to do us fans a solid!

7. Go Farrah (???)

Go Farrah (???)
OK, so you know how Farrah Abraham is doing that boxing match with Hoopz from Flavor of Love?

8. Working Hard

Working Hard
She's been promoting it for a while now, and she's been training pretty hard, too.

9. Getting Close!

Getting Close!
It will all go down on November 10th in Atlantic City, so mark your calendars!

10. Good News

Good News
And if you happen to be a Javi fan, then go ahead and get extra psyched ...


... Because Javi is going to be a commentator for the fight!

12. Appreciate You!

Appreciate You!
And because he's a sweetheart like that, he gave us some exclusive information on everything!

13. Good Going!

Good Going!
When asked how he got involved with the event in the first place, he said that really, it was all thanks to Farrah.

14. So Sweet!

So Sweet!
"I wished Farrah good luck and was definitely gonna go support and they asked to be part of it," he explained.

15. A Good Cause

A Good Cause
He agreed to act as a commentator because "it’s an anti bullying event so anytime you can give back and bring awareness for such a great cause it’s hard to say no."

16. Who Will Win?!

Who Will Win?!
As for the fight itself, Javi said that he doesn't have any predictions yet on how it will go down because "They both have unique traits that benefit each other. Should be a good fight."

17. Farrah Fan!

Farrah Fan!
... But we might have an idea about who he's rooting for!

18. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
"I’ve always been a supporter of Farrah," he told us. "She’s branded herself and setting her and her daughter's future. Have to admire that."

19. Thank GOD

Thank GOD
And just in case you were worried that you might not be able to watch the fight, Javi assured us that "it’ll be a pay per view online for those that want to watch."

20. More, More!

More, More!
If that wasn't enough Javi for you, you're in luck -- he also just did an episode of the Teen Mom Time podcast!

21. Almost Time!

Almost Time!
During the interview, he revealed that Lauren is really, really done being pregnant, and that she's been having trouble sleeping lately because she's just too pregnant.

22. Adorable

As for the pretty constant engagement rumors, he said that they had a plan, which is basically to get his gym going, have the baby, then go from there.

23. Very Traditional

Very Traditional
Also, Lauren's father lives in Australia and he'd like to ask for his blessing before proposing to her, so it could be a while.

24. Friends, Or ...

Friends, Or ...
As for any possible relationship between Lauren and Kailyn ... well, it's not really happening right now.

25. Good Luck!

Good Luck!
He does want them to get along, obviously, but he said that "it'll happen naturally and whenever it's right."

26. New Star?

New Star?
It may happen sooner rather than later, because although he's said that Lauren wasn't interested in appearing on Teen Mom 2, this time he changed his tune a bit.

27. Hmmmm ....

Hmmmm ....
When asked if she'd be on the next season of the show, he simply said "You'll have to wait and find out."

28. Sad

Finally, Javi was asked about everything that's going on with Jenelle eight now, and although he was hesitant to comment too much on it, he did say that he listened to the recording of her 911 call and he hopes she's OK.

29. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
"If she needs any help, I hope she has the resources to ask for help and that she's strong enough to ask for help."

30. A Good Guy

A Good Guy
And even though they've had their issues in the past, and even though he probably wouldn't be the one to help her, he said that "If she wants to reach out to me, she's more than welcome to."

31. Thanks, Javi!

Thanks, Javi!
So to wrap everything up, Javi's on Team Farrah, he's on Team Jenelle, and we're here for all of it.

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