Farrah Abraham Talks in Third Person, Tells Tyler Baltierra to Eff Off, Praises Stormy Daniels

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It's been an interesting week for the adult film industry.

Come to think of it, there probably aren't too many boring weeks when you get naked in front of strangers for a living, but this one has been particularly eventful.

Two of the world's most famous sex workers came under fire in very different ways, and they're both speaking out in defense of themselves and their colleagues.

On Wednesday night, Stormy Daniels was arrested while performing at a strip club in Ohio.

That same day, Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra criticized Farrah Abraham, his former co-star who was fired as a result of her live online sex show.

Now, Farrah is speaking out in defense of porn stars and strippers everywhere -- and it's all just as amusing and confusing as you would expect:

1. Farrah on Cam

Farrah on Cam
Even though she was raking in a ton of cash from TMOG and her many side businesses, Farrah decided last year to start performing in live online sex shows.

2. The Veteran

The Veteran
As fans know, it wasn't her first foray into the adult entertainment world -- Farrah has previously starred in a "sex tape" with the unforgettable title of Backdoor Teen Mom.

3. Free From Farrah

Sitting for an interview with Dr. Oz this week, Tyler Baltierra revealed that he's very glad to be free of Farrah.

4. Tyler Speaks Out

Tyler Speaks Out
Baltierra stated that he and the rest of the cast feel that Farrah's lifestyle doesn't align with the values of the show and that she served as a bad role model for TMOG's younger audience members.

5. Team Tyler

Team Tyler
Baltierra even gave a shout-out to the producers who kicked Farrah to the curb. "We had a lot of admiration and respect for how our production company handled it," he added. "It was a good way to get it heard and do that they did."

6. Farrah On the Warpath

Farrah On the Warpath
Farrah, of course, is suing MTV's parent company Viacom for wrongful dismissal. And she recently a completely batsh-t statement to TooFab in response to Tyler's comments and the events of this week.

7. Going Off

Going Off
Farrah claimed that she doesn't have "an adult entertainment career," but has been helping "an adult charity for women's voices and was not fired [by MTV] legally." She then let loose in the sort of third person (?!) tirade that could only have come from the divine Ms. Abraham.

8. "Jealousy Attacks"

"Jealousy Attacks"
"The bullying and losing of Farrah's brand by MTV talent who continues to have jealousy attacks towards her are pathetic," Farrah wrote in her gloriously nonsensical statement.

9. She's Really Sticking With Calling Herself "Farrah"

She's Really Sticking With Calling Herself "Farrah"
"Farrah is the one out of all the cast who is still and always be the star of the show, the show is over with all of the unsafe production around kids," Abraham then alleged.

10. Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather
"Farrah has a global brand that stands up to improve the adult entertainment industry, so it's safer for women like Stormy Daniels," Abraham continued.

11. Conflict of Interest?

Conflict of Interest?
Daniels, of course, is suing Donald Trump, with whom she claims to have had an affair. Farrah is an outspoken Trump supporter, but the difference of opinion on the Donald doesn't really matter here. Farrah's never really cared about anything other than herself, anyway.

12. Back to the Rant

Back to the Rant
"I commend Farrah for winning a lawsuit and settling with Viacom for their wrongdoing toward a female. #TimesUp #MeToo," she continued. Yes, Farrah commends Farrah. Is it just us, or is this getting very confusing?

13. The Ratings Queen

The Ratings Queen
"Farrah wants nothing to do with a hateful losing culture that wants to hurt women and teen moms & 'Teen Mom' is on the verge of being cancelled without Farrah," Ms. Abraham added, sounding very much like her favorite president.

14. Expanding rhe Brand

Expanding rhe Brand
"Farrah's brand grew bigger then 'Teen Mom' and is working on her own scripted web series showing Teen Mom life as it should be, not how ugly MTV's 'Teen Mom' is now," Farrah wrote.

15. The Feud Is On

The Feud Is On
Farrah and Tyler have feuded in the past, and it seems they're officially back at it. Of course, this time around, their comments have been much more mild.

16. Last Time

Last Time
Their last public conflict took place after Farrah publicly claimed that Tyler is gay and his wife is a closeted drug addict. This time, she's just blathering on about the "Farrah brand."

17. A Values Issue

A Values Issue
"The way she decided to live, her lifestyle, it just doesn't really mesh with the rest of the cast and what we're trying to educate about, it just doesn't work," Baltierra told Dr. Oz. "It doesn't work very well together. She's not a really nice person to be around."

18. Angry Abraham

Angry Abraham
Like we said, pretty mild stuff, but unfortunately for Tyler, Farrah has nothing better to do these days then engage in publiv feuds, and she's smart enough to realize they represent her best chance at remaining relevant.

19. Ramping Up Her Efforts

Ramping Up Her Efforts
So you can expect Farrah to keep escalating this conflict. And for the sake of our amusement, we hope she'll do so while referring to herself in the third person.

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