Herb Wilkinson Goes OFF on Jenelle Eason: She's Obsessed With David and His Tiny Lil' "Lightswitch" Dong!

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Ever since Jenelle Evans separated from David Eason, Teen Mom 2 fanatics have been curious about what's really going on in her life.

Unfortunately, she doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth. Okay, she has the literal worst track record.

Sure, Evans posts YouTube videos in which she claims her life is better than ever and there's zero drama in her life, but, yeah. C'mon.

Fans rightly suspect that she's completely full of it.

However, we have some good news for anyone who's curious about what's really going on in the Carolina Hurricane's life these days:

Her most recent ex, Herb Wilkinson, is so desperate to remain relevant, and he's spilling all the tea about his short time in her life.

Jenelle's latest soul mate has a lot to say, and suffice it to say, he's every bit the train wreck you'd expect and then some. Take a look:

1. Herb and Nelly

Herb and Nelly
Herb Wilkinson and Jenelle Evans didn't date for very long. But based on his latest comments, we can safely conclude that their brief relationship was an absolute disaster.

2. Going Off

Going Off
Seemingly out of nowhere, Jenelle blasted Herb on Instagram this week, referring as an "arrogant douche bag" and accusing him of being an alcoholic.

3. The Clap Back

The Clap Back
Herb responded by threatening to expose secrets about Jenelle.

4. Going Nuclear

Going Nuclear
This week, he did exactly that during an Instagram Q&A. And, well ... we think it's safe to say he didn't hold anything back.

5. Jenelle's Parenting

Jenelle's Parenting
Herb kicked things off with a backhanded compliment. Don't worry, it gets much worse from here.

6. Jenelle's Hairline

Jenelle's Hairline
See what we mean? Dude did NOT hold back when discussing Jenelle's hairline.

7. On the Gram

On the Gram
Apparently, Jenelle and Herb met on Instagram. No big surprise there.

8. Jenelle Takes Charge

Jenelle Takes Charge
It seems it was Evans' decision to take their relationship from online to IRL. Very progressive!

9. Jenelle on David

Jenelle on David
Here's the question we've all been waiting for. Apparently, Jenelle talked about David a LOT and she's still quite obsessed with him.

10. A Cash-less Transaction

A Cash-less Transaction
Herb may have ... fulfilled a need for Jenelle, but it seems he did so without financial compensation.

11. Jenelle Sucks

Jenelle Sucks
Hey, these are Herb's words, not ours. But we doubt many Teen Mom 2 fans would disagree with that assessment.

12. The Right Move

The Right Move
Herb says Jenelle fled North Carolina for the sole purpose of getting away from David. Finally, a decision we can agree with.

13. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
Wilkinson was asked about a rather uncouth rumor about Jenelle's genitals, and thankfully, he didn't go into detail on that one.

14. Jenelle and Farrah

Jenelle and Farrah
Herb was also asked about which Teen Mom Evans talks about the most. Not surprisingly, he confirmed that she's obsessed with Farrah.

15. Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites
Asked which one of her kids was on Jenelle's mind the most, Herb answered Kaiser. Interesting. We would've guessed Ensley

16. The Beantown Brawler

The Beantown Brawler
Asked what would happen if David ever got violent with him, Herb made it clear he's not afraid.

17. But Still ...

But Still ...
That said, it seems he would prefer not to cross paths with a known psychopath like Eason.

18. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
Asked why things didn't work out with Jenelle, Herb did NOT mince words. Lots of folks talk about how angry she is, few mention her rampant awkwardness.

19. Down With the Sickness

Down With the Sickness
Inevitably, the topic of Jenelle's esophageal spasms came up, and Herb confirmed the longstanding rumor that her condition is purely psychosomatic.

20. Dave's Diagnosis

Dave's Diagnosis
As for Eason's condition ... well, we know Herb is no doctor, but this seems pretty accurate.

21. The End of an Era

The End of an Era
As for the possibility of Jenelle returning to Teen Mom 2 ... well, despite her claims to the contrary, it seems that ship has sailed.

22. What the Frizz?

What the Frizz?
As for the rumor that Jenelle has frizzy hair -- Herb says she's on the straight and narrow.

23. By the Throat

By the Throat
And that esophagus condition? It seems that's pretty much Jenelle's favorite thing to talk about.

24. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
And in case you had any doubts about the fact that David killed Jenelle's dog. Herb says Eason committed the crime in cold blood.

25. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
Herb frequently reminded fans that he's not holding back here. And it seems he has no reason to lie.

26. Pinching Pennies

Pinching Pennies
As for the rumors that Evans is broke. Wilkinson didn't confirm them ... but he didn't exactly deny them either.

27. The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff
And here's what we've all been waiting for. Evans apparently opened up in David's package and revealed that dude is severely lacking in the dong department.

28. Priorities

Wilkinson also revealed that Jenelle did not call her kids during their time together, but did call her mom.

29. Ouch

Herb also said that Jenelle smells like mothballs. We guess it could be worse.

30. Just Plain Weird

Just Plain Weird
Fans were persistent on the hygiene question, but it seems Jenelle didn't have much to say in that respect.

31. Miserable Dave

Miserable Dave
And in case you ever wondered if there's justice in the world, it seems Eason is deeply unhappy. Awesome!

32. Some Good News

Some Good News
Fortunately, it seems Jenelle remained drug-free during her time in Boston. We guess that's a step in the right direction.

33. Eff Herbie

Eff Herbie
For her part, Evans received lots of support from folks who are not fans of Herb,

34. A Bad Reputation

A Bad Reputation
Some went so far as to say they had bad experiences with him themselves.

35. A Born Douche

A Born Douche
Strangers really didn't hold back in their assessment of this guy.


And it seems Jenelle was deeply appreciative of their support.

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