Game of Thrones: Who's About to Die!? [Unofficial Rankings By Unofficial Odds]

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It is about to go down, Game of Thrones fans.

We know you've been thinking this from the outset of Season 8, sitting back each of the last two Sunday nights and assuming someone important to the story was about to be killed off.

But now everyone is in place.

Now memories have been shared and emotional conversations have been had and the Night King has made his way to Winterfell - and there's no longer any debate:

The battle to end all battles is set to take place on Episode 3. This takes us back to the quesion that started the season:

Who will make it out of this uber fight alive?

And who, tragically, will not?

With anticipation building to an all-time high for this upcoming installment, we've handicapped all the major players below.

The characters are ranked from least likely to meet their demise to most likely/virtually guaranteed to kick it next weekend.

Example: 8,000-1 odds aren't great ... you'd win $8,000 if you bet $1. Flip side: 4-1 odds (bet $1 to win $4) are more solid.

So now that winter is fully here, here's who we think will end up in a perpetual freeze after The Battle at Winterfell ...

1. Samwell Tarly?

Samwell Tarly?
He can't die because he's the George R.R. Martin surrogate for this story. Also, everyone loves Sam!!!!!!!! ODDS OF SAM DYING IN THE BATTLE: 8,000-1.

2. Gilly?

Don't even joke about this. ODDS OF GILLY DYING IN THE BATTLE: 1,500-1.

3. Daenerys?

No. Just... no. Not yet. We need to find out how she reacts to that whole I've-been-banging-my-nephew-and-he's-the-rightful-heir thing before she meets her demise -- if she even does this season. ODDS OF DANY DYING IN THE BATTLE: 1,000-1.

4. Bran?

We wish. Talk about a major buzzkill! But, despite the Three-Eyed Raven being used as bait, he most definitely has more of a role to play after this battle is over. ODDS OF BRAN DYING IN THE BATTLE: 750-1.

5. Sansa?

She'll be in the crypt, so logistics say no. There's clearly a lot to mine between her and Dany and Jon still, too. ODDS OF SANSA DYING IN THE BATTLE: 350-1.

6. Arya?

Based on horror movie rules of someone losing her/his virginity and then being killed off, her fate would appear to be sealed. But the Night King must be on her list ... and you did see that awesome weapon she now possesses, right? ODDS OF ARYA DYING IN THE BATTLE: 300-1.

7. Tyrion Lannister?

Tyrion Lannister?
Obviously not, right? Partly because Tyrion has long seemed like the only unkillable character, but his role has been greatly diminished of late. The odds now mostly seem against it because he'll be in the crypt with the women and children. ODDS OF TYRION DYING IN THE BATTLE: 150-1.

8. Jaime Lannister?

Jaime Lannister?
It would complete his character arc for Jaime to go out in some sort of blaze of glory, defending all the non-Lannisters from the White Walkers. But Jaime has to kill Cersei, right? He simply has to. So we don't think his time is coming just yet. ODDS OF JAIME DYING IN THE BATTLE: 35-1.

9. Podrick?

Seems awfully likely. You can't have Brienne die and her protege live, right? Hmm ... unless he vows to carry on her noble tradition or something? And maybe she even dies saving his life! ODDS OF PODRICK DYING IN THE BATTLE: 25-1.

10. Gendry?

He can make swords, but he's never been all that great at wielding them. He also just had sex with Arya Stark, so his life could only go down from here anyway. ODDS OF GENDRY DYING IN THE BATTLE: 15-1.

11. Talmud?

Okay, fine, he wins the prize for most entertainment provided per minute on screen. But he was also featured so much on Episode 2 that Talmud seems set up to fall -- but at least we know he'll fall hard and, hopefully, in hilarious fashion. ODDS OF TALMUD DYING IN THE BATTLE: 10-1.

12. Jorah Mormont?

Jorah Mormont?
Dude should have probably died like 10 times already. He just did the noble thing of defending Tyrion as Hand of the Queen, he has no real role in the Iron Throne contest and Sam just gave him his dad's sword. Is there any chance he doesn't perish while saving Sam's life with it?!? Sorry, man. ODDS OF JORAH DYING IN THE BATTLE: 9-1.

13. Sir Davos?

Sir Davos?
Yep, another very likely goner. He's maybe averaged as much entertainment per minute of screen time as anyone on the show, but he's admittedly a terrible fighter and he has no reason to have any real impact on the post-battle fight for the Iron Throne. ODDS OF DAVOS DYING IN THE BATTLE: 8-1.

14. Theon?

Unlike Jaime, this is a character whose arc is tailor made to end with him dying in defense of the people he once betrayed. ODDS OF THEON DYING IN THE BATTLE: 7-1.

15. Lyanna?

She just had her big moment. Moreover, for as brave as she is, she's still, like 12, and a girl and she'll be going up against the literal undead. ODDS OF LYANNA DYING IN THE BATTLE: 5-1.

16. Grey Worm?

Grey Worm?
He just made a speech about taking Missandei to the beach after winning the war, which means this well-intentioned and well-toned soldier is definitely losing the war. He may be the surest bet on the board ... granted it's a board we totally made up, but still. ODDS OF GREY WORM DYING IN THE BATTLE: 4-1.

17. Brienne?

She was at the center of the most emotional moment of Episode 2. She has seemingly completed her journey and accomplished every life goal. And you know what that means, right? ODDS OF BRIENNE DYING IN THE BATTLE: 2-1.

18. Cersei?

No. She won't even be in the battle. But the odds of her dying this season? Off the charts. Bookies won't even accept bets.

19. Check Out the Trailer Now!

And then strap in, folks. Grab the tissues and simply prepare yourselves.

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